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13th June 2006, 06:24 PM
What are you opinion of Irish Vets? and the treatment of your pets?

Obviously if you werent happy with a vet you would change, but just curious as i have heard some horror stories of how some other vets operate.

I personally was very disapointed in the communication between myself and where my dogs were sent to a consultant, where my vet had refered my dogs to for a more expets opinion and treatment.

My vet is brilliant and very helpfull and obliging, they tell me everything they are doing and discuss everything in full to make sure we all understand why we are doing various treatments and procedures...

why was i upset with these consultants?, well they told me my baby had kennel cough, [even though she had never even sniffed a kennel let alone stay in one] but when the papers came through for me to sign for the insurance it had written on it she had Phneumonia.

I was so upset. i told my vet and he was very helpfull in trying to explain and read letters they had written to him.

how does the care our vets give compare both in price and dedication to other countries, has anyone any experience of vets in other countries?

i also think that neutering for pets as a whole should be covered by insurance so it is availlaible to everyone and not jsut to people who can afford it.

just a few thoughts

14th June 2006, 10:40 AM
A basic visit to the vet here seems to be a lot less than basic visits in the US. But you are right in your hunch, I think; level of care can vary hugely. I am very happy with the care from Anicare in Dublin, who have three offices. Also Bray Vets and Beaufield in Kildare. I have gone to a specialist in the UK where treatent was less than it would have been in Ireland but that was because there was a special price for research purposes.

Pneumonia is a very common complication to kennel cough so the specialist would actually have been right to treat for KC. Pneumonia can come on as a result of the dog having KC (eg it is secondary to KC. Unfortunately if pneumonia then develops it is more serious than KC alone). Dogs can get KC anywhere -- it is only called kennel cough because dogs can very easily get it when they are exposed to lots of dogs at once, as in kennel or pound situations. But ANY dog carrying the virus could have exposed your dog, which must have happened for him to then get pneumonia. I hope he's better now! :)

BTW there are very low cost options for spay/neuter for those on restricted incomes. Dog's Trust (the current ads on the radio) do euro14 neuters for those on benefit and Blue Cross does them as well. Dog's Trust do very low cost neuters generally too.

14th June 2006, 12:05 PM
gosh thats great, i didnt know a few thigns there.

yes thank god he is fine now and i guess it was jsut a shock to me that no one had actually told me what was wrong.

my friend is going on holidays and unfortunatly i am away the same time, do you know how he could find someone to mind his one pup, as he doesnt want to put him in boarding?

14th June 2006, 02:07 PM
Margaret 01 8205934 Blanchardstown. Home Boarding not kennels :)

My vet is Beaufield Vet, Finbarr Heslin, Celbridge. Excellent service and we have sent many many clients his way and he has sorted them all.

14th June 2006, 02:37 PM
I have nothing but praise for my vets, Sandra and Marina at Hillcrest in Coolmine. They've got us through all our medical problems, be they serious or imagined :lol:

14th June 2006, 03:19 PM
I have to agree with Stephen, we have the same vets and they are great.

14th June 2006, 10:43 PM
I have to say the vets i deal with were great until they got stung a few times now they are a little abrupt with people. Their problem was they would fix what ever was wrong with the animals and then the owner wouldnt pay the bill so the vets decided not to let the animal go until the bill was paid and then they were left trying to rehome the animals aswell as trying to get some of the money owed because the owners would leave the animal there. So now their rules are no money no treatment which is harsh when the client genuinely cares and will pay the bill in installments. Eg My brother had to put his dog into the vets to be put on to a drip. But he had to pay 200 euro first before they would do anything with the dog. And of course he was broke when it happened so the dog was left in a cage until he could borrow the money even though he paid 60 before he left. It worked out in the end he borrowed and paid the bill, the dog got better and came home Sat. But not untill he paid an extra 70 euro that was owed . :yikes . So it really isnt the vets fault its the few owners that take advantage that ruin it for the genuine pet lovers.

15th June 2006, 07:20 AM
thanks for the number i will pass it on....

The vets I use in river Road, Syd Nagle, is much the same they have been abused and now allow no credit or anything like that, however i have to say they have been excelent to me, when I have ben in trouble with them they have done everything to help, and now we have a great relationship.

You know they have a lady working for them hope its ok to mention her name, Rosemary, and she knows the name of every dog cat or animal that comes in, she is amazing, so friendly.

my Max loves her, and one of the nurses that cares for the ill animals always comes out to say hello to Max when i bring him down. Have to say im very happy. However if there wasnt Pet insurance i would not be able to have a pet at all.

one blood test cost €500 :shock: i dont know a human blood test that would cost that much, maybe im wrong :D