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  1. 2 year old Cavalier X in rescue with Homeward Bound
  2. Urgent: Little cavalier cross, Dunboyne pound
  3. Cavalier cross in Kilkenny
  4. HOMED: Young Male CKC x Ashton Pound
  5. Young male, needs urgent foster
  6. There are 3 cavalier pups up for adoption on Petfinder in Ohio. Puppy mill rescues..
  7. cavalier x -- maybe cav/cocker or cav/springer
  8. GETTING SORTED: !! On PTS list: cavalier x: likely cav/terrier -
  9. Toffo needs a super new home
  10. Foster/home needed: Bobby, young active male
  11. Dundalk: Yet another likely cav cross with her pup in pound
  12. URGENT!!! This young, tri-color girl's time is very limited..Michigan..
  13. HOMED: 4 year old Patch needs a home
  14. HOMED: Kylie-In PAWS Rescue-10 year old Blenheim Girl
  15. CKC male in Monaghan SPCA
  16. CKC/Cocker mix in Carrick, Co. Monaghan
  17. CJ and Sly: 4 & 5 year old tri friends, seeking a home TOGETHER only
  18. HOMED: PTS list URGENT foster, cavalier/tibetan cross siblings
  19. Foster and/or home for Prince, senior cavalier, 11
  20. HOMED: foster or home for gorgeous young F cav/terrier cross in pound
  21. Handsome, 11 yr old male Blenheim in the UK
  22. Irish Cavalier Rescue now on Facebook
  23. Latest Many Tears cavs (and crosses!)
  24. **RESERVED** Rusty - gorgeous older Ruby boy - currently Bristol area
  25. 2 Beautiful Ladies in Paulines Rescue, Cork
  26. Cavalier/Springer mix in Monaghan SPCA
  27. HOMED: Cavalier/Cocker mix in Kilkenny
  28. HOMED: 3 Cavaliers in Cork
  29. Fosters: a lot of dogs coming in
  30. The Importance of Rescuing/Adoption
  31. wonderful loving forever home offer
  32. Safe: Urgent - 3 Cavalier mixes in Meath Pound
  33. RECLAIMED: URGENT: Straffan area -- foster
  34. HOMED: Pixie - Can someone help ?
  35. 2 year old golden cocker
  36. Two tri boys. can be homed separately
  37. HOMED: Zig and Zag -- seeking a new home together or separately
  38. Cavalier mix in Carrick
  39. 2yr old tan cavalier london
  40. SORTED: Transport Friday daytime or 1 night foster or half day foster Fri
  41. Tilly's home with us
  42. Inistioge Puppy Rescue: 6-7 mon M Cav x collie? with broken leg
  43. A photo of Tilly
  44. Hopefully a photo of Tilly this time
  45. Rescue Transport Help Needed Stratfford, MO to Joplin, MO
  46. HOMED!: likely Cav cross, Dunboyne pound (has til 10 Sept)
  47. Rescue: Fydo - 7/8yr old Blenheim Cavi- Bristol TLDR
  48. GETTING SORTED: 2 tri cavs in Kilkenny pound,
  49. Out & HOMED: foster place needed tomorrow/Sunday, young pound cav
  50. BOOKED: Cav cross/cockalier? Dunboyne pound
  51. SORTED & HOMED! Collect and hold two dogs/Kilkenny
  52. SORTED! Can anyone collect a dog tomorrow from Dunboyne pound?
  53. CKC female in Cork
  54. 2 young Cavs on PI site
  55. cavalier rescue usa
  56. scamp many tears uk
  57. How Could you? Poor Little Ollie
  58. Please help Ollie
  59. Cavalier male in pound
  60. Transport: Anyone going to Killarney soon?
  61. B&T Female in MADRA
  62. Poor Little Man
  63. 2 More Cav's in Rescue - Cork & Monaghan
  64. SORTED: foster needed by tomorrow. Tri Boy in Dunboyne
  65. Foster for 5 yr old M blenheim
  66. Foster for another pound boy
  67. FOUND - Blenheim Male approx 1 1/2 years old. Dubin
  68. Foster Home Needed in Atlanta, Georgia area
  69. SORTED: Foster help: Longford area
  70. HOMED: 1 yr old Tri Cavalier girl
  71. tri boy
  72. SORTED 5 year old neutered male needs foster, child and cat friendly
  73. Blenheim male
  74. HOMED: Foster needed: B&T F
  75. HOMED Foster needed: cavalier F age 2-3, and cav cross puppy, 7 months
