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27th April 2006, 05:58 PM
Do you believe it - my vet said my beloved Sophie was overweight yesterday :yikes Well, she has gained a little over the winter, as have I. So, I told him we would just have to switch to LITE ice cream vs. eating the fattening kind icon_whistling He laughed a lot over that one...

Seriously, she does need to lose weight (as do I). I've got her on Natural Balance Reduced Caloric 1/3 cup 2x day. I suppose I"ve got to cut out all her little daily treats - poor girl to think of giving up all the "fun" things in life! We walk every night 'tho, so at least we're getting a little excercise. However, last night she cheated and cut back toward the house before our regular turn-off - :shock: Can you imagine that?? Now to figure out how to tell her she can't have a bite of everything I eat esp. her morning toast bits!


27th April 2006, 07:04 PM
Aw, poor baby!! ;) I'm sure she'll do fine. You can supplement her diet with empty foods like veggies and pumpkin to help her feel more full and satisfied. I haven't done this, but know others have w/ some success.

What was she getting before? Rory gets about that much kibble a day (maybe a little more) but no treats. Sometimes rawhides. Once a week or so.

27th April 2006, 07:12 PM
Yea, I suppose we'll have to give up our evening ice cream for baby carrots. Poor Sophie is deaf too, so how does one tell her she can't have so many treats? :( Plus, at age 8, she really just likes to sit on my bed during the day even when my daughter is home. She isn't exactly the "outdoorsy" type of dog.

Guess I'd better changer "my" eating habits so when she wants what I'm eating it's better for her!!


27th April 2006, 07:33 PM
If you can't increase her exercise very much, just cut down on her food intake. Basically - you need energy input to equal energy output (or, if trying to lose weight, input should be less than output!) so just cut back her food and see how she does. If she's acting terribly starved, it may just be because she's used to eating more. If it continues, then add in something to full her up so she doesn't act too pathetic. ;)

and yes = no more ice cream! :lol: