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  1. timid girl
  2. UK Toy Dog, Sat 29th March 2008
  3. UK Toy - big brag!!!
  4. Tri facial markings
  5. Buying a crate for house training
  6. Lead walking two cavaliers at the same time.
  7. Daisy passed her CGC test tonight!
  8. Can pup go all night in a crate?
  9. Speaking of "Can a Pup go all night...."
  10. Blenheim - 2 spots on head?
  11. Pulling on the lead
  12. General Behaviour
  13. dogs running crazy
  14. selective hearing!
  15. I think I scared my dog.
  16. Toilet Training - when not there....
  17. Way to go Secret!!
  18. Detailed questions about potty training and housebreaking...
  19. Loose Lead Walking Training at DTI
  20. Teaching LEAVE IT
  21. Advice please
  22. Accidents
  23. What type of crate for a new pup?
  24. having trouble toiet training
  25. My dog goes bonkers when he sees his lead?
  26. Anyone use this harness?
  27. So confused... insight, suggestions appreciated
  28. Ziggy - the Obedient Cavalier!
  29. Ian Dunbar training advice centre
  30. What dogs are saying: great guide!
  31. Beau graduated to Class II
  32. Training Murphy...
  33. what am i doing wrong???
  34. pulling on the lead
  35. A Wee Brag
  36. Crate training - Seems sooo long!
  37. dog show
  38. Attended first ever dog show - as a spectator
  39. I was SOOO proud!
  40. Bella growls and barks at strangers and kids!
  41. another night, another night not asleep next to my husband.
  42. How to teach "Drop it"
  43. Irish Members - Know any good Training Classes in Cork?
  44. Crate training
  45. Teaching how to play.
  46. On Cloud Nine
  47. If you only read *one* thing about dogs, *read this*!
  48. Fun dog show (and chipping!): Kildare, Sunday
  49. New AKC Champion
  50. Training came in handy this time!!
  51. Treatball tricks and clicker
  52. Malahide Family Fun Day Agility Demo Photos
  53. Help! How to improve confidence
  54. just curious...
  55. Its time for another Cavalier Training Day
  56. how kennels and boarding can benefit your dog!
  57. AKC Ch. Construction Puppy!!!
  58. Advice on how to get Meenah to walk nicely for my daughter.
  59. Tails of Achievement Competition
  60. Timmy Wins a First!
  61. deaf dogs?
  62. Begging and Jumping
  63. Cavalier ONLY training course
  64. Beginners Level 2 - Anyone who has completed the Cavalier Workshop can attend
  65. Me and my boy Kc in training
  66. How many of here show your little cavs?
  67. Ticking
  68. **Agility Workshops This Weekend**
  69. Puppy Training/Sleep
  70. I need some experienced advice for conformation ring
  71. scottish kennel club show
  72. Five times it took..
  73. Class in handling.
  74. midlands
  75. How to teach "drop it"
  76. Any Trainers here have CCPDT Certification?
  77. Ian Dunbar training seminar: this weekend, Dublin!
  78. Training weekend for small dogs
  79. Chewing??
  80. Who here shows Cavaliers
  81. Cavalier King Charles Agility at PET EXPO 2008
  82. One of my bonded pair peed on his "brother". What's up with that?
  83. show in lanark
  84. My trainers TRAINED dog nipped my dog
  85. What is she thinking? Bella's toilet training takes a big step backwards
  86. Teaching 'stay' without a verbal command
  87. Good Article from Dog Star Daily
  88. Delighted to Announce CCPDT Certification Awarded to our Trainers
  89. Clicker Training Day
  90. Seminars & Workshops at Dog Training Ireland
  91. How to pick your training books - Good Article
  92. Housetraining an adult
  93. Weekend with the Dunbars
  94. Mindy goes to agility
  95. Groomers Products - USA
  96. Peeing
  97. I give up
  98. Hamish's 1st show
  99. Bad Mommy
  100. walking on the leash and training classes!
  101. Timmy gets a 2nd!
  102. Anyone interested in Gundog Training?
  103. Obsessive 'hunting'
  104. Dog Daycare, Blanchardstown, Dublin
  105. What am I doing wrong?
  106. Advice needed
  107. Not lasting the night
  108. Puppy grumbles
  109. Socialize help
  110. How to stop accidents at night??
  111. Yapping when we stop on the leash!
  112. Training weekend for small dogs
  113. Agility
  114. Food stealing
  115. Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks?
  116. brushing?!..help!
  117. Training breakthrough with Lucy
  118. Harness or Collar?
  119. New tricks,
  120. Lyra & I at Crufts!
  121. Soggy muddy dogs,
  122. Rudy Graduated from Puppy Class!
  123. Ice balls
  124. Does your dog like to eat yellow snow??
  125. Why does he chase the cats?
  126. found harley father
  127. Dog Training Ireland SPECIAL OFFERS FOR CAVALIER TALKers!
  128. Aggressive snaps and now bites when Pesto's thinks he might get disciplined
  129. Issue with bully sticks - need advice
  130. Training Help with Down
  131. Mardel Ringside/mini-Grooming Table
  132. Ian Dunbar coming back to Ireland in April
  133. Lyra's Valentine's Party
  134. Shampoo and Conditioner
  135. Help with aggressiveness and barking...
  136. Proud mummy moment
  137. Toy Stealing
  138. Guess who made momma proud again :D
  139. Dr Ian Dunbar TRAINING session in Dublin!
  140. Unwanted behaviour on leash
  141. They walk perfectly alone, but together a nightmare!
  142. Need training help
  143. Jumped her Pen
  144. Great News
  145. Free behaviour videos & podcasts from Ian Dunbar, Patricia Mcconnell, Jean Donaldson.
  146. Serious help please.
  147. toilet behaviour
  148. fighting between household dogs
  149. Speaking of dog fighting, I'm beginning to think I may have a problem on my hands...
  150. note to self
  151. Food related toys
  152. Help, My One Year Old still poo's on the floor
  153. Pulling my arm off - help please!
  154. Male dogs
  155. New Obedience Class
  156. Need doggies for FREE training session
  157. help me if you can !! lol the little bugger
  158. New clicker training class
  159. UK Toydog
  160. Cavalier ONLY Training Class
  161. Agility competitions in Ireland?
  162. A question for the agility people
  163. Training a deaf dog
  164. No Harness allowed?
  165. Puppies Heads
  166. terrible two's ?????
  167. Question about training
  168. Columbia SC KC Show
  169. quick update
  170. What age did you start training your cav?
  171. Training collar?
  172. Yeah I got Rex to lay down and roll over
  173. Runs away when I try to harness him!
  174. Potty Training in Crate?
  175. How do your cavs let you know they have to go?
  176. Leash aggression
  177. 1st prize in first show
  178. potty training schedule - Dog Fancy
  179. We Got A "Q"!
  180. Help My Cav is reverting on potty trainng!
  181. new 10 month old cavalier marking all over our house
  182. Tips from a behaviorist regarding resource guarding & aggression
  183. dog dancing show tomorrow
  184. Any guys doing agility with their dog?
  185. week-end with heelwork to music and rally-o
  186. 2 indoor accidents in a couple of days
  187. Lots of questions from a rookie puppy mum!
  188. Weaving poles..
  189. 'activate your brain' toys
  190. Reactive dogs and what we do wrong!
  191. Great training site and blog
  192. rally-o tests this coming week end
  193. a few pix from charity show
  194. been awhile, but I'm seeking advice!
  195. Anyone want a "dog park" session?
  196. Serious problem - Bolting out the door
  197. Distracted Recall
  198. Bringing home Elsie
  199. Fun Dog Show
  200. bella advanced to HTM 3 class
  201. Minnie-May Got Gold
  202. Article; puppy play or aggression?
  203. Cavalier ONLY Obedience Training Course
  204. Litter box training - pee vs poop
  205. Advice re: introducing adult female to house - sorry long post.
  206. sienna passed her first test in rally-obedience expert calss
  207. Members from the south east...
  208. Yard/outdoor dogs: no thanks please!
  209. dogs doing tricks
  210. thank you
  211. Canine Emotionality, What do you see?
  212. world championship in HTM
  213. Oh my gosh! I need help housebreaking
  214. Tangled leash solutions
  215. My dog won't come when called
  216. Heelwork to Music awards
  217. Housetraining!
  218. Pack Leader?
  219. First official dog show!
  220. training to use grass for toilet?!
  221. Agility with Harley
  222. Helping a fearful dog
  223. Pet Expo 2009 - doggies foor demos
  224. Training tricks class
  225. How many days before a show do you bath your cavalier?
  226. ruby finally got placed
  227. teaching 'roll over'
  228. Small brag
  229. Going from Strenght to strength
  230. Survey for Dog owners
  231. Living with multiple dogs: iWoof radio
  232. Help! Growling and whining
  233. Crate-training
  234. When will I get a good nights sleep again??
  235. Ready to reve up the agility
  236. will he ever show progress with house training!!
  237. APDT: Dominance and dog training
  238. Best training crate/kennel?
  239. Freckles & Ticking...
  240. Playpen advice
  241. Friend planning to get a new puppy
  242. this year's last heelwork competition
  243. Question about toilet training
  244. Training question -
  245. pee on the bed over and over :(
  246. advice for a barking puppy?
  247. housebreaking problem
  248. My cav doesn't show any excitement when she sees the leash.
  249. Well Done Ruby
  250. Peeing in crate help!