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  1. Does your dog have the 'sex factor'
  2. Tails's First day out
  3. Going to my first Cavalier Show-questions
  4. Puppy was good eater now he gone Fussy????
  5. 4 month waking at 2am to go out
  6. Walk training.
  7. How long would you leave puppy on her own
  8. Farewell performance
  9. 4 Month old puppy, potty training questions
  10. Worry about my puppy -please help
  11. Defiant teenager?
  12. Puppy sleeping in the bed?
  13. Little hippo one week, long and lanky the next... Is that normal?
  14. 4 month old rescue, serious housetraining issues.. please help!
  15. Tell me about your first day with your puppy
  16. Cavalier King Charles male puppy conflict with 18 month bitch.
  17. CO2 air for training
  18. Aggressive puppy behaviour
  19. Crate Whining
  20. My husband is a softy puppy parent
  21. Feeding Puppy 2,3, or 4 times a day?
  22. Wow but I do have my 4 year old trained!
  23. First time letting off the lead!
  24. Izzie wins to Grade 3!
  25. Housetraining-the dog or me?
  26. Training with a high prey instinct
  27. Jubilee Rally Obedience Trial
  28. Speration Anxiety - Help
  29. Breeding and heat cycle
  30. Puppy Training Class!
  31. Therapy Cavalier's??? Anyone...
  32. Puppy walking trouble
  33. Training Down Stays
  34. I think Charlie is TOO social
  35. My 7 mo old sucks.
  36. Rescue Cavalier - reluctant to go out
  37. Someone please give me the skinny on micro-chipping
  38. Still not eating well, I think
  39. Training, energy and treats
  40. What is the "right" age to get my little guy fixed?
  41. And another puppy training mistake
  42. Strange announcment but since I just asked.....
  43. Lady's...ahm...getting a little bit frisky.
  44. Puppy Colour!!!!
  45. Hmmmm Humping is Contagious????
  46. Oh no! Pup has turned into wild beastie!
  47. Guarding
  48. Fletcher's little surgery
  49. Yapping Through All Hours
  50. Training for adult dogs - apparently Éowyn is clever!
  51. My Puppy pestering other dogs and licks everything HELP!!
  52. 7 1/2 month biting / snapping....please help
  53. urgent advice needed
  54. Trainer viewpoint: front-clip-versus-back-clip-harnesses
  55. Dog park etiquette -- poster and post!
  56. Therapy Dogs
  57. Dr Sophia Yin: guide to collars and harnesses
  58. Milly, smaller than average?
  59. Got a cavalier that gets upset when you leave the house? Here's what to do
  60. Have we caused seperation anxiety by allowing our puppy to sleep on our bed?
  61. More training practice needed or the teenage stage?????
  62. Chewing fabric and leach pulling HELP!!!!
  63. Playing Fetch
  64. Feeding Time is a huge Production! help!
  65. Unspoiling Your Dog
  66. Need some advice please...
  67. Toilet training... How long?.
  68. Fletcher bit me
  69. Need a miracle to stop the yard grazing
  70. Elton Training Refusing Command/Meltdown behavior
  71. So... Baby #1 is growing up, should I get another one?
  72. At wits end...
  73. I need help!!
  74. Feeding @ 8 months & cat-like behavior
  75. Fletcher and the Bedtime Problem. Suggestions?
  76. Potty Training Tips Please
  77. nipping and chewing
  78. Food allergy?
  79. average weight- 12 weeks
  80. potty pads - grass
  81. growling when being picked up
  82. getting her interested in walks
  83. cavalier puppy - housetraing issues
  84. Why do dogs eat poop?
  85. Books for before and after you get your puppy
  86. holding it through the night
  87. The colours dog see, and how it can affect training
  88. Ian Dunbar and crate training?
  89. Attachment problems
  90. Jemima's Eye
  91. Day 1 in the little Teddy house.
  92. First walk?
  93. Poop walking
  94. Extreme separation anxiety?
  95. Teddy and soft collar/harness training . . when to start?
  96. Slight drooling
  97. Constipation
  98. Odd eating behavior
  99. Walking Issues
  100. Pack leader?
  101. Pet sitters
  102. Dog eats EVERYTHING,
  103. Was going potty on command, but has stopped!
  104. Remington's 1st puppy class
  105. Got to go to a local cavalier dog show today!!!!!!!!!!!!
  106. Teething Troubles?
  107. Grooming
  108. House breaking - normal or possible bladder infection?
  109. humping
  110. Brushing - help
  111. Feeding.
  112. Queen Victoria and her love for animals-Dash
  113. New Cavalier to the house
  114. Car seats?
  115. Dominant growling
  116. Wall Paper
  117. Potty training question
  118. Traveling with a new puppy
  119. Elton around a New Puppy Tips
  120. Arguments over food
  121. going through the fear stage..?
  122. Still mouthy
  123. Still mouthy
  124. Teaching an Aggressive Dog How to Be Social Around Other Dogs
  125. Buying our First Cavalier puppy
  126. Urgent advice: Cavaliers left home for how long?
  127. Puppy Names !
  128. Kong filler and puppies?
  129. Buying an young dog not housetrained
  130. Tiger has become a father
  131. Is a 14 week old puppy too old?
  132. Agility Champ!
  133. How much exercise is right for my puppy?
  134. Your favorite harness.
  135. Trick training ideas
  136. Remy the Runner...need some tips!
  137. R puppy only uses slider to potty and refuses to use the doggy door?????? Help
  138. Accident After None for Six Months!
  139. How long does the "Terrible Two's" last?
  140. Naturally short hair?
  141. Puppy deposit
  142. The Damage of the Dog Whisperer: A scientific critique of Cesar Millan’s theories
  143. Why do puppies do this?
  144. Puppy being picky about food...
  145. Grooming Brush & Comb Clarity Needed
  146. Feeding 17 week old puppy ALL meals from Kong??
  147. Question about first moments home with new puppy
  148. Another puppy question!--greeting at the door
  149. Second day home--need some advice!
  150. Can a dog be *too* food motivated??
  151. Conflicting advice between vet and breeder--who to follow??
  152. Puppy too attached to me?
  153. 3 puppy issues--need advice--SO frustrated!
  154. Resource guarding anyone else have this issue ?
  155. Ian Dunbar seminar anyone been ?
  156. How old was your puppy when you let him/her out in fenced yard without a leash?
  157. Bacterial infection on my puppy's face
  158. Show breeder
  159. Dog Gate Height?
  160. potty training regression??
  161. Does cold weather impede potty training?
  162. Puppies digging up the yard...
  163. Are Cavalier pups finicky eaters?
  164. Puppy color genetics
  165. Is it okay to let my puppy go to sleep on my lap?
  166. Chicken Soup for the Soul food questions
  167. Crate & potty training
  168. Getting along with the cat (and litter box issues)
  169. Food question
  170. Are There Books for Training My First Cav Puppy?
  171. Puppy won't use pee pad or go outside - any tips?
  172. Working Cavalier Moms
  173. New addition very excitable before walk. Can't control him
  174. Bird Hunting
  175. Please fill me with hope
  176. Is it necessary that breeder also show
  177. Only AKC and not AKC and CKCSC too
  178. Inexplicable marking.