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10th July 2006, 10:26 PM
I have a 6 1/2 month old ruby (JJ) who can not stand being brushed or combed. Whenever he sees any brush (his or mine), he goes crazy. He attacks the brush, barks and growls. :x I can not get anywhere near him. I have not tried a groomer yet, don't know if I should. Any advice would be appreciated. He really needs a good brushing, but the only way I could do it would be to fight and hold him down. Obviously, I don't want to hurt him so this is not an option. This is the only time I get this kind of behavior from him, he is a sweet, loving playful pup until he sees the brush........HELP

10th July 2006, 10:36 PM
Hi Luvmycav,

I laughed when I read this post as my eldest was the same. I think the problem is at his age, that he wants to play with the brush! I solved it by giving him a brush to chomp on whilst I brushed him with another one.

Is the brush you are using on him nice and soft with no sharp bits to stick in him? Test it by running it down the back of your hand and if it doesn't hurt them it should be OK - you'd be surprised at how many 'good' dog brushes actually hurt.

The best brush I have found is a Mikki ball slicker I think they are available in the USA.


This is a nice soft slicker that strips all the dead coat from the puppy or dog without hurting. Charlie was nearly two when we got him and his coat was in a pretty bad shape but with regular brushing it's gotten a lot better.
I also used tiny bits of cheese to distract him whilst I brushed him to begin with and now he's no problem at all. As long as they get a treat afterwards they are both fine.

10th July 2006, 11:45 PM
Donna i like ur way, but i was told to try using pnut butter cuz it will take the pup longer to eat it...so u get more done.. :lol: i only need to use pnut butter when im brushing King's hind quarters and ears

10th July 2006, 11:49 PM
Hey Aaron,

Peanut butter is ace with a pup but with Charlie he'd eat my fingers as well :lol: I have to give him stuiff on the palm of my hand as he's a 'grabber' and has bitten me by accident more than once :roll: :lol:

11th July 2006, 12:51 AM
Sounds like you'll want to start from the very beginning, using something like a very soft bristle brush (mine accept a Mason Pearson boar bristle brush and that has helped Jaspar become more accepting of slicker brushes as well) or to be extra gentle, a grooming mitt. Have a handful of treats and just do his back for a few minutes while praising and offering treats. It can be easier to brush him up on a table rather than on the floor. The grooming mitt may not do much as far as grooming goes but will acclimate him to being handled.

As with any introduction you'll only be able to do a bit at a time and work towards more time and thoroughness.

You 'll definitely need to get him used to brushing as otherwise their coats tangle very badly. One way to overcome an objection to brushing is to start handling them and brushing them with a very soft brush when puppies; this isn;t really doing anything except getting the used to the feel of a brush. neither of mine needed brushing til about a year old but I still used a brush on them.

Sensitive dogs can really, really hate wire slickers, both the feel (they can hurt!) and the sound. Those ball pin brushes do help; Jaspar tolerates those as well.

Leo used to be so-so on brushing too but now if the brush comes out he starts trying to stand in front of me and get in the way so he gets brushed, not the other dog. :roll:

Here are a few ideas from the web:

Your new dog may never have been, or actively dislike being, bathed, groomed, nail-clipped. You will have to proceed slowly and with patience. Take baby steps. Your dog hates being brushed? Start out with a warm wet washcloth and rub in short lick-like strokes until the dog relaxes, then stop. Repeat this and eventually introduce a short bit of brushing, until the dog relaxes (always end on a positive note). Eventually the dog will accept being brushed.

- If your dog hates being brushed it sometimes helps to brush
after play time. Start by brushing in the hair growth
direction. When you are finished, reward your dog with a
treat. Each day brush your dog a little longer. And if you
are lucky, your dog may even begin to like being brushed.

Cathy Moon
11th July 2006, 02:07 AM
I have only one thing to add: baby talk and petting can help make it easier, too. I talk baby talk to them and tell them they will get a treat when we're finished. :wggle: