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  1. Possible CM/SM or just constant inner ear infections?
  2. This is difficult
  3. Information about MRI scanning
  4. Vaccinations
  5. Opinions on getting second MRI for CM with ?syrinx
  6. Scooby still battling along - was "Not good news ... We're losing..."
  7. Starting to get concerned again
  8. MVD - EPIC Study
  9. Calendar photo competition - closing date extended!
  10. Monitoring your dog's breathing rate - essential in MVD
  11. Additional OFFA Questions and MVD
  12. Gabapentin
  13. Dr. Jerold Bell Does Not Let Us Down
  14. Sad about our Cav's
  15. about SM protocol
  16. My Emma has SM
  17. Gabapentin Question
  18. Seeking Advices on "When do you start taking Medicine for MVD"
  19. Chiari-like malformation is found to be progressive
  20. Loosing my bestfriend to heart faliure.
  21. Omeprazole dosage
  22. Panting / No Cough
  23. Sydney needs prayers
  24. CM, PSOM - should we continue using heartgard plus monthly?
  25. Calendar compeition supporting Rupert's Fund - entries closing in 24 hrs
  26. after reading everything about SM, I see that my Shadow has it....
  27. Finally got some video of Gracie's symptoms
  28. Saving and Emailing MRI Images from a CD
  29. University of Florida Low Cost MRI-- 2 thumbs up!
  30. Good news from the Foetal Tissue Research Project
  31. So very grateful this group is here...
  32. Can a 14 week old puppy already have SM
  33. Results are back .... pretty severe malformation and syrinx
  34. French CKCS breeders show their MVD breeding protocol works
  35. Good News!
  36. Interesting reading
  37. omeprozole
  38. Clare rusbridge news
  39. New (July 2011) UK Study Finds Episodic Falling mutant gene; develops genetic tests
  40. Prilosec and benadryl...SAFE???
  41. Headed to surgery on Monday in Florida
  42. Cavalier Size and SM
  43. 10 month post op surgery MRI and scar tissue formation
  44. Important quick question.... SM meds and soft poop
  45. Prayers for Gracie and Debra
  46. How does one decide which neurologist to go to??
  47. Update on surgery tomorrow and University of Florida facility
  48. What might it be like for our dogs? Teen with Chiari
  49. Anyone know about this neurologist?
  50. Zipperheads
  51. Please help if you can - MVD
  52. Need your prayers...Gracie update
  53. New research about head position for MRIs
  54. New Source for Pimobendan
  55. Daisy's Appointment At Chestergates "Mr Geoff Skerritt" Mon 22 nd 11.00 AM
  56. Auto pill dispenser with timer
  57. Weird episode getting B12 shot
  58. Dovecote Veterinary Hospital in East Midlands
  59. Omeprazole long term usage
  60. Kayleigh - MRI scan
  61. Tail Chasing a secondary Symptom of SM (one neurologist maybe another no)
  62. Blondies neuro follow up: good news!!
  63. Daisy - More Bads News From Chestergates Last Night
  64. Harleys MRI tomorrow
  65. Harley - Bad News
  66. A Post for Brian M, Sabby and Nicki...
  67. Claire Rusbridge or Newmarket ?
  68. Researchers find genetic locations for mitral valve disease in CKCSs
  69. Roller coaster day for Bonnie
  70. Looking for participants for study
  71. Brooklyn off to the Neurologist tomorrow...
  72. Heart testing
  73. Omega 3 Supplements
  74. Misty's being referred
  75. Question on Gabapentin
  76. SM in CKCS is linked to degeneration of spinal cord
  77. Daisy's MRI Scan - Where Do I Send
  78. Question about Gabapentin 50mg?!
  79. Question about Gabapentin 50mg?!
  80. Ubiquinone and ubiquinol
  81. Harleys Report is back
  82. Lameness in sm dogs
  83. Can you break a gabapentin capsule??
  84. Northern California MRI scan info
  85. Harleys visit to Clare Rusbridge yesterday
  86. Questions about SM surgery-experience of neurologist and out-of-area treatment
  87. Daisy and Her Medication
  88. Urgent advice needed, please read.
  89. beginner questions on SM
  90. Cav without Malformation
  91. Charlie's MRI booked
  92. Scooby in at the vets
  93. How Sydney is doing..
  94. Gabapentin and Walgreen's Prescription Savings Club
  95. Need CM/SM stats please
  96. Zitac - Dry Skin?
  97. Update on Brooklyn - and some questions
  98. What is the USA registry of MRI scans?
  99. Omeprazole vs Cimetidine
  100. I got some interesting information today...
  101. Fantastic prize draw!! Digital camera or photo canvas could be yours :)
  102. Daisy's Murmur - CO Q10 or Ubiquinol
  103. CHF scare today, phew...
  104. Cavalier 5 years old and no SM/CM
  105. Gabapentin
  106. Syringomyelia
  107. Tomorrow is the day............
  108. Border Collie with Hydrosyringomyelia
  109. Back from Stone Lion....
  110. Prescription Info Please
  111. Star having a bad day
  112. Thyroid and CM, PSOM problems and medicine
  113. Daisy' Medication
  114. Today's the day
  115. Good & not so good news about Star
  116. sm and itchy skin?
