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9th May 2006, 03:53 PM
I think I upset little Maisie yesterday! Normally after showers, breakfast etc, she knows that it is nearly time for her walk to pre-school with my son and I. She bounces around dragging her lead with her for a good 5 minutes before we go as she notices the signs we are nearly ready. It was absolutely pouring with rain yesterday so for the first time in ages, I decided to drive to school and walk her mid-morning. Normally if I go shopping, or anywhere else for any length of time (quite normal to be out for 2 hours or more), Maisie is very well behaved. That is until yesterday! icon_devil
I got back after being approximately 10minutes to find that she had started to eat her bed, piddled on the floor, tipped her water and food bowls out of the stand, tipped the bin over, started eating the door-mat, and my neighbour said she had been barking since I'd left the house. :yikes
She's never behaved like this, and my neighbour assured me that she has never heard her barking before when I am out. The only reason I can think for this behaviour is that she was throwing a tantrum because she normally goes out at that time. I'm a stickler for routine, and think that humans and animals thrive on it, but after yesterday I'm not so sure. Now the question is, do I continue taking her out as normal every morning at the same time, or change the times slightly to avoid the tantrums?
The funny thing is though, I had to really try my best to act like I was cross and was ignoring her. :swear: I kept catching the odd glimpse of her with her little ears pinned back and her sad eyes looking up at me. I managed to ignore her completely for a good 10 minutes before we'd made friends, but they were 10 hard minutes.

Maisie (ruby)

9th May 2006, 04:46 PM
Oh dear! :lol: Sounds like she was not happy to have her favourite routine broken!

I always think it is good to vary a daily routine with dogs so that they accept a variety of conditions and changing situations. This is how you go about training a dog to accept periods alone for example -- not by going out at the same time every day, but by varying the time you go out and the duration, so that they don't get stressed expecting a set of behaviours from you that aren't forthcoming.

This is probably a good signal to start varying her routine. I hjave had to do this ewith playing fetch with Jspar. He had got to the point where any open field HAD to mean fetch and he would whine and whine and whine if I forgot his throw toy and this was driving me crazy wespecially if a friend was along for the walk and a chat. Hence I started to leave it at home half the time, and ignore the behaviour. He had come to expect a pattern that suited him but which wouldn;t always suit me. He is much better now -- he is always hopeful that we will play fetch :roll: but gives up if it looks like we aren't going to.

Cathy T
10th May 2006, 01:26 AM
Oh my...she threw a regular temper tantrum didn't she??!! We get stuck in routines also and it does get annoying when the dogs try to force me into the routine. I try to vary dinner time, play time, and walks. The one thing I can't vary is night night time! At 9:00 sharp they start looking at me, waiting to go night night in their crates!

10th May 2006, 11:32 AM
Wow!!! Naughty Maisie!!! icon_devil She really did chuck a wobbly didn't she! The little girl was letting you know in no uncertain terms that she won't have her routine being put out. It truly is amazing isn't it that thye will do this sort of thing...and they tell us that they can't think things through :roll:
Julie and the girls

10th May 2006, 12:28 PM
Yeah, what a tantrum!
The funniest thing was when I told my son what she had done. Harry is 4 and, like most 4 yr olds, has the odd time where he is cheeky, will do the odd naughty thing, and sometimes answer back. How funny to hear him sitting Maisie down to have a good old chat with her about what she had done. :lol: He said "you know that you shouldn't do naughty things, you have to listen to mummy because she's a grown-up and looks after you. If you do naughty things, me and mummy won't give you treats and let you have a cuddle on the couch. You're a very lucky puppy because we love you and take good care of you. I would never do anything like that, because mummy is the best mummy in the world. OK?" :rotfl:
I was in the kitchen nearly choking with laughter while I made our lunch listening to Harry talking as if he would never mis-behave. Oh, if only he could practice what he was preaching to her! :roll:

Maisie (ruby)

Cathy T
11th May 2006, 03:51 PM
That is so sweet! What a darling little boy!

12th May 2006, 12:24 AM
Great story! Harry is adorable. i know what you mean, how hard it is to remain stern and give zack a message of We Are Not Amused when he looks so cute and vulnerable, "oh please like me." :lol:

I find that varying routine does help a lot, the way Karlin described in that example. I also know what you mean about how little dogs and little kids benefit from consistency, knowing they can count on certain routines. I guess the idea is to have routines and to teach flexibility by mixing things up as well--total chaos would not be good of course, dogs, like kids, need some regularity and patterns. but dogs are very adaptable, if they have to be. Maisie is a real determined little girl. good luck mom! :D