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3rd July 2006, 12:52 PM
a person who bought a dog off me last season rang me over the weekend asking if would mind the pup while they went on holidays, i agreed and said it would be a pleasure, they explained the pup went into heat and they were worried, i said it would be no problem as i have 2 girls and Max is neutered.

however i got a call today telling me that his wife had booked the pup into a kennle... i asked did they not mind she was in heat, as i thought this would be a problem and upsetting for fellow dogs.

they said no they had a special area for them wehre they would be "boxed off" this sounds herrendous to me, adn im worried aobut this pup, has anyone experience of putting a cavalier intokennels....

when i put my jack Russle / Kcairne into kennels ONCE many many years ago she came out wtih a severe infection where she lost her womb as a result and she was miserable for weeks.... i swore i would never use them again... hence i am now anxious over the phrase "boxed Off"

thanks in advance :( :x :(

3rd July 2006, 11:12 PM
a couple months ago my family and i went to VA beach to visit family...they have 8 dogs of their own (7 papillons 1 poodle) but anyways the day we were coming home we needed to go do something important (that i dont want to share online, no offense to u guys its something personal within the family) so a couple weeks b4 we went up i looked online for a kennel or dogsitter that was in the area....i found one that was 5 mins from where we were gonna b...so we went there the day b4 dropping King off and it seemed nice was a kennel in the woman's backyard was kinda nice...the dogs had a 20ft by 7ft playing area wit the option of staying inside or goin to a small outside part...but when we dropped King off she said she would just keep him in her house wit her own 2 beagles (one was 1 1/2 the other 12 weeks) so i felt fine leavin him there cuz he was inside....plus she only charged me $10 for 6 hrs..i was surprised and King was so relaxed cuz he was in an enviorment he is kinda used to a place wit a couch and TV...We're goin bac to VA beach at the end of Aug so i called the sitter again and she said he could stay in her house again wit the same fee $10...so thats the only kennel type place i would leave King....

Cathy Moon
5th July 2006, 02:43 AM
There are some good kennels! The kennel we take our 3 cavaliers to is very clean and well kept, and the owners are very kind to the dogs. Melissa even plays with the dogs and brushes their coats every day. The dogs are clean when they come home. Our Geordie, who is a shy boy, loves Melissa - he kisses her and lets her pick him up. I would rather let my dogs stay at this kennel than anywhere else. The only way to tell if it's a good kennel is to visit and see for yourself.

Cathy Moon
5th July 2006, 02:49 AM
Oh, I forgot to add that Melissa keeps the smaller dogs in a separate kennel area from the larger dogs. So my cavaliers do not feel afraid. :)

5th July 2006, 07:12 PM
hi Cathy,, sorry jsut curious, but if you said you would rather leave them there then ay where else, you mean in that particular kennel, or somewhere else...

i leave mine mostly at home here with a good frined looking after them, las year they went to my friend who also has Cav's and they had a ball, this year however, i ahve an aupaor and she has agreed to stay here to mind them even though we are away! i was dead chuffed.

but with the dogs the fish, the bird and rabbit and hamsters... dont think ive forgotten any anilams there!!! its good i dont have to farm them all out!!!!!

Cathy Moon
7th July 2006, 01:18 PM
Hello Fi,
I really would rather leave them at the kennel than anywhere else (that I know of)! When I leave them with Melissa at the kennel, I know that no harm will come to them, so I have peace of mind when I'm away.

Geordie still occasionally looks for things to chew on like cardboard or baskets. All three of them will chew on landscaping mulch, pinecones, etc. if they can find a way to get to it. So I worry that someone else would not look after them as closely as I do at home, and then they might get sick or hurt!

Plus Geordie is a bit shy, and Melissa is very patient and kind, so he has a wonderful friendship with her. My husband and I have talked to both Melissa and our family, and we've decided that if anything happens to us, we'd like her and her husband to keep our cavs. They would live in their house, not their kennel, though!

I can see what you're saying about having so many animals - it would be better for you and easier to have someone come to your home to look after them. I would probably do the same in that case! :flwr: