View Full Version : Caring for your cavalier

  1. First aid: kits to make, & actions to take
  2. Trimming a cavalier
  3. Eye discharge/tear staining
  4. Therapy dog training
  5. Recommendations for homecooked diets
  6. dog biscuit recipes
  7. Feeding raw (BARF/Bones and Raw Food)
  8. How to choose a dogfood
  9. Obesity: is my cavalier fat?
  10. Vaccinations
  11. Signs your dog may be sick
  12. Poisonous foods and plants
  13. Kids, toddlers, babies and dogs: can they mix?
  14. Training your dog; puppy issues
  15. Ear treatment: gentian violet based remedies
  16. 'Satin Balls': for dogs needing to gain weight/or raw diet
  17. General dog care and health topics
  18. Rule of '12' for puppies -- things every pup should do!
  19. Goal: a polite cavalier!
  20. Considering giving up your cavalier? This might help
  21. If you lose your cavalier
  22. Should I spay or neuter?
  23. Thinking about scruff shakes, alpha rolls, dog 'revenge'?
  24. Why you should avoid choke chains
  25. Canine senior citizens
  26. Introducing a second dog
  27. How dogs think
  28. Trimming your dog's nails
  29. Home made chew toys and suggestions
  30. When do I start training? And why train a dog?
  31. Thinking of breeding? Read on...
  32. Housetraining/crate-training puppies or adult dogs
  33. Mounting/Humping behaviour... ugh!
  34. I should never play tug-of-war with my dog. Er, right?
  35. Separation anxiety
  36. Training a deaf cavalier
  37. Considering breeding? try Virtual Breeding first
  38. Teaching recall
  39. Male urine marking and housetraining
  40. Food guarding
  41. Supplements: vitamins and minerals
  42. Leaving a cavalier outside?
  43. Finicky eater?
  44. How to find a good trainer/class
  45. Choosing a dog food: what to look for