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22nd March 2006, 02:53 PM
Hi Guys,
looking for a bit of advice. My brother Frank just recieved the following e-mail from a co worker of his looking for someone to take a cavelier king spaniel (not too sure if it's a ckc or a cocker spaniel yet).

Hi Frank on the off chance you may be looking for a pup i have a beautiful king charles spaniel 4 months old full breed with papers FREE!
he has a wonderful temperament very gentle & playful but is not trained (the one reason he needs a new home as the owner will not train him i don't think its very fair to miss treat him because he doesn't know any better) the owner wants to give it to the pound i however paid for this dog & would prefer to place him somewhere he will be loved & looked after & trained!!
I can send you a picture if you know anybody who will look after him (somebody who really wants a dog) i would love to take him my self but i have 2 & my husband would leave ha ha

What should i do????? Holly is only 4 months, but i think she's love a playmate. Any advice would be helpful.


22nd March 2006, 03:04 PM
That depends on you and what you can handle. I have a 8 month old that is fully trained and that is why we decided the time was right for us to get a new one. Well we wound up with 2 new ones and it's going great, but it is chaotic at times trying to keep our eyes on all three at once. If you feel the 4 month old is coming along quickly in training, I'd personally do it in a heartbeat. Only you know what you can/can't handle! :|

Let us know what you find out or decide! :)

22nd March 2006, 03:11 PM

It sounds by the email that it is a King Charles Spaniel, not a cavalier
I believe they must have the same temperment but just get slightly bigger than a cavalier.

Why won't the owner train him Yvonne ????, that is really cruel they get
a dog and then can't assume the responsibilities. But I guess they have
come to terms with that, I don't like the idea of them giving the dog to
the pound.
Is it possible for you to visit, not sure where the dog is located.
It may intially be alot of work, but if it did not work out you could then
turn the dog into rescue yourself.

Are you up to it yourself. ????
I have a bleinham male who was 2 years old in January, I am awaiting the
birth of a forthcoming Ruby into our home.
I would of liked them a little closer together, but my breeder's Ruby was
too young to breed.

Let us know the outcome.

22nd March 2006, 03:14 PM
First off -- I will take this pup and place it through rescue if you don;t decide to take it. PLEASE don;t let them put him in the pound!! Too often they will end up in a puppy farm, caged and used for breeding!

I'm happy to help with this so let me know if you decide not to take him. If he's a cocker I can help place him as well. I'll PM you my phone number.

I doubt this is a King Charles rather than a cavalier, they are so rare they are actually formally a designated rare breed in the UK now and would be even less likely here. King Charles spaniels are actually a bit smaller than cavaliers too. :)

It all depends on whether you think you can manage two young dogs -- that can be a challenge but if both you and your husband will work with them both, you can do it. Or if you can give a lot of time.

22nd March 2006, 03:27 PM
PM'd you; we can talk further if you'd like about getting two dogs! :)

23rd March 2006, 06:09 AM
I would be really tempted to take him. 4 months and not trained--that's normal. I mean, he's still too young to be fully trained. At that age they still chew and they don't usually get it about going wee/poo outside, but are ripe to learn, at least according to my experience and research. but if it was me, i'd like to talk to the guy who wrote the email over the phone and ask a few questions. i might like to talk to the owners too. But he sounds lovely. i have no doubt that Holly would be delighted.

23rd March 2006, 02:04 PM
Hi Yvonne,
Do you want a second dog? If not I would do as Karlin suggests. However, if you are planning a second then it is a good oppurtunity to get her a playmate. As you know we got Twinkle when Daisy Boo was six months old. If you need to talk about what a second puppy entails PM me.