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Donald Duck
11th July 2006, 05:23 PM
We're bringing Huey home this coming weekend and I'm trying so hard not to plan out every single minute but I can't help myself! I'm beyond excited!

I know the leaving his family will be traumatic, the breeder said this is often the most difficult time for a young puppy. I want to do everything I can to put him at ease and make him comfortable. Any suggestions for the best way to do this? I've read about making his crate feel like a den lots of toys, blankets, wrapping a hot water bottle up in a towel to simulate the warmth of his mother, even wrapping up a ticking clock to simulate her beating heart? Should we let him sleep in our bedroom that first night or get him used to being in the kitchen?

11th July 2006, 05:36 PM
I would put him in his crate in your bedroom for the first few weeks. He'll need to go out at least once during the night, probably, so aside from him being able to hear, smell, maybe even see you, you will be able to hear him when he needs to go to the bathroom.

One thing to keep in mind while he's transitioning is to be sure not over stimulate him at first. Give him plenty of time to sleep calmly and just explore the room you're letting him in while he house trains.

11th July 2006, 06:04 PM
Puppies are tiny and a person rolling on to one could easily crush the puppy -- so I'd not sleep with a puppy til it is much older and more able to move out of the way. I put jaspar into a high sided cardboard box initially so I could reach in and calm him when he whined (as he will most likely do from time to time).

If you are wrapping a hot water bottle make absolutely sure it can not be uncovered as they can burn a puppy. A safe choice is to put hot but not boiling water in the bottle and use one that already has a proactive fabric casing and put that inside a wrapped towel. :) A lot of bottles come with fleece or fake fur casings.

Just be calm and friendly; no sudden noises or too many people around, and don't be overly attentive. Just let him explore and have fun and sleep when he needs to sleep. He'll adapt quickly. :)

11th July 2006, 06:11 PM
OMG I bet you're excited? I know I would be. Maxx spent the first night in the kitchen with the CD on some lovely natural music to settle him. He also had a piece of bedding with his Mummy's smell on it and he went to sleep like a little angel.

I think I was more bothered than he was as I was in and out all night long worrying in case he needed me LOL

He stayed there with a safety gate across the door (so we could hear him) until he was dry at night (about two weeks) and since then has slept in our room with us. In fact, if the bedroom door blows shut with the wind he gets really angry and headbutts it :lol:

Bruce H
11th July 2006, 06:27 PM
Hopefully your breeder will be sending a blanket home with him that has his mom and littermates scent on it.

Just in case, bring some of his bedding with you. If the breeder isn't doing that, just rub the bedding all over him, his littermates and the mom so it gets all those familiar scents on it. I truly believe that helps with the transition.

Good luck with your new little boy. When people get so excited like you are, it makes it so much easier for us to let the puppies go; we get so attached to those little buggers!

11th July 2006, 07:35 PM
A safe choice is to put hot but not boiling water in the bottle and use one that already has a proactive fabric casing and put that inside a wrapped towel.

:sl*p: Love those 'proactive fabrics', don't you? :lol: I meant protective of course. Also meant to say I put the box next to my bed so I could reach in at night.

Needless to say Jaspar made a fast transition to the bed where he has since remained. A crate or box is a good starting place though.

My breeder gave me a sweatsock that he'd put in with the mother/siblings and then rolled it and knotted it so it had their comforting scent plus was his first toy.

Donald Duck
11th July 2006, 07:58 PM
LOL Don't worry, I knew what you meant! :)

Thanks for all of the great suggestions, I feel a lot more comfortable now that I have information from people with experience. I don't want to make any mistakes with Huey, I've waited so many years to get him!

I'm definately going to call the breeder and ask if she'll put a blanket or sock in with his brothers and sisters!!

11th July 2006, 08:22 PM
I just brought home my second Cavalier 7 weeks ago already :yikes :yikes

When I went to visit, I brought a Snuggle Puppy and a old Blanket the breeder put it in with all the pups and Mommy and this helps them.

I slept downstairs with Darby for almost 2 weeks as he needed to get up during the night to go wee.
Since 10 weeks he has moved up stairs into my room, not on my bed but in my room in his crate. He still has times that he will cry a little but a light tap on the top of the crate and reassuring him I am close by is all he needs.

He now sleeps through the night. :w**h**: :w**h**:
Me too, enjoy those puppy days they go by quickly.
I cannnot believe I have had this gorgeous little redhead for 7 weeks already.

He will most likely be mine, I think we worry more than necessary.
But that is a good thing like Bruce said.
Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures.