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7th July 2006, 05:48 PM
I have had a male cav pup for a week, and 95% of the time he will wee on a newspaper which I am slowly moving towards the door icon_whistling ; but he will not do a poo on the paper. I make sure I remove the wet paper asap, but am at a loss at what to do next. Is it just a waiting game, and he will get there eventually, or should I do something else? He is 8 weeks old by the way.
Thanks in advance !

7th July 2006, 05:58 PM
Welcome to the board! I'd really encourage you to forget the papers entirely and go directly to working on getting him to go outside. Otherwise you'll haver to go thru housetraining twice, once for the papers, then once to go outside!

I highly recommend ordering Shirlee Kalstone's How to Housetrain a Dog in Seven Days as it gives very detailed advice and programmes for housetraining and really makes it easy to udnerstand what to do. :)

7th July 2006, 06:06 PM
Are you home with him at all times? If so you just need to keep an eye on him and look for the tell tale signs. For example his tail may go up and he may go round in circles looking for a spot. This is your queue to run outside with him and then tasty treats for being a good boy. I trained Twinkle at the same age as your dog within a week using these methods. In no time he will be crying or scratching at the back door because good outside means nice treats.

Wrigs Mom
7th July 2006, 10:25 PM
Wrigley never took to the potty pads either when we first got him (we were living on the 6th floor of a condo and it was a long way to pottyland!)

We found that taking him outside every few hours and saying "get busy" everytime he peed encouraged him. Now all we have to do is say those magic words when we're outside and he KNOWS to go. We also do "get busy, go poo poo" when we're outside with him and he knows that, too.

You'll have to just get used to the little ones schedule. Wrigley now poops 1-2 times a day (usually a second time if we take him on a walk) and will pee every 4-6 hours. I really hated the potty pads, but maybe that was just us. GOOD LUCK!!!