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27th February 2006, 05:06 PM
It's been a cold winter and on a few occassions my little one has lifted his paws due to the temperature! I've decided he NEEDS some boots, but I've had a bad experience with the old brand I bought.

Does anyone have any recommendations on brands of boots that have worked well for them?

27th February 2006, 11:04 PM
Maybe the Finns and Icelanders on the list can give advice on this! :lol:

28th February 2006, 08:31 PM
Like I mentioned in my introduction post, I also live in Toronto.
I bought Dudley a pair of muttluks. I bought him extra extra small.
If you put them on properly they will stay on.
Here is the website: www.muttluks.com
How old is your little guy.

1st March 2006, 02:10 AM
Thanks Linda - I have wondered about Muttluks... they look like they'd be good but I had also considered the other kinds that have hard bottoms - almost like a full "boot" style. Not sure if those would be comfortable for him though so it's good to hear a good review on the muttluks!

Benny is just over a year old now. Dudley looks like he's also full of mischief!

I've finally met enough Cavaliers that I thought it might be fun to have a Cavalier picnic at Trinity Bellwoods park this summer - I'll be sure to let you know if I plan it! :)

1st March 2006, 02:45 AM
I was actually going to buy the fitted boots at a boutique in Vaughan Mills Mall I believe it is called Pink Paws (Something like that) also seen them
at Global Pet Foods, but they are very difficult to walk in.
The Muttluks are easier to put on, funny to watch them walk in them
though. icon_yikes icon_yikes

But they get used to them quickly.

Which breeder did you get Benny from ??????????
Sorry not familiar with Trinity Bellwoods Park, is that downtown Toronto.

I really only know 1 other person close to my area with cavaliers.
We are actually tossing back and forth whether to get Dudley a brother
I have been waiting for my breeders Ruby to come into season.
Have not heard anything as of yet.
I love ruby's, of course I love them all.

1st March 2006, 01:43 PM
We got Benny from David and Joan McInnis in Ancaster... they occassionally raise a litter for Norma Moffat and that's the litter he came from - his daddy is a Brinklow boy! (Not sure if you're familiar with Norma?) I had to go take a look when I knew that was who was behind it - she always has gorgeous puppies. And the McInnis' couldn't be sweeter people. :)

Yes, Trinity Bellwoods is downtown - Queen West. It's a huge park and a very happy place on warm days as all the local dog owners come out for a play. I have actually met 5 other Cavaliers so far just in my area and I think it's so funny because Cavalier owners are all the same - totally head over heals in love with their dog and spoil them silly! What else do you do with a Cavalier though, really?

1st March 2006, 02:15 PM
I am very familiar with Norma Moffat, actually my breeder and her are
very very good friends and use each others studs quite often.
Yes I agree the Brinklow Puppies are very well known and are gorgeous.
I also purchased Norma Moffats book. Dudley is from Judith Weir in Cobourg Abby Manor Cavaliers she is also involved along with Norma about the Health of this breed.
That is why we have waited so long to purchase another, as once you have a good breeder why change. Had to wait until her ruby was old enough to have a litter.

Sorry Karlin: I know you don't like us to talk about breeders on the board
but it is all positive.

You are definetely right, they are the most precious breed I have ever seen.

1st March 2006, 04:16 PM
Oh... whoops! Didn't know that breeder talk was discouraged. (*Sheepish grin*)

I love Norma's book - I think that she described their personality so well! My husband was completely new to the breed so when he was reading the book he finished feeling really good about our pick of breed. (He was particularly excited to see that Cavaliers love water - and true to form Benny is a little water bug!)

PS. Dudley really has a gorgeous expression! I bet he can get away with anything with one flash of those eyes! ;)

Andrea&Diva┬┤s mom
6th April 2006, 03:51 PM
hihi I have never used a boots on my girls, but i have seen these advertised and they look pretty cool 8)


hope this will help ;)