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Harry & Heidi's mom
11th March 2006, 07:57 PM
harry was at the vet last week, as he hasn't been very well, and the vet give him an injection to help settle the excess stomach acid (he kept bringing up acid, like humans do when we have acid indigestion) and it seemed to settle his tummy.
however i noticed today that he's having the same problem, is there anything i can give him thats natural rather than taking him back to the vet for another injection????

11th March 2006, 10:49 PM
sorry to hear the problem is still there. what kind of food does harry eat? how can you tell he has acid?

as far as recommendations go, i'd have to go with boiled chicken and white rice in small portions 3 or 4 times per day for a while.

good luck--it's so hard to not know what's going on.

11th March 2006, 11:32 PM
I'd make very sure no one is feeding him extra snacks of any sort, and I'd cut out all treats and snacks. Then put him on the bland rice and chicken (give a little bit of chicken if you want to offer a treat). See if that settles him and also consider a very bland dry food like the James Wellbeloved for sensitive stomachs for the long term. Make sure he isn;t picking up things to eat while on walks or getting in the trash. When you have kids you need to make sure this is a family effort and no one is sneaking anything on the side. I'd try to see if you can get his stomach to settle through diet.

Harry & Heidi's mom
12th March 2006, 06:49 AM

when harry was at the vet he did this kind of burp and it sounded like he had been sick a little and swallowed it, he's been doing this for about a week, the vet said it was excess acid and gave him an injection for it and it settled down but he's started doing it again.

He's still on the hills prescription diet the vet gave him, and normally i feed him Burns brown rice and chicken.

12th March 2006, 05:36 PM
Those both sound like they'd be fine diets.

Thinking about how humans deal with excess acid:

* be double careful about any treats abnd again, check that no one is sneaking him things. So often it turns out someone is giving in to those big eyes and slipping some secret extras... 8)

* try feeding several smaller meals.

* try actual rice and chicken rather than the dried foods, which still have lots of other stuff in them.

Or try perhaps a Burns or James Wellbeloved with some other protein source than poultry. Try the fish formulation of JW for example.

It can take many weeks for a diet to work. My father takes medication for acid reflux and this alone takes weeks to begin working...

If the dry foods are not working out I would try a cooked diet or a raw diet. Also a holistic vet may have some suggestions...

Harry & Heidi's mom
12th March 2006, 06:14 PM
hi karlin,

Harry has been fine on burns, he's been on it from being 4 months old, its only been this last week where he's had this problem, (aswell as blood in his poo) meds almost finished now,

will go to the pet shop tomorrow and get the Burns fish and rice meal see if that helps.

Heritage Cavaliers
14th March 2006, 10:29 PM
I know this will sound silly - but I give my nursing bitches TUMS for the added CAL - it also seems to help in the early stages when they are experiencing some "morning sickness". You may ask your vet what the recommended dose would be for his age and size. My bitch gets 1 - 3 times per day.

21st March 2006, 03:30 PM
Sometimes burnt toast can help with acidy tummies - have tried this with mine.

Also Denes gastric tablets {a natural remedy} are very helpful.

Hope Harry is better soon.

Harry & Heidi's mom
21st March 2006, 05:11 PM
hi nikki,

harry is fine now, but thanks for the tips!

21st March 2006, 06:11 PM
I've switched all 3 of my dogs over to Natural Balance Reduced Caloric food. My daughter's little Lhaso has started throwing up again (he did this when he was on Nutro too) and I'm worried we might have to switch foods for him again :cry: My cavs love the Natural Balance mixed with a little N. Balance canned food.

Has anyone else had stomach problems with this brand?? (He was on Eukanuba, but we wanted him on a healthier brand).