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  1. International list of rescue organisations and contacts
  2. Cav in Arizona, 4 in North East USA
  5. Two older cavaliers in Ireland
  6. Louie has a new home: a happy ending
  7. fifth cavalier in two months...
  8. New Irish microchop regulations
  9. tri rehomed and another blenheim
  10. two cavs in the UK: Wales
  11. blenheim cav at happy tears
  12. blenheim ex-puppy farm female in Wales
  13. Two 4 yr old F cavaliers in Wales
  14. Two puppy farm bitches in Limerick
  15. ruby boy
  16. HOMED! 25% Cavalier Needs a Home
  17. HOMED: jolly 8 year old deaf male blenheim
  18. Foster Mummy
  19. Karlin
  20. cavalier mix in shelter in Maryland
  21. Two Cavs in Minneapolis!
  22. HOMED! Blen bitch puppy - blind
  23. Tri-Colour female at Many Tears
  24. HOMED: Three tris at Many Tears
  25. HOMED: Sugar: special needs blenheim, 11 month F
  26. HOMED: Molly: young F blenheim
  27. 2 more Tris at Many Tears
  28. HOMED: Older tricolour gentlemen
  29. Cavaliers in shelters
  30. 4 year old Blen. boy at Many Tears
  31. HOMED: ruby female needs short term foster/Dublin area
  32. HOMED: Dublin foster needed - 6 yr old cavalier M
  33. HOMED: Dundalk: older female ruby, likely to be deaf
  34. two 9 year old females; with PAWS rescue in Co Kildare
  35. Just seen this...
  36. SORTED: Help needed nr Northampton, England
  37. Tri in Gilroy, California
  38. 7 month old shy cocker/Ireland
  39. Ollie in Wales
  40. Daisy - Tri bitch
  41. Levi: Gold cocker male/Ireland
  42. SORTED: foster needed, Dublin area, 1-2 weeks
  43. Lucky Star's Chance
  44. Three more Cavs at Many Tears..........
  45. Ruby Boy at Many Tears.
  46. Tips for fostering or homing a rescue
  47. HOMED: Foster need, Dublin area, this weekend
  48. SORTED: foster for 1 yr old female cavalier, Dublin area
  49. CLOSED: Two ruby brothers, Irish home needed
  50. CLOSED: Potential Dublin-area fosters on call...?
  51. RECLAIMED: Senior cavalier thrown in canal needs home
  52. Wanting to give a cavalier a loving home
  53. HOMED: Foster needed, Dublin area, 1 week
  54. HOMED: "Jack" king of the world
  55. Cavalier "Herb" needing home, Many Tears
  56. SORTED: Foster, little female cavalier, Dublin area
  57. LARA the fostered dog.
  58. Charlie
  59. HOMED: foster MAY be needed, 2 weeks, Dublin region
  60. Mill Auctions
  61. Petfinder: Crissy & Addy
  62. Female Cavalier at Many Tears Rescue
  63. Rescue Cavalier Wanted - North East England, but will travel
  64. Cavaliers ay Many Tears. Two girls, Blenheim & Tri.
  65. Many cavaliers available in PA
  66. HOMED: King {Pomeranian} needs a home...
  67. HOMED: Female Cavalier in Wirral pound...
  68. 2 baby rubys in Ohio.
  69. 6 yr old CKCS and yorkie (m) in Wexford
  70. Australia: cav and poodle need home together
  71. 4 tris in Pennsylvania SPCA!
