View Full Version : What are the best chew-bones?

24th June 2006, 08:52 PM
Nylabones? Raw hides? Booda Bimples? Dental Chews? With or without nubs? I remember hearing at one point "don't use this particular type of chew bone" but now can't remember what it was! Our current dog doesn't pay attention to anything but raw hide, so she gets those occasionally, but I'm curious what to get for the new (probably teething) puppy. He'll be 16 weeks when we get him. :dgwlk: Thanks!

Cathy T
25th June 2006, 03:40 AM
I don't give rawhide because it tends to upset my guy's tummies. The last time I gave it Jake barfed it up. Yuck. Shelby likes her nylabones..she's a chewer. Jake could care less...unless of course Shelby has one. As soon as she drops he'll pick it up, chew on it for a minute, and then walk away.

Cathy Moon
25th June 2006, 03:53 AM
When India and Geordie were pups, they loved to chew on nylabones, especially the small wishbone shaped ones, both soft (clear) and the opaque one. Geordie still enjoys chewing the opaque nylabones, but now he chews too hard for me to trust him with a clear soft one.

For the past year or so I have been giving them bully sticks once every day or so (not the ones with the dark coating though.) We buy the 12 inch bullies and my husband cuts them into 4 inch sections with his power saw. The cavs love them, only drawback is the smell :yuk: ! But dogs enjoy smelly things :lol:

I do not give them bully sticks unless I am nearby keeping an eye on them - too worried about choking, even though I have never seen them choke.

They have always loved the small red kongs and the puppy kongs (blue and white) with a little bit of peanut butter inside. When they were pups, Geordie liked to chew the kongs.

We tried booda bones once, but they chewed off pieces and vomited. They have no interest in rubber bones. I will not give them rawhide at all. If they chew other toys I watch closely and have had to remove some - too worried about them getting a blockage.

In my opinion nylabones and kongs are safe bets! Have fun with your puppy!

25th June 2006, 06:14 AM
Thanks! My puppy (Corgan) will be 4 months old when we bring him home - will the regular red Kongs be OK, or should we get the puppy style ones?

Cathy Moon
25th June 2006, 12:48 PM
The small red kong should be fine. Additionally, try the red kong 'ball' - it isn't actually round, and it has little ridges on the exterior - that you put kibble into. Its so cute to watch them roll it around with their paws and nose to get the kibble to come out. :lol:

You can give this to your pup when you're leaving the house, and that will soften the transition for the little one! ;)

26th June 2006, 10:21 AM
bleached bones are another option. zack loves them. they are just plain bone and nothing else. but someone a sales guy at the store, once told me they can break their teeth on it. I'm not sure if that's true, and i'd like to get more info on that from anyone who knows. zack does chew really hard on them, making a loud noise sometimes, and then i get scared and take them away. he likes great big ones that are actually too big for him to pick up and carry. something about it being big seems to thrill him. You can also put stuff into the hollow part of the bone, like peanut butter.

the majority of the bully sticks i've gotten have no odor at all. but the one i got that smelled, :yikes that was so bad, i had to throw it away.

personally, i avoid greenies and raw hide because of the choking/intestinal blockage warnings and because zack vomited a big piece of greenie one day, and pooped some green stuff too. can't give him the clear nylabones because he can break pieces off now--but he really does like the edible ones, lamb and rice flavored.

compressed hooves are popular with him.

i can't give him any of this stuff though because when i do, he won't eat regular food. so for chewing, what he gets are his toys, rope and things like that.

26th June 2006, 10:27 AM
I like Greenies, boodabones (have to buy them when I'm in the US), some types of flat plain rawhide, bully sticks. If you are using kongs remember to subtract that amount of food from the daily ration of food (also any treats). I give some raw bones. I'm not sure about the cooked bones -- Judy I'd be worried about the really large ones in case Zack tries to lift them as they are very hard and heavy; if he leaves them on the floor at all times then that's fine. I don;t know about those bones either, if they are totally safe, but I do occasionally get them. The dogs are only interested in them for a while though.

Hooves were really popular with both and seem a lot softer. I got those at one of the dog shows -- don't know anyplace that sells them in Ireland.

Lots of dogs like nylabones (mine don't) and rope toys for chewing.

With any treat you need to give it only under supervision. I take away rawhides etc when anything gets small and easily swallowed whole.

For a puppy I'd be mostly giving nylabones and rope toys and kongs.

Cathy T
26th June 2006, 03:50 PM
Shelby loved the boiled bones...until the veterinary dentist spoke at our club and said that was the number one reason for broken teeth. The bones are just too hard for their teeth. I tossed them all and only give her the nylabones now. She's not as wild about them...but oh well. Better that than a chipped tooth!

27th June 2006, 04:17 AM
King doesn't like or get rawhide, except those munchie stix...He luvs the Booda Bimple bones, bully sticks, flossies, chicken (filets,chips,sausages) he loves greenies but can't have them...there's something in them that gives him diarreah or upset stomach, so i got him that greenie bone they can't eat but it likes it non the same. (he's actually lays by my feets chewing a flossie rit now :lol: ) he also has a kong toy, a rope toy, a fleece chewing toy (we play tug-a-war wit a lot wit) he's got an Everlasting Ball (likes it but not crazy bout it cuz he can't always get the treat) http://www.triplecrowndogs.com/shop/product.htm?loc=208 here's wat it looks like if u dont kno...well thats bout all his chew toys/bone other then the stuffed ones..but i could b typing 4 a while to list them all.... :lol: so many toys he's got so spoiled!!! :lol:

27th June 2006, 12:07 PM
Shelby loved the boiled bones...until the veterinary dentist spoke at our club and said that was the number one reason for broken teeth. The bones are just too hard for their teeth.

Thanks for that!! :yikes