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27th May 2006, 08:15 PM
Robbie has a one eye that doesn't produce enough tears so has a chronic dry eye and we've been using Refresh eye gel(human eye drops) and Tacrolimus ointment..and antibiotic eyedrops as needed for infections...recently my vet brought back a new eye drop from a convention and told me she had tried it on herself because she has dry eyes even tho it wasn't FDA approved for humans and said it was the best eye drop she had ever used..so we decided to try it on Robbie..and it has worked better than anything else he has been on..we were battling an eye infection when we started it and within a couple of days of using the new eyedrop I didn't need to use the antibiotic eyedrop and haven't needed it since..we've been using it for about for about 3 weeks now and where we were using the Refresh drops at least 4-6 times a day we are using the new drops 3 sometimes 4 times a day..we were at the vet yesterday with my other dog and she looked at Robbie too and was amazed at how open his eye was..We go to the eye vet in 2 weeks so will be interesting to see what his test results will be there..

This may have been posted before but here is the website of the new drop we've been using..called i-drop


28th May 2006, 05:04 PM
thanks debbie----good to know about. I hadn't seen it before. I'm passing it along to others.

28th May 2006, 07:12 PM
I'll ask my mom if she knows of this. She has a dry eye problem and is on various prescription drops so she might know of this one (the ingredients that is' I presume it has probably been available or is also available for people) or if not, I'm sure would be interested in knowing about it. :thmbsup: