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1st April 2006, 11:20 AM
Hi ! I have been thinking of getting a puppy of my own , of course a cav,
As my Kayla is not really mine but my daughters.
I live in Malta and there is only one breeder of Cavaliers here. The same one we got Kayla from.
My daughter phoned the breeder today to ask if she had any puppies or any on the way and she said that she didnt right now and would be a while until she did. But she told my daughter that Kaylas sister had puppies 7 weeks ago. :( Kayla is only 11months old. She said the people who have her will be advertising in the newspaper tomorrow to sell the puppies, apparently they own the male too and they say she got pregnant by accident!!
Well what do you think. Will the puppies be ok. Even though she is so young. Of course I know that I will have to find out how the father is related.
Any advice would be welcome. As I would like to get a puppy.

1st April 2006, 03:49 PM
Kaylas full sister (littermate) or half. I have sibs (half siblings) that I tend to call brothers and sisters. (can you tell I am trying to be diplomatic) Sandy

1st April 2006, 04:06 PM
Actual sister , littermate.

1st April 2006, 05:04 PM
That's very sad... :( I truly hope it was by accident and the owners didn't plan this, because that is just too sad...

Given her very young age, she is not old enough to be cleared for any health checks - including heart, hips, knees. maybe eyes, but i'm sure they didn't check anything. So you'd be taking a risk there by taking one of these pups. It's always better to get pups from a health checked parent. That said - they could be fine. Is Kayla's breeder responsible and does she do health clearances on her dogs before breeding? At least you have info on the maternal grandparents. What about the dad? Where is he from? the same breeder? If so, are the dogs closely related?

Is traveling to get a dog an option? What ever happened to the backyard Cav that your neighbor was looking to rehome?

1st April 2006, 05:28 PM
Thanks for your reply. The breeder ,I believe is quite reliable. I havent heard of many unhealthy dogs. and of course , since she is Kaylas littermate, their parents were checked. So would the males but I still have to check relationship.I dont think the breeder would have told my daughter about them if the relationship was a problem. But I will check anyway.
Regarding the backyard dog. I am afraid that the girl changed her mind and does not want to give him away. :(
I have to wait until tomorrow morning to see the newspaper before I find out how many pups and colour ,sex. Etc.
Thanks again,

2nd April 2006, 12:37 PM
Thanks for your replies and advice. Just thought I would let you know that there were only two pups and although very cute, one ruby and one tri, they were both males and I want a female.
Thanks again,