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  1. co enzyme Q10
  2. Press release: CAWC report and SM in cavaliers
  3. Panic Stricken!!! Slight murmar
  4. tips for living with SM
  5. medication
  6. Geordie's MVD Progressing
  7. heart murmers in young puppies
  8. Thank you
  9. Suspect SM
  10. Titanium implants for SM surgery
  11. Royal Vet College SM study now closed
  12. Surgery for dogs with only the malformation, no syrinxes
  13. Ruby's surgery
  14. Looking like our puppy has SM
  15. Results of decompression surgery
  16. Gabapentin
  17. clorazepate dipotassium for SM
  18. Questions about SM
  19. Help I think my dog has SM
  20. Wanted to introduce myself/SM
  21. Some advice please
  22. Geordie - MVD Update
  23. UK club meeting on SM/MVD research and breeding
  24. Long-term results of decompression surgery
  25. help anyone?
  26. Could Vet be wrong about this? does this sound like SM?
  27. monty's been diagnosed with SM
  28. Forthcoming BBC Program PEDIGREE DOGS EXPOSED
  29. PSOM vs. SM
  30. Important: medical terminology -- 'early onset'
  31. 18 month old CKCS showing signs of SM
  32. A Cavalier film, health related, BBC1........
  33. Looking for advice for Cavalier with SM and newly diagnosed Mitral Valve issue
  34. Took Casey to vet to rule out all else first
  35. Update on Watson
  36. Puppy with SM
  37. Took Dylan to vet, SM? Long post, sorry.
  38. Question about SM
  39. Heart murmur, chiari and sm
  40. Idea for SM breeder register?
  41. MRI scans...
  42. Chiari-like malformation question
  43. SM related scratching
  44. Please help !!!!
  45. Would you buy another one?
  46. U. of Georgia: new study on Brussels Griffons and SM
  47. Vetmedin
  48. concerned about sm ?
  49. MVD study/ Vetmedin published
  50. My letter
  51. Under arm pain
  52. Lycra bodysuit may help scratching
  53. please help im really scared!!
  54. a thought
  55. MVD breeding recommendations question.
  56. Grade A and grade A clear Question
  57. Is this normal or should I get checked?
  58. SM & CM % in Cavaliers
  59. Update on letters
  60. This may help!
  61. Rubbing body and putting paws in air
  62. Web Video of Overview of SM
  63. An old post about syringomyelia in cavaliers.
  64. PSOM Question- please read!
  65. Anyone heard of Mignitin?
  66. HELP! Please reply ASAP!
  67. Kennel Club criticises CKCS Club vote, supports Margaret Carter
  68. Help for Molly
  69. New Cardiologist Podcast on Cardiac Diseases and Screening Recommendations
  70. Questions for first neurology appointment?
  71. Which of harness for SM cavalier?
  72. Cailean Needs Your Positive Thoughts
  73. Question?
  74. Cardiologist vs. Vet
  75. Is it just pedigree dogs that suffer from SM?
  76. Updated treatment sheet for CM/SM
  77. SM neurologists
  78. almost afraid to ask
  79. Video talk on SM, cavaliers and human research
  80. surgery ???
  81. Long term use of Rimadyl?
  82. neurontin
  83. Carol Fowler
  84. Our beautiful Ruby has just been diagnosed as having SM - devastated.
  85. Keeping a diary
  86. Would you feel able to help when your SM Cavalier dies?
  87. MRIs and microchips
  88. AKC podcast on CM /SM and other canine neurological disorders
  89. Hair loss with Gabapentin/Neurontin
  90. Where do you get Gabapentin?
  91. Alternative Medicine
  92. Gabapentin/Proton Pump Inhibitor
  93. Rusbridge's New "Summary of CM/SM in the Cavalier
  94. Update on Gizmo
  95. SM and lameness
  96. advice on Gabapentin
  97. Rex feeling poorly - advice please?
  98. SM worries.
  99. Estimated Breeding Values
  100. Surgery
  101. $850.00 MRIs in Commerce, Michigan
  102. Going up stairs
  103. Irish People!
  104. News: cranioplasty for SM in the UK/Daily Mail
  105. sound like sm? should I see a neurologist?
  106. Gabapentin dosage
  107. The Syringomyelia Cavalier Collection Scheme
  108. Molly and Dougall
  109. Lower cost MRI's
  110. Reluctance to jump up on furniture
  111. Question About Possible Symptoms
  112. Need advice
  113. heart murmur in 2.5 yr old
  114. Update and a few more questions
  115. Excersise for Cavalier- how much is too much?
  116. Breeders who do MRI's on parents
  117. UK members: please submit health info to help cavaliers
  118. Help please
  119. preventive treatments for murmurs
  120. Charlie
  121. Advice Please!!!
  122. Jasper`s Health
  123. Luka heart problem
  124. 13 yr with heart murmur
  125. The timid cavalier,Linus
  126. Update Molly
  127. Cinders & MVD
  128. what is coughing?
  129. Help please in regards to meds with SM--what I can get until neurologist appt
  130. Surgery?
  131. Abbey's MRI today
  132. Those that have done surgery for sm please reply
  133. Omeprazole and 'upset tummy'
  134. Anyone that has had decompression surgery
  135. Question about SM--Abbey just diagnosed-long post
  136. Advice Please
  137. Leo to have MRI...Im worried
  138. Gabapentin & omeprazole
  139. NatalieandMike--Bianca's surgery
  140. A Bad Day
  141. Ted diagnosed with SM today
  142. Omeprazole - long term use
  143. Free MRI for "study"
  144. Dylan's MRI scan picture.
  145. My Tyler and his heart murmur
  146. Trudy.
  147. Fearing the vet visit
  148. MRI for Leo tomorrow
  149. Tilly is clear
  150. Important: Pedigree Dogs Exposed official petition at last!
  151. 2 more days
  152. Snapping in mid air
  153. Abbey's SM surgery tomorrow
  154. Leo's MRI.........he's clear!!!!!
  155. Giving gabapentin
  156. Update of Abbey's surgery
  157. Should I phone neurologist?
  158. Ilsa's Symptoms
  159. I have a very good vet!?
  160. Mrs. Crilly
  161. Abbey and her family's journey with SM
  162. MVD Drug Types and Amounts??
  163. SM awareness in Finland + medication
  164. Video of Abbey's symptoms
  165. Honey having Heart scan today
  166. need advise please help
  167. New study: CKCS have less skull volume/more abnormalities in shape than other breeds
  168. Older MVD dog Sneezing a lot
  169. Hi from South Africa
  170. SM and Episodic Falling Syndrome
  171. Corticosteroids (prednisolon)
  172. Update
  173. The Dreaded Symptoms Have Appeared
  174. An SM Question
  175. Update on Ginger and Charley
  176. Referral to Cardiologist
  177. Caudal Fossa Volume in Cavaliers and Other Breeds
  178. Bailey's Heart
  179. Itching/Scratching
  180. im 99% sure
  181. Low Cost MRI Screening at Chester
  182. Questions
  183. Health Seminar with Dr. Marino of LIVS
  184. Ruby to be MRI'd on tuesday
  185. Other symptoms of SM??????
  186. Update on Dylan
  187. low cost mri scans in Braintree
  188. AlphaSonic soundwave therapy
  189. Littermates with SM
  190. Gene discovered heart disease
  191. Omeprazole/Furosemide?
  192. I feel very honored right now because of Rod Russell and Cavalierhealth.org
  193. SM dogs/ ripping hair out of tail????
  194. Sm in other breeds?
  195. Am I being crazy or not?
  196. Duralactin - active ingredient MicroLactin
  197. Dog World: "Scourge of Syringomyelia"
  198. I don't know what to do
  199. 2 year old cavalier with sm
  200. Brussels Griffon Participation Needed for Study of Syringomyelia
  201. Can anybody give me some advice?
  202. Chari Malformation vs sm
  203. Sickness
  204. I think Bentley may have SM
  205. Question for those with dogs on Gabapentin
  206. Carol Fowler's site
  207. SM in humans
  208. Need some advice
  209. Enlarged heart experiences?
  210. i'm worried holly has SM and feel guilty for not seeing the signs
  211. Polka might have SM, vet tomorrow
  212. Puppy with SM? I'm probably being paranoid
  213. Has your CKC had surgery for Chiari-like malformation?
  214. Please Please help!!
  215. Harleys appointment
  216. Please. . I need help and advice urgently!!
  217. New research on SM, the malformation and skulls
  218. The SM Cavalier Collection Scheme
  219. Cindyloo Maybe having a shunt anyone had this?
  220. Irish Neurologists?
  221. Harley has a chari malformation
  222. Starting Ruby on Gaberpentin
  223. Oprah: The Solution to CKCS SM in US
  224. Update on our beautiful Ruby
  225. Trying to find a healthy puppy!
  226. Colleen Passed Out!!! Scared me to death
  227. SM - Does Gab. come in 150mg capsules?
  228. EBVs.... Could this save the Cavalier?
  229. For those who have SM-effected dogs
  230. Some information please
  231. SM meds used with herbs or other natural treatments ideas?
  232. Getting Worse
  233. fly catching syndrome
  234. Worried
  235. SM and annual injection?
  236. Usefull walking aids??
  237. Could this be SM?
  238. Omeprazole/Phenobarbital?
  239. anesthesia for SM dogs
  240. New genetic mutation identified: muscular dystrophy in CKCS
  241. MVD report
  242. Cavalier screening day
  243. A potential new medication for SM dogs
  244. A little reminder.....
  245. Two German-language SM/EF/MVD forums
  246. SM Cavalier news on Twitter
  247. A liitle advice please?
  248. Petition
  249. Some questions
  250. Finally found a harness Casey doesn't scratch in...