  72. SORTED: 5 year old male blenheim, Dublin area foster needed
  73. Gracie?
  74. FIVE Cavaliers at Many Tears
  75. SORTED: 6 year old male tri, Ireland
  76. Yay - We're Getting Him
  78. HOMED: Blenheim Male found Kilkenny Area
  79. HOMED: Princess: 8 yr old female blenheim/Ireland
  80. SORTED: foster(s) needed, Dublin region, two cavaliers
  81. Looking for special homes for puppies...
  82. Cavalier wanted (OH or PA) and rescue questions
  83. B/T in KS
  84. Cavalier from Petfinder
  85. Blenheim girl...UK
  86. Tri Girl at Many Tears
  87. 2 cavaliers oldies site
  88. Lucky Star needs foster help urgently/New England area
  89. Looking for a puppy in Northern Ireland
  90. That One Didn't Last Long - Male Cav at Many Tears
  91. HOMED: Ex breeding bitch/ Waterford: foster needed
  92. SORTED: Urgent foster/ Dublin area
  93. Help needed for someone in USA!
  94. POEM for those involved in rescue...KLEENEX warning!
  95. Cavaliers at Many Tears ...2 girls...
  96. Rescue cavalier
  97. Charlie
  98. What is invovled in setting up a rescue home
  99. kyle
  100. cavalier at M T
  101. Australian breed rescue
  102. Two Cavalier rescues at our house
  103. FOSTER SORTED: young female blenheim needing foster
  104. Hearts United for Animals, Midwest USA rescue - cavaliers
  105. That Was Quick - Another Cavi At Many Tears
  106. I'm officially Pi$%*d off!!!
  107. Fiona update
  108. Cav found
  109. In foster: little ruby female in Kilkenny city area
  110. cavalier in NY area
  111. 2 Cavalier's at Many Tears Recue
  112. Sally
  113. 6 year old male tricolour
  114. HOMED: Two males, 2.5 yrs, must be homed together
  115. 3 cavaliers at many tears
  116. rescue poem please read
  117. Fiona has a home!!!
  118. More cav's at Many Tears Rescue
  119. Cav's at Many tears
  120. SORTED: Possible foster will be needed for TINY Ruby
  121. Sergio and Honey are getting a bath....
  122. Puppy Mill Auction Alert?
  123. Dog Auction Site
  124. 9 month Blenheim dog at M/T Wales U.K.
  125. Shania at Many Tears...
  126. SM Cavalier in Los Angeles
  127. Using 'Cavalier' to attract offers?
  128. Tri Cav "Annie" at M/T
  129. Tiger at the Mayhew (London)
  130. Wire Hair Terrier/Australian Shepard
  131. Urgent foster/home needed in Pennsylvania
  132. HOMED: Sam: 6 year old waiting for a home/Dublin
  133. Three Cavs at Many Tears
  134. HOMED: Possible foster needed for cruelty case ruby male
  135. URGENT 2 boys north east
  136. HOMED: Jake: 2.5 year tri male needs adult home
  137. rescue cavalier yorkshire
  138. Home pending: Cavalier in ISPCA URGENT!!!!
  140. URGENT 2 cavaliers missing in north east 1 is pregnant!
  141. More cavaliers arriving...
  142. Lucky Star adopters, fosters, transporters
  143. would like to help
  144. Cavalier puppies in AR
  145. HOMED: Cavalier oldie
  146. Sorted: short term foster needed, small female tri
  147. Locket at Many tears, Wales U.K.
  148. Two more Cavaliers at M T
  149. Young Tri on Petfinder, NJ area
  150. Found this in the IL area...(updated pics) Cavachon?
  151. 4 Rescues need 4ever homes~UPDATED
  152. If only I could take you, Storm.. ..
  153. Many Tears
  154. HOMED: Charlie: 5 year old tri boy/older child/adult home
  155. Where can go the rescued Cavaliers??
  156. 4 Blenheim babies in Birch Tree, MO
  157. oldie in Drogheda
  158. dog lost website
  159. Dog Auction
  160. Missouri Rescue Trip
  161. Many Tears
  162. SAFE IN RESCUE: male blenheim, Mayo
  163. 2 more cavaliers at many tears
  164. HOMED: B&T Cavalier Male on Ireland AM
  165. Ruby/18 months/male in Arkansas
  166. HOMED: Randall and Kevin...Northumberland UK
  167. Kevin Has Been Rehomed
  168. Blenheim being given away....
  169. The Missouri Girls
  170. 6 year old gentle blenheim fellow
  171. Kylas Cavalier Rescue Australia
  172. urgent hospice foster/adopter needed if possible
  173. SORTED: Dundalk pound:3 cav cross/**will be pts Wednesday**
  174. SORTED! Transport: Dublin to UK for cavalier, asap
  175. 5 month old Cavalier in Ohio
  176. Cavalier Rescue
  177. REMOVED:15 month old Tri Boy for Sale!!!
  178. questions about Lucky Star cav rescue
  179. Cookie my newest rescue
  180. SORTED: 5 year old female tri
  181. RECLAIMED: Foster may be needed for young Ruby
  182. VALE Cookie
  183. CLOSED: Foster for young male cavalier, Dublin area
  184. HOMED: Cav Mix Needs Home
  185. CLOSED: possible foster situation: pregnant female CKCS
  186. To All Who Rescue
  187. Introducing Benny
  188. possible urgent need for a range of fosters
  189. Urgent foster for ruby cav needed in Drogheda
  190. Goodsearch.com Benefits Charity of Choice
  191. Foster/transport help badly needed: IL, MO and KS
  192. SORTED: Claire needs a short term foster
  193. HOMED, male blenheim, Dublin region only please
  194. Poetic Prose from a Rescue Pup
  195. HOMED: Male blenheim !
  196. Blenheim mum and 2 Cav X pups at Many Tears
  197. Rescue Twist :)
  198. IN FOSTER: SURRENDER 2nd cav at Dunboyne
  199. Arkansas Rescue Baby-Pics added on 10Jan
  200. More Cavs at Many Tears
  201. Blenheim in KS
  202. Another backyard breeder story
  203. Folks involved with rescuing cav mix Max to UK
  204. 2 cav cross puppies at Mill Rescue, UK
  205. Fostering Question
  206. five year old male tri/Dublin
  207. Charlie Has A Home
  208. Jitterbug
  209. special cases: golden cocker F; also a male
  210. FOSTERED: young female in Tipp who was to be SHOT
  211. Benny is in his forever home!!!
  212. 2 x breeding bitches at Many Tears
  213. HOMED: Gorgeous 1 yr old Tricolor, Pearce
  214. HOMED: Dublin Foster needed for young female tri
  215. Another cavalier at M/T
  216. Simba - possible mix in WI
  217. .
  218. HOMED: Tri at Humane in Texas
  219. Tricolor, Joey II, in Indiana
  220. SORTED: Can any of our US members help this lady ?
  221. HOMED: Cavalier in Cardiff UK
  222. RECLAIMED: Foster possibly needed, B&T female
  223. .
  224. UPDATE on Tri in Humane Shelter in Marshall, Texas
  225. Older cav/collie cross needs home/foster
  226. Arkansas and SC transports needed!
  227. HOMED: Home for King Charles needed
  228. Not quite a cavalier...but in need!
  230. Rehoming - 8 year old Blen F in Tennessee
  231. Florida transport success!!!
  232. Kansas - Male Blenheim, Female Tricolor
  233. Not sure if this is the right place to post-
  234. Missouri - Puppy Mill Rescue.... Slippers, baby female Ruby
  235. HOMED: California - Roxy, Blenheim female
  236. Foster needed: young spayed female blenheim
  237. king charles cross
  238. Off the rescue scene for a few weeks ...
  239. Humberside Cavalier rescue
  240. SORTED: 2 week foster for young female cavalier
  241. SC rescue: blenheim boy!! Updated!
  242. Ruby cavie mix in Atlanta!
  243. Foster needed: spayed female
  245. Tri boy - 9 mos old in Ft Wayne Indiana
  246. Blenheim boy
  247. little Ruby mix in Vancouver-urgent
  248. Shadow - Black Cavalier Rescue in Brooklyn
  249. SORTED: Missy needs a lift to Tara
  250. Look who I picked up!! Update...with PICS!