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11th August 2006, 11:36 PM
The current issue of the Whole Dog Journal has a lengthy article on pain and how it is experienced by dogs, and how it may be treated, both conventionally and holistically, that may be of special interest to those with SM dogs.


12th August 2006, 04:18 AM
do most people have subcriptions to this ? I'm only seeing one paragraph about pain that I can read.

14th August 2006, 11:19 AM
do most people have subcriptions to this ? I'm only seeing one paragraph about pain that I can read.

i subscribed to it months ago, i dont' remember how much it was. But i wanted to read their ratings of kibbles, during the first month i had zack. that's when i subscribed.

Yesterday, i wanted to read their canned food ratings and to show my friend, only to find it would cost $10 to buy the article. :yikes

i had already found out that my subscription only allowed me to read articles for free going back a certain number of months and the article i wanted was about a month or two too early for me to be able to read it for free. So yesterday, i thought i'd purchase it, but i didn't expect it to cost that much. Usually online articles are less than half that much.

I think i bought an article just a little over a month ago from them and i don't remember it being that much. Maybe they recently went up, or maybe i am just blanking on how much i paid a month ago. I think i got two articles. I can't imagine i paid that much....i think what happened is, i found it posted on the web on a different site, not WDJ.

too bad for me the price has gone so high, because the articles i've read have been uniquely informative and are influenced by values that i respect very much. The articles i read last month were about the toxicity to dogs of conventional topical flea killing medications, a subject about which there is too much silence. The article was thoroughly and carefully researched, it wasn't an ideological article with minimal or questionable factual basis. Their perspective was well supported by their data. Their sources were respectable. Sophisticated stuff. They are an important voice for dogs.

i don't remember the subscription price being painfully high and it's been worth it to be able to read the articles. Each month, i get an email that has links to the issue, or two each individual article in the issue. In addition to the one on pain, this month's has an article on dog park etiquette, and one on healing hot spots, and one on urinary incontinence.

i'll read the one on pain tonight. thanx karlin. what an interesting and important subject. dogs are so differnent from humans about pain, in a way.

14th August 2006, 12:16 PM
You need to subscribe to read the articles on the site though they do make some freely available I think as well, from past issues.