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11th April 2006, 10:04 AM
Hi all,

I know that I saw a previous post on someone recommending kennels but I can't find it!

I thought it'd be as easy to ask the question again.

Has anyone positive experiences with kennels around the Dublin airport region? Will probably not need them but in cases of emergencies if something falls through I would like to know that there are good ones nearby that we can use....

All help is appreciated .....

11th April 2006, 10:34 AM
Happy Hound out near Ashbourne is one I've heard good reports, however it is a normal kennel type arrangement. But for cavaliers I'd strongly recommend a home boarding service so your dog is inside and has a farily normal routine to its day. I use Cindy's Home Boarding, run by Margaret (trainer TKC's mum). She is in Blanchardstown so it's an easy run on the M50 to the airport. However she can't always take dogs on a last-minute basis (nor can most kennels during holiday periods or the summer, so it is best to have plans done in advance -- eg if a relative or friend is 'iffy' on being able to mind the dog, best to make a booking and opt for the security of knowing your dog has a safe place to go that you trust).

There are a number of listings for kennels and boarding facilities here:


With a cavalier I would not recommend leaving the dog alone in your house and using a service where someone comes by to feed it. I think a cavalier would go crazy in that situation and would be much happier with people around during the day.

I never feel bad about leaving the dogs at Margaret's; they love going there!

11th April 2006, 10:43 AM
Thanks Karlin,

I'll know later this week what we are going to do .... it's not too long a period coming up but there is a longer one in June. I'll give plenty of notice. Would never think of having someone coming in and feeding only .. Gizmo and Charley would want to play and interact and I want to ensure they have that ....

Really appreciate your info....

11th April 2006, 01:35 PM
As you can see from the Irish Animals listings there's a range of places and services to choose from so one of those will hopefully be just what you want. :)

I had friends who phoned one of the in-house services and it was much more than it would have cost them to put their dogs in a kennel. It is odd to me to think of leaving a dog all alone like that -- I'd rather have someone live in or home board or last choice, go to a good kennel (most of the Irish kennels are still very traditional -- outdoor runs and breeze block inner areas -- so quality really varies). I do think the home visit services are great for cats though and have someone who comes in to look after my feline crew when I am away. :)

I think there's a real market in Ireland for some deluxe indoor kennels and day facilities -- waiting for some entrepreneur!