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30th June 2006, 02:19 AM
Has anyone had any problems with vaccines? I never give my dogs the Bordetella vaccine because I have found that it actually makes them sick (sicker than if they get Kennel Cough). When I got Lady, she had been given the vaccine and ultimately had to be put on antibiotics for KC. I didn't know if there was as much of a problem in CKCS as in Chinese Cresteds.

Cathy Moon
30th June 2006, 02:27 AM
I have not had any problems with vaccines, including bordetella, with my 3 cavs.

Geordie caught kennel cough as a pup before he was vaccinated, and it took quite awhile before he was diagnosed correctly and he recovered after taking antibiotics.

30th June 2006, 06:55 PM
when i got zack he had all his shots except the last one, but not any bordatella. the woman i got him from said her experience had been that the shot gives them kennel cough so she didn't do that one.

when i got zack's last puppy shot, the next day he was really lethargic and his back leg was in a lot of pain. about a week or two before that, he had colitis, bloody diarrhea, he was treated with flagyl and i thought he was all better so i got the last shot (distemper/parvo and something else, the regular puppy shot), i wouldn't have gotten the shot if i thought he was sick. the vet had wanted to give him the shot when i brought him in for the diarrhea and i said no i would wait. i/we didn't know what caused the diarrhea, but maybe the stress of coming to a new home lowered his resistance to some kind of parasite or something, that was suggested by the woman i got him from, like normally the body can handle the parasite, keep it in check but maybe under stress, the immune system is not as strong or effective. so, i thought he was better from the medicine and i got the last shot. soon after that the diarrhea came back and they gave him flagyl again. soon he was vomiting too and no longer happy and playful. the diarrhea cleared up but then came back again, lots of blood, more flagyl was prescribed, flagyl was just treating the smptoms, not the cause. After 4 weeks, i finally found a vet who treated him for worms, even though all the stool cultures were negative, and he was immediately better.

I can't rule out the possibility that the vaccination weakened his immune system so that the worms were able to flare up again after the treatment, the vets ssaid they were stumped about why this was happening, maybe if he hadn't been vaccinated so soon, the colitis wouldn't have come back, if his immune system had been able to keep the worms in check. It's just speculation. But he already had that diarrhea when i brought him home, that day, so if it was caused by the stress of moving, it was that same day. But he was very stressed when i got him, i was surprised, not expecting it. I got him in the car, put him in the crate on the front seat, started driving, heading for a pet supply store, thinking it would be fun for zack, but right away, he started crying. He was crying a lot, moaning! just a half a block from the house! i'm like, huh? i pulled the car over whe i could see it was getting worse and i took him out of the crate and held him in my lap, and he continued to moan and whimper, and snuggled in my arms, it was sad. i needed to keep driving, we were far from home, and i needed to get some pet supplies. so, i held him in my lap while driving, not something i'd normally do, he continued to whimper off and on. so, he was definitely stressed out, to put it mildly. so maybe that allowed the worms to overcome his immune system.

As for the vaccination, since then, i haven't gotten any more vaccinations, i'm studying it, trying to find out about all sides of the issue.
i don't know if the vaccination, and his previous vaccinations before i got him, made him more vulnerable, but since he got over the worms, he's been robust and healthy and happy. until the last three days that is.