View Full Version : Chester gives Timberwolf Organics food 2 paws up!

4th August 2006, 04:11 PM
I want to start off by saying I LOVE MY LOCAL PET STORE! I get all of Chester's food at the local Perfect Pets (a local mini-chain of stores here in VA) and the owner is a total dog lover and has made it a goal to carry all the foods listed in the Whole Dog Journal Top Dog Foods List.

On to the point of this post...I bought a bag of the Timberwolf Organics Dakota Bison formula and Chester adores it. I read about it on the Dog Food Analysis website (http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/showcat.php/cat/3) and it's in the 5 Star group! Here's a pic of the bag: http://www.timberwolforganics.com/photos/Dakota-Bison-16-2T.jpg

He's been eating this for a few weeks now and I swap it around with California Natural every few days for variety. Chester has never had any stomach or stool issues and so switching the food around is not an issue with him.

Thanks for your time!

Cathy Moon
6th August 2006, 06:27 PM
Hi! I had not heard of this food, but Judy says it is highly rated in the thread about evo food. How nice it's at a pet store.

I'll be watching for it at the places where I buy dog food. The pet stores don't carry the brands I have used, so I mainly shop at the training center I belong to or, when I'm in a bind, I go to a veterinarian / boarding kennel that I only buy dog food from. :flwr:

6th August 2006, 08:51 PM
thanks for the review--reading the ingredients, it sounds really good, more nutritious than the foods most humans eat i'm afraid. makes me think it would be cool to have a kibble for humans--humans on the go, eat it right out of the bag, individual servings, with all that high quality protein, nutritious hypoallergenic grains, organic fruits and vegetables, enzymes, probiotics, wow. those high protein granola bars pale by comparison, and are laced with sugar or sweetners.

it's great that you have a petstore that cares about dogs! By carrying the good food, he helps more dogs to get better nutrition, with higher quality ingredients.

I love my local pet store too, Centinela Feed and Pet Supply in Santa Monica, it's part of a local chain, they are huge stores, as big or bigger than PetCo and PetSmart. i frequent two of them, and mostly my local one which is nearest to home. They know me at both places, and they know i am a steady flow of $$$$. I always shop there if i have the choice because you can return anything, any time. Thursday night i was walking Zack using a Flexi 2 retractable leash which i bought about 2 1/2 months ago, and it suddenly broke, the line broke. On Friday i took it to the store and she told me it wasn't unusual for them to break, and she suggested using the tape instead of the cord. They didn't have the tape in the 26 foot length so i got another one like the one that broke. She didn't charge me for it. I had my receipt wiht me from the old one but she didn't ask to see it. She gave me a new receipt for the new one. That has saved me a lot of money, to be able to return stuff, like the X pen that he learned to jump out of after a couple of months or more, $100, etc. They still come out way ahead on me of course. but i'm happy.