View Full Version : Seven month old and New dog

27th June 2006, 03:54 PM
I have a seven month old at home and I want to adopt a 2 year old cocker girl. Since I bought the pup, I figured a rescue would be appropriate as a second dog. The question is, if any of you in the community have adopted an older dog while having a cavvie pup? How did he/she react? What should I be careful/aware of? Is it going to break her little heart? :( Please let me know.


30th June 2006, 01:24 AM
When our B/T pup Casey was 7 mos. old, we unexpectly brought home a 1.5 year old ruby girl. Those two instantly bonded. They spent the first day zooming around the back yard playing. Every day, they are bonded at the hip and play wrestle mania.

Now, my 2 yr. old tri doesn't want much to do with either one of them. He is really bonded to my 6 yr. old dog.

Can you introduce the dogs on neutral ground and see how they do? Even if they are stand off-ish in the beginning, they will probably do OK. I think it also depends on the rescue dog. Is he used to other dogs? Was he kept in a kennel? Is he socialized. Just things to think about. Good luck!