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4th July 2006, 07:53 PM

Scroll to the last item.

The opening paragraphs of the stories there on Ms Simmons should be enough to give a general sense of the facts as reported from police and court records at that time, which are a matter of public record.

Irish and US attorneys have confirmed to me that such an explanation of previous proceedings and charges and facts that are a matter of public record is absolutely legal under Irish and US law.

They have also noted that any continuing harrassment thorough email, mail or any other form of communication could itself constitute a prosecutable crime and I have my attorneys here and in the US, considering a response.

Moral of this story: it is always useful to know the names of people who might be selling cavaliers.


16th July 2006, 11:08 AM
I have been in contact with the news director who was purportedly sending me memos, via Ms Simmons, threatening to sue me for keeping any information on this site relating to the 64 cavaliers Ms Simmons had in her three bedroom house last year.

Needless to say it seemed very odd to me that news directors would send memos to fellow journalists (or anybody for that matter) through an individual whose arrest they had reported on.

The news director has confirmed he never sent anything of the sort to me or to this woman to send on to me.

He assures me he will take care of the matter and as I sent him the document that was sent to me, and have also sent him on the emails from this woman, he is in possession of full evidence. I have also sent this material on to a libel attorney in Idaho, and to my Irish attorney.

I note very generally that threatening letters that use someone else's letterhead and signature and were not written by the purported writer could be criminal forgeries.

Curiouser and curiouser.

24th July 2006, 11:45 PM
Interestingly, once I posted the information publicly that the news director denied ever writing any letters -- and sent him the evidence that I had been threatened with letters purportedly sent by him -- and passed along all this information to an attorney practicing libel in Idaho, as well as to an attorney here -- all the emails from Ms Simmons stopped.

However, I have heard from other people she is still sending them to, and have passed along the full information I have so that they can be aware of the interesting origins of some of the information they might receive. Others, knowing of Ms Simmons, have sent me some additional background. If anyone is thinking of buying a cavalier from the state of Idaho, be sure to send me a PM and we can have a private chat. :thmbsup:

19th August 2006, 12:34 AM
More emails. :roll: I contacted the news director again just to keep him updated on 'his' letters, which Ms Simmons mentioned again and insists this man wrote and addressed directly to me.