View Full Version : The BIG Quiz

13th August 2006, 09:44 PM
TRPD are holding a big quiz this week...


It starts tomorrow, 14th August - would you like to help to win all these goodies for a rescue?

A pet blanket donated by TRPD

2 Greyhound collars donated by TRPD

A 21' recall training lead donated by TRPD

An 'I need a home' webbing Collar & Lead donated by Viv & Ali

4 Tennis Balls donated by Viv & Ali

A squeaky frisby dog toy donated by Viv & Ali

200 Poo bags donated by Viv & Ali

These will be sent to the rescue nominated by the winning team...if you are on that team, you will be able to help choose who is to benefit from these goodies!!

I'm sure whichever rescue wins will be extremely grateful...it's a tough time of year for rescues, everyone seems to be full to overflowing and it really helps them to know that they are thought of...

If you are already a team member, please go and visit your team's den...if you would like to join a team, or don't know the password for your den, please post in the above thread.

Even if you've not visited TRPD before, please join in - PM me if you need help, I'm a Wildcat and we of course have the best team LOL

I NEED your help, we have 100 questions to answer this week!!

It doesn't cost anything to take part... :)