  76. Irish Cavalier Rescue: new dogs needing homes
  77. BOOKED: URGENT KILL SHELTER: cav cross male
  78. Jake: 7 year old handsome tricolour M
  79. SORTED: Transport tomorrow: Malahide to Blanchardstown
  80. DONE: Transport: Dublin towards Norther Ireland
  81. Cavalier found Athboy, Co Meath
  82. Help - Forever Home Required For Amber
  83. Mickey, Minnie & Speedy 3 partially sighted pups at Many Tears
  84. Out safe with Irish Cav Rescue: B&T in Dunboyne
  85. Magic, cute Cav/terrier cross, Dunboyne pound: foster/home needed
  86. Ruby female in Cork
  87. SORTED: Foster needed by Wednesday for male neutered cavalier
  88. tri girl in merseyside
  89. SORTED: Transport: Tipp to Dublin
  90. Blenheim Famale in Dublin
  91. HOMED: cavalier girl in merseyside rspca , photos help please !
  92. Puppy farm dogs in Oregon including many cavaliers
  93. SORTED: Cavalier King Charles in OH Pound set to be PTS on 12/27 Help!
  94. RECLAIMED :) : URGENT: pound dog: Senior all-black likely cav-cross, small girl
  95. Prescott: now in rescue, Male Pugalier, home needed
  96. Missy: Cavalier female in Donegal
  97. Rula: adorable little cav/pap? terrier mix
  98. Reclaimed: Robin: Blenheim Male in Dunboyne Pound
  99. Cavalier in Tipp
  100. Special Needs Girl in Ohio USA
  101. Cavaliers in Cork
  102. cav in Craigavon Pound
  103. Transport: Naas to foster home... and one day foster, Saturday
  104. Another Cavalier in Tipp
  105. HOMED: Cavalier Male in Dogs Trust Ireland
  106. More cavs...
  107. Foster needed: male in Longford
  108. Black and Tan female in Cork
  109. Latest at Many Tears
  110. Recently shaved cavalier, Dunboyne pound
  111. Two dogs needing separate foster/homes
  112. DONE: Transport: Athlone area to Dublin
  113. Black and tan girlie ex puppy farm with FOA UK
  114. Spayed female, 1year+
  115. Tri Female in Cork
  116. Two Little Girls
  117. Dog in the pound
  118. HOMED: Tri Brothers at DT Dublin
  119. 2 Lovely Ladies in Cork
  120. SORTED: Very urgent foster needed for Max, 3 yr old neutered male
  121. HOMED: home or foster: tri cavalier M pound dog with A Dog's Life
  122. help needed please
  123. Two cavaliers, 2 & 8, Clondalkin Animal Aid
  124. Meeting for relaunch of Irish Cavalier Rescue
  125. TRANSPORT: Dublin to the West or partway, for two smallies!
  126. "Lottie" Cavalier female, Dublin
  127. kill shelter in Kentucky, Cavalier Male
  128. Blenheim Famale in Paulines Rescue, Cork
  129. DUBLIN: Max: 18-24 month M blenheim looking for his forever home
  130. Liliput a rescued cav
  131. HOMED: Short-term foster for 18-month-old Cavalier, Dublin area
  132. 2 Male Strays at Dundalk
  133. Cav & Cav x in Ashton Pound (Dublin 15)
  134. Short term foster needed for Cooper
  135. Tri Male in Co. Monaghan
  136. URGENT: Millie, a tiny, 10 lb-ish cav or papillon x, needs immediate foster/home!
  137. Introducing the new Irish Cavalier Rescue
  138. Tribute to Karlin
  139. Cavalier in Ashton Pound
  140. Male blenheim at Dogs Trust
  141. Royston at Lizzie's Barn - hydrocephalus puppy :(
  142. Dylan - 5 year old KCCS - child and dog friendly - very sweet boy! tri colour
  143. Flora Women's Mini Marathon Dublin June 6th
  144. Dunboyne SURRENDER - Cavalier/JRT X
  145. urgent foster needed, Dublin area, male 5 yr old cavalier
  146. Cav x, in Ashton pound Dublin, lovely little dog
  147. CKC (X??) in Dunboyne Pound
  148. Gorgeous Blen boy with FOA RCT
  149. Little CKC Lady
  150. Looking to rescue a CKC - Ireland
  151. Possible foster situation -- elderly neighbour
  152. [removed by admin]
