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15th June 2006, 10:28 PM
This was posted on the Companion Animal Care list today:

Tears In Heaven

Every day I get phone calls, emails or read where a human has
passed and left their beloved furry, feathered & hooved friends
behind. No formal pet guardian was established, leaving the pets

It both angers and saddens me that so many relatives of the
deceased will throw away the beloved pet(s) to animal shelters
that will more than likely euthanize them. Most of these pets
are seniors and are considered "unadoptable" and euthanized
before they are ever given a chance for a new home.

Some relatives think they are "taking care" of their deceased
relative's pet by taking it to an Animal Shelter. As founder
of a sanctuary that rescues geriatric cats from shelter
euthanization, I can tell you there are a lot of tears in heaven.

PLEASE make sure your pet is cared for in the event of your
demise. Here is a FREE PET GUARDIAN FORM
to ensure your precious ones are cared for in the manner they are
used to...long after you are gone.

To ensure your pet is cared for just the way you do, please be
sure to fill out a FREE PET PROFILE FORM.

Add any & all details that make your pet(s) happy...sad/mad.
Include little songs you sing to them, special sayings you have
for different routines, nicknames. Foods they love, foods they
despise, foods they must have for medical reasons. Any medical
problems. Write down EVERY detail about your baby.

BTW, you can also take out a small life insurance policy and
leave it to the pet guardian or organization that will care for
your pet. This way you know all her needs will be met.

Please, for the love of your pets, take a few moments and assign
a legal pet guardian. Just because something happens to you
doesn't mean something should happen to them.

Save a life and pass this on to every human who is owned by a
pet. You just might make an angel smile in heaven.

Thank you,
Rita Wood

Hand In Paw, We Can Make A Difference
Rita Cockrell Wood, Founder
PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary (A Hospice For Senior Kittizens)
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"If only the waifs, the strays, the sick, the abused would be
sure to get entrance to the home, and anybody could feel at
liberty to bring in a starved or ill-treated animal and have it
cared for without pay, my object would be attained.".
Ellen M Gifford Sheltering Home For Animals Boston 1884