  117. Frusemide and kidney function
  118. Cross with other breed for a bigger skull?
  119. Has my dog got SM
  120. choking on food and MVD
  121. A few questions
  122. Torsemide as an alternative to furosemide
  123. Air pressure is up again!
  124. Don't MDs know about treating SM with omeprazole?
  125. I got the following email regarding research
  126. Apparently Conflicting Studies of MVD Genome Research in MVD
  127. Advice on flea treatment for dog with CM,PSOM
  128. Naples, Florida neuro offers low-cost SM mini-scans
  129. Scratching
  130. Little Harry is poorly - need advice
  131. SM/CM and pain behind eyes
  132. Losing Muscle Mass
  133. Back at the vets with Harley
  134. How do I go about having my puppy tested for Syringomyelia?
  135. I hate SM
  136. Harley & Ebony both on pain medication now
  137. Shock The Price of Lyrica
  138. Help: I think my dog has SM
  139. Thyroid full panel tesT
  140. Need some positive thoughts
  141. New RVC Study Needs Cavaliers for MRIs of Hearts
  142. Weird Gag Sound with SM?
  143. Help, is this the SM?
  144. Abbey
  145. Hip dysplasia or SM related?
  146. Near collapsed syrinx-Good news
  147. Very worried for Daisy.
  148. Atmospheric Pressure and Pain
  149. Sydney's Not Feeling Well
  150. Mist's struggling with the cold weather
  151. Worried about Bailey
  152. Genetics
  153. Will the next SM breeding protocol be BAD FOR THE BREED?
  154. Advice on Abbey from my fellow SM owners
  155. Is it SM again?
  156. Scratching
  157. Tummy troubles associated with MVD?
  158. Daisy and Her MVD
  159. Kayleigh started on Trocoxil
  160. My cav is refusing to eat. What can I do to get his appetite back?
  161. Very Sensitive Arm Pits
  162. Abbey's Gabapentin & Omeprazole
  163. Weather warning
  164. Autopsy on Abbey--please read asap
  165. The new BVA/KC CMSM Scheme grades and the new breeding guidelines
  166. Cimetidine 100mg
  167. SM: documented increasingly in affenpinschers as well
  168. Ebony - Here we go again
  169. Totally out of left field
  170. Izzie has appointment tonight - Think it's SM
  171. Please can someone help me understand Sam's final hours? x
  172. Sm ???
  173. Pretty sure my dog has SM
  174. Hairloss and medication
  175. Misty's just had an alarming episode
  176. The new MRI scheme is launched
  177. Elton is getting MRI
  178. Heart research
  179. CM/SM clinical trial
  180. Daisy's Treatment Question
  181. Coco - MVD
  182. Alternative therapy for early symptoms
  183. Elvis
  184. My puppy was just diagnosed with SM
  185. Tips/advice for first cardiologist visit
  186. Worried about new dog
  187. my 11 month old black and tan boy toto just diagnosed with severe onset syringomyelia
  188. Belgium CKCS needs MRI mini-scan, but where?
  189. Lyrica gone up in price
  190. Getting to Stone Lion
  191. SM? advise please
  192. PDE2 ( next Monday) will interest anyone with a SM affected cavalier
  193. Symptoms of sm
  194. Signs of SM as young puppies?
  195. Could this be connected to SM?
  196. PLEASE help - We are at a loss!
  197. Spring Auction for Rupert's Fund!!
  198. Gabapentin and Prilosec
  199. UK BVA/KC CM/SM MRI scanning Scheme details now up on BVA website
  200. Sydney's Struggling a Little
  201. Great website for heart and MVD
  202. MRI grading
  203. Beanie's MVD
  204. I'm sick of my dogs being sick :(
  205. Thoughts on MRI'ing?
  206. SM and Mangosteen juice
  207. Session Today at the AAHA Annual Meeting in Denver
  208. Air scratching between doses of pain killer
  209. Where in the US Do You Buy Lyrica?
  210. My Beautiful Baby Girl Poppy has been Diagnosed with SM x
  211. Breeders and Health Testing
  212. Alert tag - all SM dogs should be wearing this
  213. MVD question
  214. Have You Ever Heard of A Heart That Clicks?
  215. SM? Huh!
  216. MVD Research UpDate By Professor Brendan Corcoran
  217. Gabapentin and Tramadol
  218. Murder of a Heart Valve An Open and Shut Case - MVD
  219. Sore ear folds
  220. Diuretics - What kinds worked best for you?
  221. Free and discount scans for Norwegian breeders
  222. hello: misdiagnosed cavalier with SM
  223. Furosemide/Pimobendan Question
  224. S M Surgery ?
  225. SM medication clinical trial
  226. sm or just puppy behaviour?
  227. Significant new Chiari-like malformation findings
  228. Oliver and the RVC trial
  229. Microchip question
  230. Griffons and King Charles Spaniels
  231. Two out of two
  232. Asking a hard question? But one I have wondered about?
  233. We're hitting the road!
  234. Test yourself on CM/SM diagnosis
  235. Our SM puppies
  236. SM and head tilt?
  237. First case of SM in a Papillion in the UK
  238. 11 week old and SM??
  239. What do you do for SM itchiness?
  240. Auction Total May 2012
  241. Not happy with Misty
  242. Anyone who took part in Dr Olby's N Carolina CKCS study a few years ago!!!
  243. Something wrong with Harley again
  244. Reassurance please, my Emma has CM
  245. Totally mystifying: German researchers dispute that cavaliers have CM
  246. Parano of SM risk in my 8 weeks puppy :( plz help!
  247. MRI Scanning
  248. rubys heart
  249. Fluid
  250. Spangle not well at all!