View Full Version : Staying Cool

30th May 2006, 07:41 PM
Gus in the backyard with the pool; he loves water.



We were also at my parent's place this weekend, they live on a lake, and he couldn't get enough of the water. I was holding him and letting him swim a few feet to the shore. He loved it. He also loved watching my sister's lab jump off the dock to retrieve her ball. He followed her around all weekend, he was just facinated with something so much bigger than him! :lol:
Abbey swam a bit too, but only after I put her in the water to cool her off. I put her down thinking she'd swim towards the steps to the dock, but instead she swam past them and went under the dock :roll: and then just stood under there! :lol: I had to coax her out!! She then ran up into the yard, did her psycho-dog rolls and spins, but wouldn't come near me for awhile!! :lol: