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2nd August 2006, 03:59 PM
Well I have finally graduated from university and have the love of my life back with me. This means my parents are dogless and seriously needing a Cavalier in their life. They would prefer a 6-18 month old but would consider a young puppy or possibly an older adult. Color and sex do not matter. The pup would be a spoiled companion dog. I'm a little worried about rescue dogs and copious health problems. Should we just go back to a breeder? How much greater are the health problems in rescue dogs compared to breeder dogs?

2nd August 2006, 04:35 PM
Rescue dogs often have both health and behaviour problems, depending on their background, and need to be taken on with this in mind as they *can* be a challenge. As they are often from unknown origin -- which often means backyard breeders, pet shops and puppy mills-- they have none of the benefits of a careful breeding programme, especially in the area of heart health. Some come from very bad backgrounds in puppy mills; some were handed in because of behaviour problems or health issues. Some are fine and will have no issues all their lives, while some dogs from good breeders will. But rescues definitely are at greater risk for health/behaviour problems. Also expect a waiting list. Dogs in the age bracket you are interested in are generally rare and in high demand. Most dogs I have in rescue are age 4+.

I'd have a look at Lucky Star's rescue site.

If best possible health and temperament is an issue, then I would strongly recommend going to a good breeder who has all health clearances and comes with personal recommendations. You may be able to find an older dog they have run on but decided not to show or keep in a breeding program that would fit the age bracket you are discussion, and often such older dogs cost a bit less than puppies.

Rescues can be wonderful but are not for everyone. My parents weighed up options and decided they would prefer an older, retired breeding girl from a very good breeder. :)

2nd August 2006, 04:40 PM
If you decide to go the rescue route, you can get pet insurance to help with any possible health issues that arise down the line. And just because the dog is a rescue, that does not necessarily mean the dog will absolutely have issues. It's an increased risk, but not a death sentence.

Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue (http://www.luckystarcavalierrescue.org/page.php?name=Rescues)
has a number of available dogs right now, and some of which are fairly young. Garnet, I believe, is only 10 months old!!

2nd August 2006, 09:13 PM
Lucky Star's Sir Willy is only young too and he looks delicious :D

Yes, rescue dogs can need more Veterinary treatment etc but as Moviedust says, that's what insurance is for.

I must say that whilst it is fun to have a pup, it can also be fun to have a rescue - when they arrive they don't usually have a clue but once taught they never forget and are usually so loyal, loving and grateful too.

I know I say that my Charlie is the work of ten dogs but I wouldn't swap him for the World - even if he is always going to live at the Cat's home :lol: :lol: :lol:

I don't think Maxx would like it if he wasn't around now either. He is Maxx's alarm clock and tells Maxx when it's food time or when Daddy arrives home or anything exciting happens.

I'm sure that even Maxx considers that Charlie pulling his ears and chewing his tail is worth putting up with for all the benefits he gets from Charlie being his ears :D