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  1. Places of comfort for SM dogs
  2. Daisy's MVD Check Up
  3. Last stages of SM????
  4. Results of owners' questionnaires on pain in CM/SM cavaliers
  5. Low Cost mri scanning available in Ireland.
  6. Heat, humidity and SM
  7. Pippin's check up
  8. CM/PSOM recheck after one year
  9. Cavalier Health Survey-SM, MVD, Epilepsy
  10. SM and bad weather
  11. Daisy's SM
  12. Prilosec ,Gabapentin and Cimetidene - Times to Take
  13. Newbie and very worried....
  14. Can cavs with SM....
  15. Medication offer
  16. Weather warning
  17. Health clinic
  18. Dr. Beardow on-line seminar on MVD
  19. Heart murmur at 6 months??
  20. How long for cimetidine to work?
  21. Laci probably has SM
  22. Anyone dealing with PSOM?
  23. Grace has Mvd
  24. Heart murmurs
  25. Grade 5 murmur--how much can she run around?
  26. Good news today from the cardiologist
  27. Daisy's Medication
  28. Lyrica before his operation?
  29. Update on Grace
  30. Update on Laci
  31. Question about SM meds.
  32. Pup Sickness after Frontline Treatment?
  33. Anyone else have these sm symtoms?
  34. Murphy has early SM
  35. Anyone having problems getting Lyrica in Ireland?
  36. Melatonin to help dogs with SM rest better?
  37. Test results
  38. a new treatment for SM?
  39. Does this mean Charlie is in pain?
  40. omeprazole and cimetidine
  41. Torsemide
  42. SM symptoms getting much worse and Lyrica questions
  43. CMSM results now available on Kennel Club website
  44. It's 'only' scratching....
  45. Where to Buy Lyrica?
  46. Excessive drooling - vet fears SM??!
  47. Spanish researchers devise new method of measuring heart enlargement
  48. Omeprazole dosing solution
  49. Tips for making our cavalier more comfortable? We have neuro appoint on monday
  50. UK's Bristol Univ. plans study of cavaliers' head shapes for CM/SM characteristics.
  51. Worried about SM...
  52. Dr. Penderis' grim view of CM in future generations
  53. Trupanion and MVD
  54. Interesting
  55. Heart Clinic today at CKCSC Nationals
  56. New symptoms - are they related to SM, liver, IBD or another issue?
  57. Charlie wants his neck massaged
  58. didStella has SM
  59. Harley limping again - Any advise
  60. Researchers find neuropathic pain progresses in 75% of CKCSs with CM and/or CM/SM
  61. diet and CM -- any relationship? (positive or negative)
  62. Researchers identify genetic basis of cardiac defects in humans
  63. Cardiology Heart Study
  64. Springer Spaniels and SM
  65. Rosie is being scaned
  66. Cardiologist Appointment Questions
  67. Bitches with SM
  68. Pill Pocket Ideas????
  69. heart murmur?? :(
  70. Not good news for Rosie
  71. An interesting possibility
  72. Kennedy MVD, SM and nose problems
  73. Skin issues with long-term prednisone usage
  74. As SM progresses, the supraoccipial bone resorbs
  75. Stem Cell Therapy for SM
  76. Syringomyelia in the Brussels Griffon AKC CHF Research
  77. Human Chiari and the Companion Cavalier Club Talk
  78. Comparison photos of 70's/80's heads vs. today's heads
  79. Weird weather
  80. Harvey
  81. Understanding a pre-syrix
  82. lyrica not working or Air pressure
  83. Faith's BVA/KC CMSM certificate.........Thanks to Ruperts Fund.
  84. SM behavior input needed
  85. Swollen neck, grumpiness and air licking
  86. CM/SM illustration
  87. MVD and Supplements
  88. Thistle had several pain episodes this weekend
  89. Coughing
  90. Charlie much better
  91. RVC trial
  92. Twitching
  93. Free App - Monitor Breathing Rate
  94. My Melvin and the lingering fear SM
  95. What is a "12 monthly basis"?
  96. Dougall
  97. Foot thumping
  98. Chihuahua Website SM Awareness
  99. liquid gabapentin
  100. The importance of biological markers in MVD
  101. Off to the Cardio
  102. POST-OP Advise and Preperations
  103. Struggling to manage Thistle's pain
  104. Drug Cerenia
  105. The Doppler test
  106. My 9 month old cavalier diagnosed with CM
  107. Elton screamed CM?
  108. New to this forum & newly diagnosed CM & SM in NY USA.
  109. Kookie's report from Dr Clare Rusbridge
  110. Liquid Gabapentin Contains Xylitol - Toxic to Dogs
  111. pup had Sm since 8 weeks, what about other dogs????
  112. cimetidine vs omeprazole
  113. Loss of leg function
  114. Kookie in so much pain from CM
  115. Surgery scheduled for Thursday 4/4!
  116. Recent MVD diagnosis
  117. Vestibular episodes and SM?
  118. Elton's Appointment with Neurologist
  119. Dog has CM - bit of advice needed
  120. Coco in Hospital
  121. @petethevet and presentation on MVD
  122. How to tell approaching people not to touch head
  123. 8mth Old Showing Symptoms - Lost, Please Help - In USA, from UK
  124. Vaccines and MVD
  125. Thank you
  126. Checkup and heart results
  127. MRI scans for young cavaliers for diagnosis/surgery options etc
  128. How has SM progressed for you...
  129. When to get an MRI?
  130. Does Rimadyl kill?
  131. Understanding cimetidine vs. omeprazole
  132. Amantadine?
  133. Surgery Am I doing the right thing?
  134. PSOM treatment
  135. Update on Winston 6 1/2 weeks after surgery.
  136. Newly diagnosed MVD
  137. Pain Medication with Heart Issues/MVD
  138. Chaning dosage on bad days
  139. Breeding recommendations on SM
  140. SM and aggression?
  141. RVC clinical trial of SM drugs
  142. Is there anything I'm missing CM?
  143. Riley, my golden oldie SM dog
  144. Experiences
  145. Newly diagnosed MVD
  146. What to look for with CHF?
  147. My little one (<6 mos) showing signs of SM...Heartbroken
  148. Jaw Pain / Tightness?
  149. When to move on to stronger medication?
  150. MVD Questions
  151. Pippin and his scan
  152. Help with symptoms
  153. Our dog is in agony and we believe its SM....please help!
  154. Sorry it's been so long! Update on SM
  155. Does anyone else's SM baby suffer with leg/mobility pain?
  156. UPDATE On Pippin..3 week check
  157. UK neurologist Dr. Peter M. Smith asks why syringomyelia surgeries are failures
  158. UPDATE on Shiloh...Rapid decline in last 24 hours
  159. Merlin Update and a BIG thank you.
  160. Advice: Cavalier diagnosed with MVD & tricuspid regurgitation at age 1 year 3 months
  161. Signs of SM since bringing home. :(
  162. Eye pain related to SM?
  163. SM in 5 year old dog
  164. New articles on heart disease and CM/SM
  165. Update: Cavalier that had heart murmur at age 1 year 3 months, now think SM...
  166. Tramadol
  167. We have decided to put Shiloh down
  168. Could this be be SM?
  169. how long to see symptom improvement??
  170. Kookie's second year proving much better than his first.
  171. Nellis better!!! but its bittersweet
  172. Worried about my 7 month old puppy
  173. New heart murmur
  174. Air pressure warning
  175. Vets that have knowledge on SM in the Solihull area?
  176. Fergie - My 22 month old Tri
  177. Do heart murmur grades tell you if a dog is in heart failure?
  178. No symptoms, but family history?
  179. New puppy and signs of SM?
  180. Advice on congestive heart failure?
  181. Turn for the worst
  182. MCD update... Wheezing?
  183. The Dutch Kennel Club and SM?
  184. puppy with grade 2-3 heart murmur...
  185. Question About Tramadol
  186. New Puppy Showing Signs of SM
  187. Good news day for Pippin
  188. CHF. How do you know when it's time to let go?
  189. Leo's heart update
  190. Diagnosis of Severe SM in 7 Months Old Puppy; surgery or medication?
  191. Dogs Trust to fund the search for gene/s for SM and painful CM in CKCSs
  192. Advanced Heart Faliure :'(:'( My story
  193. Peapure
  194. Hot weather, MVD and fainting. Please help!
  195. Coming to terms with saying goodbye... CHF
  196. Tentative SM diagnosis
  197. UK CM/SM pain project seeking cavaliers to participate
  198. Leo now on heart meds
  199. Our Cavalier has been diagnosed with heart trouble
  200. SM and prednisone update
  201. My 2 yr old Cav is showing signs of Syringomyelia. What should I do?
  202. I think my Cavalier have SM/CM
  203. The SM Fear
  204. Vets with SM/CM knowlege in Ontario Canada
  205. Incredible Presentation on How To Treat Cardiac Disease
  206. Food and pimobendan
  207. Possible SM - opinions please.
  208. Significant New Research............Head shape can be a risk factor
  209. Need some help and advice please.
  210. SM Nightmare
  211. I'm stumped
  212. Whar's the point in treating dogs with SM?
  213. UK Neuropathic Pain Trial at the Royal Veterinary College
  214. Referral
  215. Referral
  216. My poorly boy Harvey
  217. Heart-Breaking Decision??
  218. Did you know there is more than one definition of CM?
  219. Japanese veterinary heart surgeon summarizes current methods of MVD repairs
  220. Syringomyelia in South African cavaliers is 41%
  221. Lily and her SM.
  222. Stop registering Cavalier puppies unless their parents are health tested
  223. if your cav's in crisis maybe this can help you, it worked for me!
  224. Chrisandawn Rebel Rebel 18/11/2002 - 6/11/2014
  225. Coat issues... can it be related to SM?
  226. Psom
  227. Clare Rusbridge on DVD
  228. Update on Charlotte :'(:'(
  229. It was all going too well..
  230. PSOM Questions
  231. First MVD Treatment Success
  232. prednisolone side effects
  233. Newly diagnosed. How to minimize side effects from SM meds?
  234. Bella & MVD
  235. An excellent current review of mitral valve disease in dogs
  236. Upcoming seminar or cm/sm
  237. CM/SM in Cavalier relative ancestor breeds.
  238. Dr. Oyama seeks serotonin-blocking drug to stop MVD before heart failure
  239. Cardiac Drug and Supplement Information
  240. Attachment to the dog's mitral valve can eliminate blood backflow
  241. Any advice on MVD treatment for our cavvie Panda
  242. "Congestive Heart Failure"
  243. Flanders, Belgium now requires CM/SM and MVD testing of cavalier breeding stock
  244. Please sign the petition
  245. Chiari and Syringomyelia
  246. chiari SM Syringomyelia
  247. Chiari/SM in puppies
  248. Leo's heart check
  249. Bella is Post Op Day 3 from FMD and cranioplasty
  250. Addendum to Bella's Post Op Day 3 FMD with Cranioplasty