  153. 6 year old Female
  154. Beautiful CKC X with MADRA in Galway
  155. Lovely Ruby girl at Many Tears
  156. New home needed for Cooper
  157. 2 Fosters / Homes Needed
  158. Irish Cavalier Rescue - Donations?
  159. Meeting up on Sunday if anyone is interested
  160. "JunoCavalier Male with A Dogs Life
  161. Harvey - Cavalier Male with Cork Dog Action Welfare Group
  162. Cavlier Male with Dogs In Distress
  163. Female Cavalier X in Monaghan
  164. Rescue "Frankie Two Paws", blood problems...sounded familiar- anyone?
  165. looking for a new home
  166. Stolen: CKCS Dundonald Hospital Car Park, Belfast
  167. Golden Oldie with MADRA
  168. Baby Cavalier with Dogs In Distress
  169. Nina - 3 year old near Dublin
  170. Home needed for Lady, b&t female
  171. Dog Days of Summer Special Offer
  172. Cavalier lady with LSPCA
  173. 4 year old blen @ DID
  174. Frodo, 3 year old male @ DID
  175. "Spencer" Cavalier with DID
  176. Dolly - 3 year old female blenheim for rehoming
  177. Cavalier X in Inistioge (Kilkenny)
  178. Cavalier and Cavalier x (females) with LSPCA
  179. RECLAIMED: Female CKC in Ashton, Dublin.
  180. Female Cavalier in Cork
  181. Found: Male, ruby, Drogheda Co Louth
  182. Question/thoughts on two breed club rescues in usa
  183. Dog' Life: 4-5 year old bleinhem male
  184. Determining Age on a Young Rescue
  185. A Dog's life: Cav cross, male
  186. Male Cavalier with Dogs In Distress
  187. Australia - 3 Year Old Blenheim Female & Tri Colour Male
  188. Male Cavalier in Cork (with DAWG)
  189. Male B&T with Dogs In Distress
  190. 3 female cavaliers in Kent rescue
  191. Male cavalier in Dunboyne Pound
  192. 2 female ruby cavs in Dunboyne Pound
  193. 2 x 5yr old male Tri's @ Dogs Trust Dublin
  194. Female Cavalier Cross - Drogheda Animal Rescue
  195. Old Blind/Deaf Blen female in Ashtown pound
  196. Hattie 8 year old blenheim girl
  197. 3yr Male Blen in Offaly Pound
  198. Blenheim Boy looking for a home
  199. Pluto - Male Blenheim with A Dog's Life
  200. 2 Cavaliers @ Paulines Rescue (Cork)
  201. Blenheim Girl - Coco
  202. Australia (NSW) - Jasper, 2 Year Old Blenheim Boy
  203. Urgent foster - 5 year old male Dublin
  204. Buttons a lovely 5 year old Blenheim boy
  205. Mylie 2yr old Blenheim girl
  206. Blodwyn and Doris 2 lovely tri-colour ladies looking for a new home
  207. Forum Rescue Link added to new Club website
  208. Snoop - 5 year old Blenheim boy
  209. Duke 7-8 Year old Blenheim Boy
  210. Female ex breeding Cavalier at Cork Dog welfare Action
  211. A Cavalier on the right track
  212. Phoenix & Pandora
  213. Maisie 18month old Blenhiem Girl
  214. Lochaber Scotland Foster home
  215. Female Cav/Pom Cross found in Trim, Co Meath
  216. Chip 10 year old tri-colour looking for a new home
  217. TJ - Ruby Boy 16 months - Glasgow
  218. 2 Blenheim Females in Cavan Pound
  219. Cavalier X with Mo Chara, Co. Tipperary
  220. Cavalier X Pom with Dogs In Distress
  221. Trudy a little bleheim girl looking for a home
  222. Ex breeding bitch with Cork DAWG
  223. Chester needs a home - 8 year old male
  224. Male Blen @ KWWSPCA
  225. Ruby Cavalier in Kilkenny Dog Shelter
  226. Foster needed for Poochie in A Dog's Life
  227. Tirion a lovely ruby girl looking for a home
  228. Jimmy a lovely ruby boy looking for a new home
  229. Bonnie and Jessie 2 very sweet cav girlies
  230. Carys a lovely ex-breeder Ruby girl
  231. Cavan SPCA - 10 year old bleinhem male
  232. Mac - 11 year old bleinhem male needing a new home
  233. Carenza 5 year old tri coloured ex breeding bitch looking for a new forever home
  234. Honey a lovely blenheim girl looking for a new home
  235. Pup pup a lovely blenheim boy looking for a new home
  236. Two special needs rescues in NSW, Australia
  237. cavalier puppys at many tears
  238. Sadie 4-6yrs ex-breeding bitch looking for a new forever home
  239. Ever worried about introducing a rescue dog to your household? Take a look....
  240. Alfie 7 y/o boy with Mallow Animal Rescue
  241. Alfie a male Ruby cavalier aged 7
  242. Alfie Blenheim noy looking for a new home
  243. Peppi a lovely blenhiem boy looking for a forever home
  244. Duke a 7 month old Blenhiem boy
  245. Are they comfie?
  246. Charlie - Blenheim boy in private rescue West Limerick
  247. Zac 11 year old Multicolour boy looking for a new home
  248. SORTED: Urgent foster needed for neglected pound cavalier
  249. Henry an 7/8 year old tri-coloured boy who's looking for a nice warm lap
  250. Female Cav in Dunboyne Pound