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27th April 2006, 05:00 PM
Chester can be the biggest cuddle bug in the world (as evidenced by the I sleep wherever I want thank you very much! (http://www.ckcsboard.com/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=5017) photos), but lots of other times he loves to play "keep-away" with me and I wonder if he's just teasing me and if any of your babies do the same thing.

Many times during the work day I'll get on the floor for a little Chester play break and I'll try and temp him to play tug-o-war and he'll just stand there and look at me like I'm nuts or something. If I reach to pet him he'll back away and stay just out of my reach and if I get up and try to catch him he'll run off and always stay just a few inches away from my fingertips. But then a few minutes later he'll be napping and I'll go over to him and His Highness will allow me to cuddle with him then. It's kinda' cute sometimes but I'm wondering why he does this and if any of your babies do the same thing.

Yesterday he was a particularly big brat and kept running in and out of my desk legs and wouldn't let me touch him. Here's a pic of him with one of his "silly human...how dare you try and touch our regal person" looks on his face. Sigh....

27th April 2006, 05:08 PM
I love how his fee turn outward! His slippers look like the Grinch! :lol:

27th April 2006, 05:10 PM
He does have the most adorable little feet, and he acts like he's the Grinch quite often...

28th April 2006, 09:50 AM
Busta is the same, it is his terms or not - if he doesn't want to play or be with me and I go to stroke him its like don't touch me, he just moves back or his head away. Great expression though.... :lol:

28th April 2006, 09:55 AM
I know exactly what you mean. My eldest one, Lottie, is just the same. We say she is having her princess moments or doing a Greta Garbo..."I want to be left alone!!!" She also gets a "look" on her face- her person look and you are right- the next moment she'll be asking to be picked up to go on my lap when I am on the computer. Go figure :?
Julie and the girls

28th April 2006, 12:07 PM
Yep, both of mine do it. Charlie in particular will nag to come onto my lap but as soon I bend over to pick him up he runs away again :roll: :D

I love the expression on Chester's face in that photo, pure class :D

28th April 2006, 05:38 PM
Daisy Boo does it too. She looks to get up on the couch but backs away when you try to lift her - very frustrating. Sometimes she'll go into her bed when everyone else is in the living room and if you go in to check on her she is lying there with a "I'm the most neglected dog in the world" look on her face. :roll: How do you deal with that?!

30th April 2006, 08:01 AM
chester has major attitude in his facial expression. That one and his avatar are very cool photos.

i have this experience with Zack sometimes, although I'm too fast for him usually. I'll grab him before he can run away and pick him up and cuddle him and he doesn't try to get away and he doesn't look distressed. if i let go he doesn't immediately jump to get away, he'll stay.

But when i call him he just stares at me, he doesn't usually come when i call him, he comes to me on his own initiative but now when i call him, it's like he is not getting the message i want him to get. When i call him, the last thing on his mind is to come to me.

Just now, he was scratching on the door. I started to get up to let him out and he came running up to me in a playful manner, we had been playing a few minutes ago, fetch with a tennis ball that unfortunately disappeared, ending the game, anyway he came running up, but when i backed away and patted the chair for him to jump up and get him my lap, he just stared at me and i knew from experience he would never ever come.

When i first got him, when he was younger, i think he used to come right away when i called, so i guess he has learned that sometimes when i get him, things happen that he doesn't like, like back when i used to have to give him so many pills each day, or when i put him in the kitchen at bedtime or when i go to work, stuff like that.

It's frustrating. It reminds me of what you're describing as running away, because if i call him he just stares at me, but if i then move toward him to reach him, he will move away. If i get down on the floor to play, he likes that, he doesn't run away. he's a play addict. i wonder if there's some way of retraining zack so he wants to come to me when i invite him to. He'll come for a treat or a toy. i wonder if he would ever come just as enthusiastically or consistently just for a hug....

a month or more ago, i trained him to come with a clicker, using a treat, and for a while he would always come with the clicker, but eventually he learned that there usually would not be a treat and he stopped coming for the clicker.