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18th June 2006, 03:16 PM
Also posted this to the Get-together thread but thought I'd put the few pics I took here in the gallery, too. Well, we had to cancel the get-together due to rain, but a gang of us showed up anyway. We ended up with a nice group for the walk! The rain held off pretty much except for a little spatter at the very end so the dogs all got to socialise and we walked down to the end of the road and back -- lots of deer along the way so dogs mostly were kept on leads.

We had a few picture takers so might end up with more pics to post. I just took a few at the end when there were just 5 cavaliers left -- we had about 10 to start. You can see my couple of pics below.

It's been fairly nice since then with even a bit of sun but would have been too damp to do much other than walk. We'll reschedule for the next few weeks.

My pics (I should have taken some when the whole group was there but forgot!!

Leo (back) and Lily (front) nice and wet from the creek and the damp grass:

Princess (puppy, in Leo's raincoat! No point in him wearing it as he was going in the creek anyway) and Star:

People and their dogs! To the right is Ger with Star (and Leo coming up from behind); and his young niece to the left with puppy Princess:

FInally Jaspar very happy as he's soaking wet and smelly, having rolled in some deer poops :roll: :

We all thought we might make one day a month a cavalier walk day at the Park; then people can come or not come and can communicate here in advance. Maybe the first Sunday of every month, as that is easy to remember? It can be at noon or could be earlier or later.

18th June 2006, 04:11 PM
Shame about the weather but so pleased you managed to get together for walk - I think it's a lovely idea that you are going to try to meet up regularly too.

Lily looks like she's had a wonderful time bless her.

The boys said to tell Jaspar you're supposed to EAT deer poo not roll in it :yikes :lol: