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22nd July 2006, 01:46 AM
Cedar and Willow went to the local vet this afternoon. It was our first visit since Willow joined us, so we were curious how the day would go. Cedar was due for her annual exam and her rabies shot, and Willow just needed a pedicure and to get her file started.

The day started unexpectedly, as family dropped in. So the girls were extra happy to play and have a ball with family. Willow clearly recognized everyone and was *almost* as excited as Cedar when they walked in the door.

Since I had some willing assistance, my mother and youngest brother went with us to the vet. My baby brother is about 6ft 2in and probably weights 250lbs. A big cuddle bear of a boy (17 yrs old). Somehow, he managed to squidge his way inbetween the two dog seats in the backseat of the dodge Dakota crew cab. The dogs loved having someone in the back with them! I'm not sure if my brother found it so enjoyable. Wink

When we pulled into the vets office, Cedar recognized the place and started barking and carrying on. She was desperate to get inside and see everyone!! She loves it there, and she's particularly fond of one of the women, who has a special affection for Cedar. So while I'm checking and giving the staff the info on Willow that I have from Lucky Star, my brother and mother try to keep Cedar from running about the office, searching for her pal. Her pal shows up and spends some good spoil time with both pups.

Cedar weighed in at 11.7 pounds, and Willow at 9.9lbs. The vet says that, although Willow looks thin because her fur hasnt grown back, they are both are pretty good weights. My parents both also said that Willow has certainly started to look better. She's gained a bit of weight and her coat is more shiney.

Cedar had her pedicure first. A college intern had the pleasure (and she clearly needed the experience!), and Cedar did pretty well. She wasnt happy, but she didnt fight too much either. Willow, on the other hand, is less experienced with the procedure and she was more of a handful. She was pretty well behaved, considering. No growling or anything. She just squirmed as much as possible, and crawled over to me for protection as soon as she could!

Cedar then had her exam. her knees are doing okay. They are not as solid as they might be, but the vet says at this point we should just wait and see how she does. She hasnt had any signs of issues, so we'll keep an eye on it. Even though she wasnt getting an exam, the vet felt Willow's knees and commented that hers were better than Cedar's! Score one for Willow!

The rest of the visit was quick. Cedar always does well with her shots, so that went quickly. (I have found that if I leave her harness on her, the vet puts the shots in her rear as it is more accessible, so I dont even have to remind him not to put it in her shoulder). We were quite the popular group, as the vet and the intern were shadowed by a few of the receptionists lingering in the doorway to see the two cavaliers. A lot of "oooh" and "ahhhs" were heard whenever one of the came to me for cuddles and security.

When they got home, they got green bean treats (a special favorite) and ice cubes. They settled down together then, and had some quiet down time in the expen with the big pillow-bed. This evening, they are playing around as if nothing ever happened! Alls well that ends well!

22nd July 2006, 03:13 AM
oh wow Willow is sure a small little girl!! And Cedar isn't too big herself. Oh well they are just around the same weight at least. You won't have one that totally outweighs the other one that way. We had that once and the big one always beat on the little one.. hehe (:

I end up having similar experiences when I take Kos to the vets. I called when he got neutered and asked if I could go get him and they said "well his temperature is low so we are keeping him for a bit" so I said ok..well.. what are you doing for that? And do you know what she said? They were holding him and loving on him! lol :P I could have done that myself :P The least they could have done was take him pee though because when he got out of the car at home, however groggy he was, he RAN to go to the bathroom.

I am glad the girls visits went well today. That will make you breathe easier. And that's good news for Cedar's knees. At least there is no "for sure" surgery in the near future. Take care of yourself and woohoo! :rah:

22nd July 2006, 05:43 AM
Congratulations on a good vet visit! I had no idea that Willow was to tiny either. 9i tend to like smaller Cavs.) They are both so cute.

Bridgette, Lacey & Tilly

22nd July 2006, 10:40 AM
great story! are they both full grown now?

22nd July 2006, 11:53 AM
Really pleased it all went well today :l*v: Maxx gets all excite when we go to the Vets - he thinks it's like a 'fuss me' outing but Charlie hides under the chair and quivers :( :lol:

22nd July 2006, 02:31 PM
are they both full grown now?

Cedar is 12 mo old and Willow is almost 16 months. So they are pretty much done growing aside from getting their coats and maybe filling in a bit.

26th July 2006, 11:54 AM
Glad it all went well and that you actually got out of the vets otherwise they might start charging you rent.... :lol: