View Full Version : Here's my two honeys! Lovey and Penny!

2nd August 2006, 07:00 PM
Here is a picture of Lovey and Penny. This was taken 3 years ago, so Penny is only 3 months old here, but now she's bigger than Lovey.


Cathy T
2nd August 2006, 07:22 PM
That is adorable. They are so pretty. I love when they get the head tilt thing going...so cute!

2nd August 2006, 07:30 PM
ah they are gorgeous :lotsaluv:

2nd August 2006, 07:45 PM
They are both adorable :lotsaluv: Thanks for sharing

2nd August 2006, 08:54 PM
Oooh more gorgeous babies - I can see why you called one of them Lovey :D

2nd August 2006, 10:58 PM
Thank you! I love them dearly. I don't know what I would do without them.

2nd August 2006, 11:29 PM
I love that picture, too cute!! Sabrina does that head tilt thing as well, its so darn cute when they do that.