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6th June 2006, 01:12 AM
Hello everyone,
Well today Riley got neutered! Just brought him home about a half hour ago. He is still groggy and sleepy. Poor little guy, it's odd to see him so quiet he's usually such a firecracker! I have been told he will be back to his normal self tomorrow. So tonight he just has to rest and get a little bit of food.
I spoke with the vet beforehand and they used the dissolveable stitches on the inside and she "glued" the outside incision. That way it should be less irritating for Riley. Also, his incision in front of where the testes were which should make it a lot easier for him not to harm it when he scoots his butt on the floor. I was concerned about that earlier, that he might scoot and get the stitches caught on the carpet! :yikes Now i don't think that will be a worry.
He was also microchipped so that makes me happier too.
Riley does still have his heart murmur, luckily it was not a factor with anaesthesia and he got through the procedure with no problems. I do still wish the murmur would go away. Maybe if it's not gone by the time he is 1 year old, we might have him rechecked.
I just wanted to update everyone. Thanks for all the info. about other neuter experiences (Judy, Karlin, everybody!), it was very helpful to me. Now i just gotta wait for my boy to get back to normal. He's so quiet, i better go give him a kiss for being such a trooper! :l*v:

6th June 2006, 03:07 AM
Quiet tonight but I bet he will be his good old self tomorrow. The boys always seem to bounce back right away.

6th June 2006, 07:58 AM
i was just wondering what happened, i knew he was going to be having it soon. Sounds like your vet is state of the art. i'll bet by the time you're reading this, Riley will have his energy and spirit back in full force. for zack it was very abrupt when he came out of his stupor. He was a bit quieter than usual the next day, i mean, not as active or jumping around, but he was not groggy and he had his usual sense of playfulness and didn't show any signs of discomfort. Zack's incision is toward the front of the scrotum too. Now i know why it's there.

i can understand why the murmur bothers you. i hope it goes away. like others have said, it's way too early to be related to MVD, for whatever that is worth.

congratulations to Riley on getting 'fixed' and microchipped, glad to hear he made it through. this should make life easier in many ways.

Harry & Heidi's mom
6th June 2006, 08:26 PM
666 really was a bad omen for riley :yikes icon_whistling :lol:

glad to hear he's ok