View Full Version : Washington, DC area Cav owners, come in! :)

1st August 2006, 03:20 AM
Hi! I was thinking, since there are so many of us from the same area on here, why don't we pick a central-ish location and get together for a play date? Maybe a little later in the year, once it's cooler.

Until then, does anyone have any favorite places you'd like to share? Vets, shops, dog parks, etc? We're in Fairfax County, and my parents are in Charles County, MD, but we like to take the dogs on mini trips sometimes, so anywhere that you like is welcome!

We love Great Falls - it's cheap and it makes our Corgi feel like a Mountain Dog Wink She loves climbing the rocks (boulders to her!) and being in nature. We like it because they have public restrooms, etc. Smile

What do you think?