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Linda Stern
2nd August 2006, 02:16 AM
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If u know this woman she is not a good breeder! No one should buy a dog/puppy from her. She breeds caviliers.

i received a KC cavalier on 5/25/06 whelped on 2/27/06i have had the puppy since it was 10 weeks old. The puppy is diagnosed with a liver shunt...due for final analysis on 08/02/06. The breeder in Iowa shipped to Northern Califor. She has not been well since received. My vet finally said i need to go to Davis for more medical information. I take her to uc davis tomorrow for a technesium scan. She initially said she would pay 1/2 medical or take her back and i would get a new puppy. I tried to get her to take her back almost 2 weeks ago...and she said she didn't see the value in it that was on July 25th. Now i called her to tell her her test is tomorrow, and she said just send her back. She told me to cancel the test and just send her back that she is not going to pay any medical expenses. Now what am i to do? Is there any thing legally that can be done? How do i report her to the AKC breeders association?
Thank you for our assistance,
Linda Stern
If u could please call me i am off to UC Davis vet hospital tomorrow for her test.
Linda Stern
This woman is not a reliable breeder nor is she in line with your code of conduct. I do have several emails which verify my situation as well as vet bill from my vet here in Northern California.

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2nd August 2006, 03:00 AM
Hi.. sorry to hear of your experience.. My heart is breaking for you and your little baby. :(

Karlin, the wonderful site mod, has posted some things about this topic specifically.. scroll down to the health library section to read more info. Good luck and let us know what happens.

Sorry again. :( *hugZ* from Sara and Kosmo!

2nd August 2006, 03:56 AM
Sorry to hear about your pup's health problems and the unhelpful breeder. Here's a link to more info on the board about your rights:


2nd August 2006, 07:15 AM
Sorry to hear that you are finding yourself in this most awful situation...

What is the breeder intending to do with the puppy if you return her? is the breeder going to give her the medical attention that she so needs? I would be reluctant to let her go back until I knew what was going to happen to her.
Would you be willing to keep her if the breeder gave you a full refund and some help towards the treatment costs?

This is a very difficult situation when emotions are high and you have proberbly fallen in love with the little puppy.

Breeders like these should be closed down along with puppy farms/mills.

Alison, Wilts, U.K.

2nd August 2006, 11:35 AM
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2nd August 2006, 11:44 AM
Regarding this individual situation:

If she is a member of the AKC you can complain, as well as to any breed club of which she is a member (but if she 'belongs' to the bogus registries that will have no effect as they are just issuers of paper, not proper breed clubs). You may be covered by 'lemon laws' and so forth but it can be very hard to take a claim between states. You would need to take legal advice on what you can do but people have also posted links to info I've posted in the Library on cases like this.

If you have documentation hang on to it; that includes emails and anything else.

If her contract said she would replace the pup and she refused, you went ahead for treatment arranegments, then she tried to back out, you would presumably have some grounds then for action but whether you would get anything from her is questionable. Be aware that if you return the pup she will likely either resell it as is or euthenise it. How would you return a sick pup across half the US anyway? Did she say how you were to do this? It would be extremely cruel to ship a seriously ill pup.

I'd suggest contacting the nearest SPCA/Humane Society for advice too.

If this is an unethical breeder I wonder if she even has AKC registered dogs?

This is a tragic situation. It bears repeating that it can be very hard and take much legwork, but careful research pays off and buying from well known, reputable breeders for whom you have direct references and where you can go and meet the breeder, see the breeding set-up, check the mother, see firsthand the approrpiate health testing clearances, etc makes a world of difference. A good breeder will be there with an owner every step of the way with an ill pup and likely have a number of options available to the distressed pet owner.

There are reasons puppies cost more from good breeders -- because they do the testing, show their dogs, maintain breed health, and give full support to buyers, and you get a quality puppy or help when a terrible situation like this arises. A bad breeder charges almost as much, does none of these things, and leaves an upset puppy buyer shouldering what can be enormous medical costs for a sweet puppy that should never have been bred in the first place. :(

2nd August 2006, 11:10 PM
California does have a lemon law for dogs and cats: