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  1. homeophaty?
  2. Ellie's first consult - PSOM symptoms
  3. CKCSC,USA Dumps MVD Breeding Protocol
  4. Ella's Results and New Decisions
  5. Possible shortage of gabapentin
  6. Poppy's MRI on Wed.
  7. Possible SM symptoms?
  8. Scar Management
  9. Interesting Vet Visit
  10. Does geographic location have anything to do with % of Cavaliers with SM
  11. Isabelle's MRI Wednesday: best of luck
  12. Poppy's scan results and Dylan's new medication.
  13. Minnies Stone Lion Visit
  14. Frida has SM, would like som tips
  15. Ellie's results show that she has SM
  16. Dylan's first day on Pregabalin.
  17. grooming and SM
  18. Grade 7 down to Grade 3 ?
  19. How having an SM dog affects your other dogs
  20. Could this be SM? Kinda long.. sorry
  21. Evaluation of Swedish breeding CKCS
  22. Thank goodness for Pregabalin.
  23. Great News about an apointment!
  24. Rain and SM?
  25. SM and Insurance advice?
  26. Anyone with an SM dog...question about seizures (long)
  27. the "little yelp"
  28. Mri of duchess a one year old cavalier
  29. Diagnosing SM
  30. SM in King Charles (AKA English Toys) ?
  31. To CKCSC,USA Board: Re-Instate the REAL MVD Breeding Protocol!
  32. I suspected my Cavalier has SM but now I'm almost positive. Please help
  33. Margaret's blog post on Clare Rusbridge's SM research figures and BVA scheme
  34. Dylan and Poppy's progress. October 2010.
  35. MVD advice?
  36. ella having trouble walking
  37. dr. dewey on second surgery: ella update with apt. what else
  38. Chloe is going in for an MRI tomorrow.
  39. Is there a public list? And do SM symptoms chage?
  40. Just got results from Lily's blood test on gabapentin levels.
  41. Dougall MRI Tomorrow
  42. New "Breed Predispositions to Disease in Dogs and Cats" Book
  43. Bad night. Chloe just had a crying episode
  44. My dog Scooby and Living with MVD
  45. Nervous & Barking
  46. Diagnosing SM
  47. The News
  48. Cav Puppy-episodes of extreme weakness
  49. Rubys having a bad few days....dont know whats wrong
  50. Environment questions and SM
  51. Lola's MRI
  52. *Update on Flash* & question about bad days
  53. Ella's Decisions, Lyrica and Advice
  54. I've updated the videos part of my SM site
  55. Surgical management for SM
  56. Question regarding myringotomy
  57. Dylan and Poppy's progress. November 2010.
  58. guilty about leaving SM dog behind..
  59. The price of Gabapentin again.
  60. price of omeprazole
  61. Talked to the breeder
  62. Lyrica - Compound vs tablet
  63. Getting off Prednisone
  64. Interview with Clare Rusbridge
  65. MVD information
  66. My dog Scooby experiencing 'Syncopes' - Does any have any experience ?
  67. Cavalier Health Day
  68. Fingers crossed for Lola
  69. Help for hearts - a PS to the Health Day
  70. Pedigree Health Records including DNA
  71. Lyrica 100mg
  72. Lola's Home :) - **warning graphic photo
  73. To spay or not to spay SM dog?
  74. Hot weather and SM
  75. Anyone willing to share a photo and story of your SM Cavalier?
  76. What is syringohydromyelia
  77. Lola Update :)
  78. Bad night for Little Ruby!
  79. Frustrating day!!! (flight,scratching and ears...)
  80. Dr rusbridge book
  81. New research newsletter out from Dr Rusbridge & Penny Knowler
  82. scanning and grading
  83. Help with Diuretics
  84. MVD and males
  85. Minnie's Wobble
  86. Magnetic collars
  87. Troxicil, going to another neurologist?
  88. Link Between Giant Platelets and MVD Being Studied
  89. could it be SM?
  90. What is tetraparetic and ataxic?
  91. Several SM MRI questions... Sorry
  92. Merry Christmas!
  93. Cavalier Clinical Trial Opportunity
  94. Syringomyelia Research for Dogs helping Humans
  95. Please help by sharing your stories - SM and MVD
  96. how old on average is SM diagnosed
  97. Blog post on SM and cavaliers on the Pedigree Dogs Exposed blog
  98. Supporting one another- want to share one breeder (not naming) that took action
  99. Ella's day tomorrow for in depth talk with neurologist along with others
  100. Whether or not to MRI...advice and words of wisdom requested!
  101. Neurologist apt ? And what he said about scanning for breedees
  102. Playing tug with SM
  103. Looking for a new vet- SM/MVD + typical Cav problems, should I look at Holistic?
  104. Lyrica Vs Gabapentin
  105. Not coming into season
  106. Ellas not eating and in kennel
  107. Mini-MRI-scans miss lower syrinxes in 76% of studied SM-affected cavaliers
  108. MVD survey
  109. 25% of cavaliers with SM symptoms have CM only, not SM
  110. Helpful SM video showing limb numbness
  111. Lyrica & Anesthesia
  112. Paralisis and facial change
  113. Pedigree Dogs Exposed should have been made in USA
  114. Notice on Cavalier Club website.... Clare's talk with slides
  115. SM and Acting weird in snow?
  116. Miley has symptoms of SM
  117. Cavalier rescue having seizures what to do
  118. my cavy having a mri scan tomorrow for sm
  119. I don't know what to do!!
  120. SM Awareness Teddy's Story
  121. Seizures?
  122. SM bad days cause
  123. Maybe Cavaliers Don't Even Have Chiari-like Malformation (CM)!
  124. Some good news with some bad!
  125. SM Puppies and Symptoms
  126. Vet/ neurologist referral
  127. Dr. Marino interview
  128. CM/SM Sugery Questions....?
  129. Second MRI and spay tomorrow!!! Prayers for quick recovery ..
  130. I'll be interviewing neurologist Jacques Penderis tomorrow
  131. Update on Blondie's surgery and MRI
  132. SM research update on older dogs scanned by Rupert's Fund
  133. Daisy's medication
  134. Penderis interview: EFS gene test coming in spring!
  135. BVA/KC scheme
  136. Puppers and MVD
  137. Lyrica & Atopica
  138. Ella progressing. What other medications lyrica compound update
  139. Corvental
  140. why us..why at 9 years old
  141. Flip side.. Were we actually the lucky ones?
  142. Medicine to Stop SM Progression
  143. PSOM Question
  144. My Cavalier Puppy Buying Advice website is now up and running
  145. Question to the experts about PSOM/ Tubes
  146. Asymptomatic?
  147. Please tell me I'm imagining things
  148. Questions to ask vet if dog has sm symptoms
  149. Cause for Celebration
  150. Ella update happy things
  151. question about weather changes
  152. Advice about heart murmur
  153. Just diagnosed
  154. Just a question regarding SM
  155. Surgery vs. medication
  156. 14 year old Cavalier- Manic walkabout
  157. Trying to rev up the Rupert's Fund Auction
  158. Griffons, Papillons and SM
  159. Medication side effects
  160. Light phobia
  161. Do you think it could be SM?
  162. Cardiologist Heart Clinic Information
  163. MVD & CM/SM Seminars in Charleston, SC on April 5
  164. Can anyone recommend a cardiologist in the NYC/Long Island area?
  165. Barney
  166. How do you know it's atime to increase dosage/change medication? (SM)
  167. Very interesting experience with cavalier owner
  168. Fmd surgery scar tissue prevention
  169. Info on PSOM and tubes
  170. EBV USA SM research
  171. New Neuro Clinic in Naples, Florida USA
  172. SM and Vaccinating
  173. Blondie on gabapentin and question about pill dispenser
  174. Rocky and CHF
  175. Sydney's cardiologist appt. wasn't good.
  176. Request to release a balloon for mickey who lost battle with sm
  177. Rupert's Fund auction only has 24 hours to run
  178. Treating ear infections when my Cav has PSOM & SM?
  179. Waiting on a MRI
  180. Coco's Neuro Exam
  181. Spining when going to the bathroom
  182. Medication not working for Maggie
  183. How to help Rupert's Fund
  184. French Bulldog w/ possible SM
  185. My French Bulldog the Cavalier
  186. Who likes Trocoxil?
  187. New CM SM screening facility in Belgium
  188. Want me to specialize sea shell releasing in ocean this weekend
  189. Dr. Marino speaking in tx
  190. Best harness for dogs with SM?
  191. Cavaliers of the south health clinic
  192. Cavalier Club heart testing results and SM scanning. Quote from Chairman
  193. Not sure if gabapentin is working
  194. Rebel's 3 Months Check Up At The Vet's Yesterday
  195. Journal/video tips
  196. Sore feet
  197. Sydney at emergency room yesterday
  198. Animal Health Trust Seminar
  199. Not good news for Pippin at annual check up:(
  200. Is SM considered at congenital defect? Health Insurance
  201. Beware the Pimobendan/Vetmedin "EPIC Clinical Trial": There Is No Upside
  202. Mryingotomy tomorrow
  203. Cavaliers with a heart murmur and their vaccaiations.
  204. Sydney's doing better - UPDATE
  205. Low cost scanning at Bishop Auckland
  206. Update on Abbey
  207. How CMSM research will help humans
  208. Sm ?
  209. Cavalier DOB 1st Aug 1996 with mild atrium increase an concurrent kidney issues
  210. SM or Cauda Equina? Sorry, very long post
  211. Cavaliers on lyrica
  212. So sad. Now I know.
  213. Sm aggrevation after grooming?
  214. Heart Meds and Body Odor
  215. symptom of CHF??
  216. Are you more alert now after having a symptomatic SM cavalier?
  217. SM and Herbal Supplements
  218. The odds of SM? (And Prednisone-weaning update!)
  219. Thanks goes to!
  220. Reality Check
  221. Hydrotherapy
  222. MRI shows SM but no symptoms. hypothetical question regarding treatment
  223. Venting!
  224. Prednisone
  225. Probably Ridiculous
  226. Questions for the Neurologist
  227. SM / PSOM French Bulldog Update
  228. How many Cavaliers on our forum have CM/SM?
  229. How to know for sure if the dog has CM or SM?
  230. Finding a certified acupuncture vet
  231. Back to the Cardiologist
  232. Announcing the Cavalier Talk 2012 Calendar Photo competition
  233. Hot Head??
  234. Luka's SM Update
  235. Questions regarding Research and Rupert's Fund
  236. SM Protocol and buying a puppy in the USA
  237. Looking for cost estimates for SM
  238. Breeders that MRI dogs for SM
  239. Air guitar? What is it exactly?
  240. Study of SM in 555 asymptomatic CKCS: 70% affected by age 6
  241. My poor Madison
  242. Where do you buy your Lyrica/pregablin?
  243. KC response re: the publication of MRI results
  244. Crying and have nobody to talk to about my beautiful Abbey
  245. Ever heard of treating SM with Phenobarbital?
  246. This could eventually help our Cavaliers
  247. Surgery for Blitz ~ Titanium Mesh Questions ? Experience & Advise needed!!!!
  248. Charlie's annual Heart Check up!
  249. Which medication?
  250. How do heart meds work?