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  1. Advice please!
  2. Mvd in cavalier king charles spaniels.
  3. Our Buddy
  4. Questions Re: Prilosec and Proprioception
  5. New UK Study of CKCS with CM shows brain too big for its caudal fossa
  6. I have done my bit (I hope) for SM
  7. Headlines in Dog World.
  8. Heart Testing
  9. Do any other SM dogs have these symptoms?
  10. Vet requiring info re:- SM
  11. Gabapentin
  12. Live Webcast Showcases Neurosurgery for Chiari Malformation
  13. MVD medication study
  14. Scanning
  15. Still useful?
  16. Enquiry Finds 322 Inherited Diseases in Dogs.
  17. A little advice on Gaberpentin please . . . .
  18. The Syringomyelia Cavalier Collection Scheme
  19. Dog World Article on SM
  20. Unusual scratching
  21. SM question
  22. Thoughts and prayers....
  23. Question about scratching
  24. Advice needed please!
  25. Confused!!
  26. Drooling
  27. Jasper at the vets
  28. Side effects of long term steroid use?
  29. bad news on Cookie's heart
  30. Chiari shirt for dogs
  31. Weird thing happened tonight
  32. help please: tucker and mvd
  33. Benadryl interaction with Gabapentin or Tagamet?
  34. New SM diagnosis
  35. Chiari Malformation
  36. Worse itching when she is wet
  37. Medication advice
  38. Worrying news for Charlie
  39. Question about gabapentin
  40. Jasper had his heart scan
  41. talking to Cavalier owners
  42. Charlie Had his scan today
  43. Looking for a little advice
  44. Food For Thought
  45. MVD terminology?
  46. A few lost cost scanning places left: Wimbledon
  47. Confused
  48. Levi and the Traumatic Brain Injury.
  49. Ebony had her scan
  50. Dougall and CM
  51. Hotel Computer. I Have LEVI!!!!!
  52. occasional limb weakness
  53. We're Back.
  54. Kennel Club Breeder Symposium 29/11/09
  55. Has the Appearance of Cavaliers Altered in the Last 30 Years.
  56. I am in shock
  57. Shelby's MRI
  58. Worried
  59. Tramadol
  60. Question about Omeprazole
  61. Basil the large Cavalier
  62. Has she become incontinent?
  63. Please read the "confused..." thread!
  64. Stop posturing, and show you mean what you say
  65. Hydrocephalus
  66. APGAW Report: very strong recommendations on breed health
  67. Vocalising - pain??
  68. Riley Update
  69. new here, question about MVD/ruptured tendinae
  71. SM , what to expect
  72. Pain Signs.
  73. Speaking for Spot.
  74. Neurologist in Glasgow?
  75. Hind leg weakness
  76. When to euthanise/put to sleep?
  77. Pain struggles
  78. Yelping when moved?
  79. Precautions during dentals for SM dogs?
  80. Newbie with a question.
  81. Spangle is not doing well.
  82. Thanks to CAROL F.
  83. Jeszel's MRI Report
  84. EBV Information.
  85. Puppy with curve in spine; breeder wants her back
  86. Bristol: Clare Rusbridge lecture on SM: all invited
  87. Update on Bailey
  88. Ruby Mae had her Xrays
  89. Information about Human Chiari Patients.
  90. worried about cooper
  91. Ginger and Charley
  92. New Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of MVD
  93. New paper on SM heritability
  94. Why does a site called 'cavalier health' (UK version)...
  95. Cancelled
  96. Has anyone used chiropractic?
  97. In Reply
  98. Splitting pills
  99. Jumping onto beds/sofas
  100. Need advice on living with sm
  101. Update on Ruby Mae. I am heartbroken
  102. Breaking News in Dog World about APGAW Report
  103. Ouch!
  104. Anyone in the Sacramento/Davis area? (cardio recommendation)
  105. Just a Thought.
  106. New Information on the UK CKCS CLUB WEB SITE
  107. Yoshi has his MRI tomorrow
  108. MDs repair canine mitral valves in experimental research
  109. Riley update
  110. Question ?
  111. MVD Progression
  112. Lost my love to SM
  113. MRI Screening Day in Bishop Auckland
  114. MVD Figures in Cavaliers.
  115. SM Symptoms?
  116. SM Surgery
  117. A human with Chiari Malformation, SM & EDS wrote this in our blog
  118. Thoughts on MVD
  119. The affects of drugs
  120. Omeprazole/ Prilosec
  121. questioning surgery for SM
  122. ACKCSC Finally Recognizes MVD As A Health Problem in Cavaliers
  123. ACKCSC Claims Less Than 0.002% of CKCSs Have SM!
  124. need help with symptoms and diagnosis
  125. Worried sick about Abbey
  126. looking for some help with SM
  127. Copy of Daisy's Mri scan.
  128. Pedigree dog debate in school
  129. s.m
  130. Death sentence?
  131. Charlie screamed for the first time today
  132. Hair loss related to prednisone
  133. Pregabalin
  134. How young (realistically) can SM present itself?
  135. Bella is sick...can anyone confirm it's MVD and maybe give me realistic expectations?
  136. Invitation to AKC and CHF Breeders' Symposium at Cornell
  137. Charlies Result today....
  138. Update on Bentley
  139. Research: Splitting the dura: alternative surgery
  140. Research: brains too big, or skulls too small?
  141. charlie's still limping
  142. scan tomorrow
  143. Good new's about Charlie
  144. Simon Platt's October 2009 Video on SM
  145. Dr. Mark Oyama's October 2009 Video on MVD
  146. MRIs: how position of dog/length of scan can alter results!
  147. EBV reminder
  148. Auburn Univ. Surgeons Use Swine Tissue Instead of Titanium Mesh
  149. So just how common is SM??
  150. Kizzy had her MRI today...
  151. An interesting bit of information
  152. Scar tissue after surgery
  153. Vets still uninformed re SM
  154. Breeding 'A' dogs: a success story
  155. Answer on cavalier health statistics
  156. Teddy update - long
  157. Another low cost MRI in US
  158. Progress on the genetic front: Early-Onset MVD Can Be Bred Out
  159. Still No Improvement...
  160. RVC Syringomyelia Survey
  161. Clares web page- new breeding link
  162. HELP!! Poor Cookie MVD and now SM
  163. Seems Like Old Times!!
  164. Univ. of Penna Researchers Need Blood Samples for CKCS Gene Study
  165. Geordie - MRI
  166. Lyrica for SM
  167. LactoSorb SE mesh instead of titanium for CM cranioplasty surgeries
  168. Low cost MRIs: Cornell University
  169. SM medication
  170. SM COllection Scheme now on Cavalier Matters
  171. Syringomyelia symposium
  172. Is there a US version of the SM collection scheme?
  173. Minnie's MRI Results - sorry long post
  174. What percentage of Cavaliers develop SM?
  175. Tramadol?
  176. Can SM meds cause swollen lymph glands?
  177. Chiari Malformation and 'House'
  178. Hair loss since starting steroids
  179. Minnie's SM Meds
  180. Collars for SM Affected Dogs
  181. Companion for my SM dog?
  182. Gabapentin dosage - how many times per day works best?
  183. Barneys result's here
  184. Ruby's Incontinence
  185. News SM/CM Genome Studies
  186. Prilosec (Omeprazole) questions
  187. SM or ?
  188. Update on Amber
  189. More Research On Brain Volume and Syrinxes
  190. SM blog
  191. Hair loss and SM meds
  192. Kennedy has MVD
  193. Is this a sign of mvd?
  194. Two years post-SM surgery
  195. 5 months and scrathing alot?
  196. gabapentin
  197. Bailey
  198. Mvd
  199. Leo: bad SM session yesterday
  200. My dogs haircut has affected his symptoms?
  201. hopefully you guys can put my mind at rest....
  202. Tramadol (is my dog addicted)
  203. Friends of Lola website
  204. How can I expect to lose my little one? :(
  205. mvd im scared to ask
  206. spreading awareness of sm
  207. spreading awareness of sm
  208. mri, post surgery and now Ella is chasing animals and surfing!!
  209. Gabapentin
  210. Furosemide
  211. Update on Daisy's SM.
  212. Medications furosemide injection? Metacam
  213. Prayer List of Cavaliers with SM
  214. Ella needing another MRI. Please Help
  215. NC State's veterinary college seeks dogs with mild heart murmurs for activity study
  216. Am I doing the right thing?
  217. SM and Hearling Loss
  218. New to the SM forum and in need of support
  219. Poor Poppy.
  220. Blondie diagnosis; SURGERY?? Help!!!
  221. Why is sm increasing in cavaliers?
  222. swine tissue
  223. Where to start?
  224. Blondie diagnosis... PSOM?SM? VERY strange..
  225. POPPY'S NEWS. Spay/donating ovary/MRI.
  226. Transcription of Selected Speaker Notes from AVMA - Dr. Dewey
  227. Brief Text from Dr. Sofia Cerda-Gonzalez AVMA Session
  228. Transcription of Selected Speaker Notes from AVMA - Dr. Shores
  229. Molly and Dougall Update
  230. Dooley & SM
  231. Osteopathy
  232. Surgery post 2 years? Numbers?
  233. Ella's Neurologist is interested in Dr. Dewey's and Dr. Shore's information.
  234. Thanks to All Who Share Your Stories and Update on Our Buddy
  235. 15 month old Cavalier with heart murmur :-(
  236. PSOM and NAC Supplement
  237. Really dumb question about CM//SM and scratching
  238. Time for full time medication??
  239. Lola's SM
  240. second opinion consult
  241. Think murphy has sm
  242. Article in Nature on dog gene research
  243. Omeprazole side effect??
  244. Veterinary care for "pets in need
  245. Ella's bad news and Not what I wanted to hear
  246. Lola's SM ~ Update
  247. Corey's SM Update - A week after surgery
  248. Guidance On my Cavi - Concerned he has SM
  249. Information on second surgery, shunts, scar tissue what to do
  250. Cavaliers aged 5 years and over with clear heart certificates