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25th July 2006, 10:44 PM
I've just added this to the Library and stickied it, as the advice is so spot on and helpful to anyone who owns a dog (guess that is all of us!).


A heads up to UK and Irish members -- Dee Ganley will be over here in Ireland, from the US, teaching a range of classes for a week in the autumn at Dog Training Ireland -- www.dogtrainingireland.ie .

I had the chance to be at part of her seminar when she was here earlier this year. Her seminar was a total eye opener and gave me a real foundation for understanding my dogs and training techniques and real guidance on using rewards-based training (as well as amazing live examples of how effective such a training approach is). Even experienced trainers and handlers find her seminars really helpful and informative. I know Tara and Lisa will post when they have more information but these will be very special classes and well worth coming over for from the UK (we can help arrange a modest hotel for any who want to come over). Just keep it in mind! :)