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10th July 2006, 02:55 AM
Willow has been part of our family for one week, and she has fit in remarkably well. We're still working on the night barking, though we made it all the way to about 5:30 or 6:00 last night with zero barking! I have decided to make a doggie condo each night for the time being. I use the ex-pen and connect it in a circle to Cedar's wire kennel. The big pillow goes in the ex-pen. I previously left out Willow's kennel, though I think I'll set it inside the ex-pen without its door tonight. I suspect Willow actually LIKES the kennel, at least as long as she can get out. When giving this set up a try before bedtime, when Cedar left her kennel after a while, Willow bolted off the pillow and took over Cedar's kennel (which was covered with a blanket for more privacy. I'm not sure how they actually slept throughout the night, but improvements are being made so we'll keep at it.

The girls are getting along famously. Cedar has really come around to the whole idea of Willow taking up residency. She's started eating her food at one time to keep Willow away from it. There hasnt been any aggression at all between them, not even over food. Just a "are you going to eat that? No? I'll just finish it off then, if you dont mind.." attitude. They now rough house to the extent of running like nutters. They do a small amount of pawing, a lot of butt throwing at each other, and some wimpy play nips. No all out wrestling yet! They absolutely love running and playing down in the basement (which is completely empty--just a big, finished space). They are only allowed down there when I do laundry, so it makes the space even more fun. They run down the stairs like they lead to Disney World.

Willow has learned her name, and she pretty much has "sit" down, though she needs some refinement. For some reason, she hasnt figured out how to jump up on the sofas. She can jump that high, she just hasnt figured out that she can, I suppose. She has a bad habit of digging on the furniture or a person when she wants up on the sofa. So we're working on breaking that nasty habit. She's learning to sit politely instead. I thought surely she'd start jumping up rather than go through training each time she wants up, but so far she hasnt. It's great for learning to sit, though!

Her house training has been terrific. She has had 3 accidents: two in the first two days, and one this morning. She absolutely refused to go potty out in the rain. Her foster mom said this was a known issue with her (it's one known with many cavaliers!!). Cedar hates it, but she obeys her come and go potty commands. Hopefully, with some training, Willow will grudgingly oblige as well. ;)

Willow's GI issues are resolved, and we've started the transition over to our kibble. She's a complete hog when it comes to any type of food. She absolutely loves ice cubes. She'll chomp on them straight out of the freezer (Cedar always likes to let them soften/melt a bit, which means that once Willow eats her, she helps herself to Cedar's).

I'm completely thrilled with how well the girls are getting along, but I have found that getting a great picture of the two of them together is a CHALLENGE. Of course, when Cedar's in a sit stay, I cant get Willow to come over and sit still. If I can get both of their attentions at the same time, they are both on opposite ends of the room! I dont know how you multiple dog photographers manage!

Anyway, here are my attempts:

They are little devils just waiting to get into stuff; I can see it in their eyes!

They had their own bowls, but Willow thought she'd help Cedar lick hers clean.

Awww... they'll sleep together if it means getting to sleep with Mommy!!

10th July 2006, 03:11 AM
So glad to hear everything is going so well, what beautiful cavs you have there. I love reading your updates on Willow.

10th July 2006, 03:36 AM
How wonderful that the two are getting along so well. That must be such an ease to you! And I guess at 5:30 or 6:00 the sun is comin up so Willow must think it's time!!

I'm glad willow is learning to sit. Isnt it remarkable how fast they learn new things? I am still blown away how fast Kosmo picks up some stuff. Kosmo is also into "pawing" things like the couch and the bed when he tries to make his spot - thank God the couches are polyurethane coated. He also has a bad habit of scratching on the cupboards trying to see me make his food. Some days are awful but after an awful day usually there's an angel day. :)

That's funny that she won't wee in the rain. Kosmo makes me stuff him into my coat on the way to the road, then I let him down, he runs over, squats, and runs back to go back into the coat, LOL. He HATES the rain and cold. We've never been through a Canadian winter together yet - wonder how he's gonna take it this year, hehe. I am looking into getting him a winter coat and boots, but I think it might be a little over the top, lol.

What kibble do you have Cedar on? I am leaning towards switching Kos to royal canin in the next few weeks. In fact, I even ordered it. SO I think as long as I don't find anything horrible out between now and then then we will be switching to that. ;) Wish us luck, hehe :)

That's cool that Cedar is so polite to willow. She shares everything with her, it's so cute :P I tried giving Kosmo his first ice cube the other day. It kept me entertained. I think he thought he was a cat for a few minutes there! I am worried he's going to choke on the stupid things though. He chokes on everything. :(

The pictures of the two of them are beautiful! They look like they are getting along quite well and have already adjusted to cuddling with each other. :) I love cedar's markings, she's really pretty. Willow kind of reminds me of Kosmo, lol. He's also white and trim looking like her, hehe. :)

Take care and I hope you two have an easy night tonight ! :)

10th July 2006, 03:44 AM
I am so glad the girls are getting along so well together. Sounds like this was definitely meant to be doesn't it? I love the sleepy picture of the girls.

brid kenny
10th July 2006, 12:17 PM
Glad to see the girls getting on well now. That's soooo funny imagining them go down to the basement as if it's Disney World!!!
That's huge progress in a week!

10th July 2006, 12:23 PM
Oh they are doing SO well, that's fantastic. Lovely to hear how they are getting on together, I'm sure it won't be long before you'll find them sleeping together, and then they will be more settled at night.

10th July 2006, 12:35 PM
Wow Moviedust! Only one week and they are accepting of each other? That's wonderful :D I did laugh at your description of them running down to the basement :lol: I'm just glad that you got some sleep last night :flwr: