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Cathy Moon
26th July 2006, 02:56 AM
I'm wondering if I can use the Renu on India's front paws hair to get the staining out. Its that reddish stain (yeast) that some cavs get near their eyes, that was described in the 'Tearing' topic.

We thought the staining was from bully sticks, but Geordie never gets the stains and he chews the same bully sticks. I think it's from India laying with her jowls right on her front paws. She sleeps that way when napping during the day.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

26th July 2006, 03:53 AM
King has that too...I believe it's caused by licking or just the drool staining the hair..King sometimes will lick his paw after chewing on a bully stick or chicken fillet cuz his paws smell like it....I have a product for the tear stains (Dr.Miller's Eye Solution http://www.animalwellness.net/eyesolution.html what it does is actually change the chemistry of the tears so not to stain the hair under the eyes....but i wouldn't kno wat to do bout the stained paws

Cathy Moon
26th July 2006, 11:34 AM
Thanks for the info. Next time I'm at the vet I'm going to ask what she thinks.

I stopped in at the self serve dogwash / groomer to ask, and they said they don't have any products for this specific problem. They suggested making a paste of baking soda and working it through the discolored hair. It did lighten the stain, but didn't remove it.

I asked about whitening shampoos, and they said that is too harsh on a dog's coat, they don't use the whitening products.

26th July 2006, 11:36 AM
I'd try it and see if it works. The Renu seems to work well on eye yeast stains.

This is a well-known page on yeast and tear stains and how to stop them, as well as why they occur. It is very interesting and offers a range of reasons and also identifies the red yeast that likes to grow in damp fur:


I know breeder Laura Lang feels dogs often will stain until they are adults because the shape of the skull and the way it fits the eye sockets keeps changing; she feels it reaces a better fit at adulthood and much of the tearing stops. That has been the case with my two boys.

The page above also gives a formula for removing stains on fur.

26th July 2006, 11:39 AM
That's interesting that they said that about whitening shampoos. I would think the whitening ingredient is probably hydrogen peroxide and we all know that isn;t great to use on hair frequently. I'll have to check.

The single best whitener I have found is taking the dogs to a sandy beach and letting them get damp and 'dirty' with sand. Then just brush them when they are dry. The sand actually abrades out all the dirt!! Their coats are always shiny white after a trip to the beach -- better than any shampoo. :)

PS You do end up vacuuming sand from the house though... :v*cuum:

I'd bet baking soda would work as well.

Cathy Moon
26th July 2006, 12:09 PM
Thanks for the link to this info. I will try the Renu or one of the other items listed on the website, making sure to not let India lick it. Interestingly, India is my one cavalier who has gunky ears which could be somehow related to this problem. (The vet gave me an ear cleaning solution for India recently.)

Wish I had a sandy beach nearby!!! I guess baking soda will have to do for now.

This is a small world! I live in the same neck of the woods as Laura Lang, and have made her acquaintance at the vet's office - she was drawn to my cavaliers, of course! We've seen her showing her dogs locally, too. Wonderful person, who truly works for the betterment of this breed! :flwr:

26th July 2006, 12:56 PM
Her Roycroftcavaliers.com website has a wealth of information in her online owners manual on cavaliers. :) My parent's cavalier is one of her retired breeding girls.

After you clean India's legs, just wash off the solution with some water and it won't matter if she licks there. You'd be washing off baking soda anyway and the Renu probably won;t hurt but I'd just give her legs a quick rinse.

26th July 2006, 02:12 PM
I have a GREAT whitening shampoo that is not harsh and contains no harmful chemicals ! Its PetSilk Bright White . If you havent tried their products , Petsilk is AWSOME !!!!!! It leaves them silky silky soft and I have a TON of Cav customers who swear by it ....including myself ;) The bright White can even be used on Tri's ........it enhances ALL of their colors !

as far as what to put on the foot stains .....Petsilk also makes a great tear stain remover that can be used anywhere .....some people even use it on pee stains and it works well !

Cathy Moon
26th July 2006, 05:31 PM
I already bought a bottle of the Renu, so I will try that out on her first. :flwr: Good idea about rinsing it off, thanks!

Roxanne, thanks, I will keep that in mind if the Renu doesn't work.

Cathy Moon
26th July 2006, 05:43 PM
Her Roycroftcavaliers.com website has a wealth of information in her online owners manual on cavaliers. :) My parent's cavalier is one of her retired breeding girls.

That's great that your parent got one of her girls, I'll bet she's beautiful. I never saw x-rays and certification info. on a breeder's web site before, and I think it's great Laura does that. I haven't gone to her site for awhile, so will check back for the owner's manual. :flwr:

28th July 2006, 05:38 AM
Cathy how did the Renu solution work??? I wanna find something to get rid of King's stains on his paws!!!!

Cathy Moon
28th July 2006, 12:21 PM
Wow! I tried some on her paws last night, and the stains are fading! First I shampooed and rinsed her paws, then I squirted quite a bit of the Renu on, rubbed it in a little and rinsed well. Towel dried her feet, and let her go!

One foot is dramatically different! Tonight I'm going to put the Renu on her dry feet, then rinse. I'll keep you updated! ;)

28th July 2006, 07:16 PM
Okay... I use ReNu for my contact lenses. I put it in my eyes. How in the world does it work on stains??

If I can get passed those thoughts, I might give it a try on Willow. She has tear stains that Cedar has never had, so I get to learn how to deal with this issue for the first time. :)

For tear stains, do you think you could just put some ReNu on a cloth or cotton ball and wash her face? I put it in my eyes, so I assume if I squirt it on her it wouldnt matter if it got in her eyes.... what do you think?

Cathy Moon
28th July 2006, 11:25 PM
Hi Moviedust,
This whole conversation started based on this thread: http://www.cavaliertalk.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2686 which was about Tearing eyes.

Read what Karlin has to say about using Renu on yeast staining from eye tears. That's how we came up with the idea to try it on foot stains from the cav's saliva (licking, holding chew toys).

I don't think Karlin says to put it in your dogs eyes, though. Just on her face. :flwr:

29th July 2006, 04:10 AM
Cathy keep me posted cuz i wanna get these stains off of King too!!!