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  1. Ian Dunbar seminars -- around the US
  2. Is It Worth It-A Walk In The Wet
  3. Training a dog to STAY!!
  4. Training older dogs: a great new blog!
  5. Potty Training
  6. Bell training problem
  7. 12 week old female Cavalier, showing a few signs of aggression
  8. Agility Bloopers
  9. Ian Dunbar Video - Dog Training (and people training!)
  10. Need a good Working name for Charlie
  11. Confident Pup?
  12. Scared of own reflection?
  13. Getting my puppie to walk on a lead
  14. Victoria Stilwell: new site and trainer blogs
  15. How can I get my dog to calm down?
  16. Dublin cavalier play date at DTI
  17. we have been invited to a championship
  18. Cavalier King Charles Course Available now
  19. Thinking of Becomming a Dog Trainer?
  20. Training weekend
  21. Hunting for Chewing Gum on Walks
  22. Advice needed on Training Course
  23. Teach your cavalier to lay at your feet at a cafe!
  24. Stop your dog from digging up your yard
  25. Anyone coming to the National Specialty in Orlando April 6-10?
  26. Our first KC agility show today
  27. UK Toydog Obedience
  28. Video: getting your dog used to his/her harness
  29. Aled's first show
  30. Seven ways to improve walking your dog on a leash
  31. Normal or not?
  32. Video: training for shy dogs!
  33. Poppy getting up earlier & earlier !
  34. video from show in Copenhagen
  35. Dog aggresion but only on lead??
  36. video from HTM competition
  37. What a Great day we've had!!!
  38. potty training question
  39. Agility training surrey
  40. Another Successful Agility Trial
  41. Baxter eats everything!
  42. HTM performance at World Dog Show
  43. Socialization
  44. Do you 'worry about and do dumb things' in training? LOL
  45. International Agility Festival 2010, Kelmarsh
  46. Update on my Trial Pup
  47. How can I get my puppy to walk with me?
  48. New video: teaching your puppy/dog to love being left alone at home
  49. Molly loves to bark at everything....especially the sweeping brush
  50. Rebellious teenager?
  51. Training gone out the window
  52. Our 1st Agility Competition
  53. EZYDOG Harness--- Anybody Use
  54. 10 week old puppy, iron bladder and bowels!
  55. Fun dog show (very minor brag!)
  56. Scratching at Harness
  57. A Tiny Little Brag
  58. Our 2nd Show and far more sucessfull than the 1st :))
  59. Pee near the bowl
  60. A noisy development
  61. Holly (Oxencombe Foxy lady)
  62. It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a flying Cavalier!
  63. How often should I take my dog out for potty.
  64. Flash at his 1st Show
  65. Help!!!!
  66. AKC & UKC registration question
  67. Back to the Obedience Circuit
  68. Fantastic Agility Weekend
  69. Small Dog Training Weekend
  70. Our Highest placing yet!
  71. Agility Show
  72. Our 1 yr old boy is getting snappy
  73. Articles in Stickies
  74. Are all dogs trainable?
  75. Eating, Sleeping, and 'Going'...
  76. thoughts on agility
  77. Jumping on the table - you're not a cat
  78. Peeing problems
  79. Pippa!
  80. It just couldn't get any better!
  81. Canine good citizen
  82. Help needed with Crate training and general puppy advice
  83. Help Needed Getting my Puppy to Eat!!!
  84. Danish HTM Champ.
  85. Rough Play
  86. Potty training problems
  87. Peeing in bed
  88. Eating Problems.. AGAIN!
  89. Eating Problems.. AGAIN!
  90. Food aggression
  91. Therapy Dog Assessment Monday!
  92. Ok, so now she's peeing in MY bed!
  93. Cavalier in Nordic Championship
  94. So, please explain why....
  95. YIPPEE!! We Got It!! We Got It!!
  96. Coco Graduates Puppy Class!
  97. Potty training
  98. How to move BEYOND Crate Training (as dog grows up)
  99. Help! Overwhelmed Mommy Struggling w. Potty Training!!!
  100. Biting and crate issues - help!
  101. Puppy Biting
  102. Off Leash Training
  103. Barking to Potty
  104. Show Potential?
  105. Therapy training :)
  106. I'm sure she would win...
  107. How can i stop barking and tugging on leads with my Cavaliers
  108. Sudden Change In Behavour
  109. Training day/weekend
  110. Help! Anti-social puppy!
  111. Formal Heeling
  112. New excitable behavior
  113. agility measuring - and a star of an OH
  114. Beans' first HTM routine..
  115. APDT and CPDT certifications?
  116. bellas HTM advanced class routine
  117. Unpredictable Toilet Behaviour
  118. Random Barking/Growling
  119. Cavalier Club Championship Show
  120. Thrilled to Bits
  121. Agility competition tomorrow
  122. Can I brag just a little...? LOL
  123. Free Run of the House
  124. HTM at Crufts
  125. A Cavalier in obedience at Crufts
  126. Finally getting it! (housebreaking)
  127. Growling Getting Worse
  128. House training
  129. Video Evidence
  130. Bella, DKHHME
  131. Help??
  132. B&T Markings
  133. Crying and jumping up on our walks
  134. Help with new puppy!
  135. CGC Test Tonight...
  136. Dog h
  137. Some excellent puppy and general training/behaviour downloads
  138. it seems our dog has been up to no good...
  139. When my pup gets excited
  140. 2 Cavaliers and a new baby
  141. Show ring newbie vent
  142. Kikopup
  143. Sitting Still
  144. Tracking
  145. Food guarding (video)
  146. Harleys Rally Obedience Trial
  147. New training venue in Washington Tyne and Wear
  148. Harleys first Agility Competition
  149. Dogs that suddenly begin to forget their training
  150. Behavior class with big dogs?
  151. Mika's Latest Agiltiy Trial
  152. Suddenly Bitey
  153. Clicker Training Day AND Clicker Gundog
  154. Help! Problems house breaking Cavalier Pup
  155. Kofri comes home tomorrow :)
  156. Pleeeaaassssseeee help!!!!! Puppy barking!!!!
  157. Help with crate training
  158. 2 crates/ 2 rooms - Good or Bad Idea?
  159. UK's Biggest Doggy Party & Fashion SHow
  160. Calendar photo competition - closing date extended!
  161. Perfect Puppy in 7 Days: new book
  162. Running out front door!!
  163. Charlie's first proper prize in Agility!!!
  164. clever paws
  165. Harleys Agility Competition last weekend
  166. Is this adolecence?
  167. I Rescued a 4 Week Old Puppy
  168. Bryn doesn't like men/boys what can I do?
  169. Coco has done a backflip...
  170. Sudden destructive behavior!
  171. Aggression in Rescue Pup?
  172. Training class!
  173. Izzie and me into Grade 2 Agility!
  174. Training my King Charles to come back to me down at the park
  175. Hollering at Night
  176. harness or collar?
  177. wants training treats all day
  178. Bark, Bark, Bark! I'm Going Bonkers! How Do I Stop This?
  179. Training Multiple Dogs
  180. How do your Cavs play fetch?
  181. Dog Walkers?
  182. Ruby has been Promoted!!!!!
  183. Manly
  184. Puppy fangs!
  185. slight sitting issue
  186. Changing sleeping pattern
  187. Help Requested With a Tiny Puppy
  188. Dog Shows!
  189. My husband is so proud
  190. puppy play pens
  191. Puppy peeing/marking her bed?!?!
  192. Sleeping and crate training help!
  193. gentle puppies?
  194. Herding
  195. Latest Agility Pics
  196. adult fangs coming through
  197. Good Citizen Dog Scheme Trainer
  198. Toby Can Herd!
  199. Coco can Herd Too!
  200. Puppies and cats
  201. Another Fantastic Agility Weekend
  202. Advice on Bringing New Puppy Home and Potty Training with Lead
  203. Keeping puppy still for medicated shampoo bath?!
  204. Obedience course - then to agility!
  205. Puppy socialisation classes
  206. Going for Walks
  207. Are Cavaliers averse to cold?
  208. Please Help... Breeder Referral
  209. Todays Fun Rally Obedience Trial
  210. Getting into Agility
  211. Bailey Won't Settle Down...
  212. Puppy Weight
  213. Leg Biting / Chewing?
  214. Recall Training: video
  215. Lepto vaccine
  216. Excitement barking going into back yard.....
  217. KC takes over UK Rally
  218. Nice agility poem
  219. Mealtimes With Fussy Eaters
  220. children and puppy play
  221. Showing your Cavalier
  222. Issues with possessiveness?
  223. How to Stop Bailey from Crying to Come into Our Bed?
  224. National Ranking Championships
  225. Resource guarding
  226. My Cavalier ignores me!
  227. Barking and chasing cars when walking!!!!
  228. A potty issue.
  229. Puppy to adult hair transition
  230. Puppy Potty Question
  231. When should a puppy start transitioning over to adult food?
  232. Bella and Benny
  233. Good Potty Training Suggestion
  234. positive reinforcement for dropping something... question
  235. Ring the bell - housebreaking tool?
  236. Jealousy/Ignoring
  237. What size/type of create do I need?
  238. New to board, puppy potty training
  239. Growling
  240. Resource guarding: the right way to train from the start
  241. Barking at tv
  242. Couple of problems with puppy
  243. Cavaliers & Dog Shows
  244. Sleeping in carrying case
  245. Sparky won't stay home! Help!
  246. Is a light tap on the nose a good idea?
  247. Teaching a Puppy to go to the Toilet on a walk
  248. Puppy whining on walks - why?
  249. Puppy biting
  250. Oliver's first day of puppy class!