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  1. AKC breed standard (USA)
  2. CKCSC breed standard (USA)
  3. How big will my puppy grow?
  4. Breeding combinations and colours
  5. Supplies for your new puppy
  6. Why not to buy from a newspaper ad or pet shop
  7. Breed rescue contacts
  8. Cats and cavaliers
  9. Puppy mill/puppy farm bogus registries
  10. Researching pedigrees: online cavalier databases
  11. Understanding breeding coefficients
  12. Cavalier Golden Oldies
  13. CKCSC Champion Points System
  14. Breeding protocol for syringomyelia/what buyers should ask
  15. CKCSC-USA code of ethics
  16. Can I get a cavalier if I have allergies/asthma?
  17. Chocolate cavaliers (and other odd colours)
  18. UK CKCS Club breed standard
  19. Canine vision: how and what dogs see
  20. Two puppies or one?
  21. Cavaliers vs King Charles Spaniels (eg Charlies/English Toy)
  23. Choosing a puppy
  25. I think I want to BREED my cavalier...
  26. Decoding breeder websites
  27. Guide to buying a cavalier puppy
  28. I'm thinking of adding another dog... is this a good idea?