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  1. Syringomyelia: Symptoms, Treatment, Info
  2. **KEY ISSUES: MVD, syringomyelia, patellas/eyes/hips
  3. Heart murmurs: vets v cardiac specialists
  4. Body fat and health links
  5. Legal options if your new cavalier is in poor health
  6. Epilepsy
  7. Making the decision to PTS
  8. Syringomyelia info and links
  9. Vaccinations
  10. Episodic Falling Syndrome
  11. Heartworms
  12. Low cost MRI clinics in the US
  13. Clare Rusbridge's syringomyelia newsletters
  14. Cavalier blood platelets: important!
  15. Luxating patellas
  16. Swedish MVD breeding protocol
  17. PSOM: "glue ear" in cavaliers
  18. MVD: mitral valve disease, prevention and care
  19. older dogs and arthritis: glucosamine
  20. ACKCSC breed health survey results
  21. Basic vet health library sites
  22. Emergency Poison Hotline numbers
  23. When is it time to say goodbye? A guide to the hardest decision
  24. Food allergies/intolerances explained
  25. First Aid
  26. For stings/etc: Benadryl dosages
  27. CDs: experts on syringomyelia in cavaliers
  28. Kidney and liver blood test values
  29. Current vaccine advice
  30. How the heart works
  31. Current vaccine advice
  32. Chocolate (and coffee) toxicity calculator