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Donald Duck
17th August 2006, 04:28 PM
Huey is a very picky eater and had practically stopped eating the kibble we were feeding him (Innova Evo) so when we took him to the vet and she suggested switching to a high quality canned food. Since then he's been eating the canned Innova Evo and simply adores it! But I'm not 100% sure how much to feed him...

The small size can says you should feed about 2 cans a day per 15 lbs and twice this amount to puppies. Well, Huey is about 3 lbs so according to my calculations (and I am really mathematically challenged so don't laugh) we'd want to be feeding him about 80% of a can.... am I totally wrong? The vet definately wanted him to put on some weight but I don't want to go overboard, any suggestions?

Also, his poop is really loose ever since we switched to the canned food, the vet didn't seemed concerned but I'm wondering if anyone had this happen also.

Donald Duck
17th August 2006, 04:40 PM
Okay I've been reading some other posts and it sounds like the loose stool thing is somewhat common, I should have read more before posting. But, I'm still wondering about the amount to feed him and now I'm thinking I should possibly feed him something else to balance the high amount of protein in the Innova Evo...

Cathy Moon
17th August 2006, 05:06 PM
Aaron (KingoftheHouse) gave me the calorie count for the canned food - I will look for it this evening! Then you can figure out the rough equivalents between the kibble and the canned.

I never go by the feeding instructions on the food containers, and I sometimes think that's why there are so many overweight dogs (not here, of course!) :lol:

Whenever you change any dog's food (and especially with puppies) it is usually recommended to do it gradually. So it might be better to mix a little canned into the dry food for awhile, and gradually increase the canned while decreasing the kibble. :flwr:

17th August 2006, 05:12 PM
have you tried mixing a spoonfull or so of the wet in with the dry kibble rather than feeding all wet? When Chester was little he was picky too but as long as there was some wet mixed with the kibble he would eat it and still get the benefits of the dry kibble.

18th August 2006, 01:07 AM
wow, huey is really a little guy. i guess i'd call Innova and ask their recommendation. for many dogs apparently canned food gives much softer stools than kibble. I never fed my previous dog canned food so i thought normal dog doo was kind of hard and stiff, or at least firm. but then zack went from kibble to canned food during the time that he had diarrhea, and it was just always mushy. And then, finally, i just put him on kibble and the stools got firm and large, i tried several kibbles because he did not particularly love any of them, but they all contained grain, generally rice. About a month ago at most i switched to Evo kibble and he liked it. but the stool got loose, i switched too fast i think, but when i mixed it with a lower protein, grain containing kibble the stool got firm. He gets more than half Evo. i don't know if it's related but since he's been on Evo the stools have been smaller and i think maybe also fewer.

As for whether to add something to balance out the protein, i dont know, there are strong opinions against giving them grain but i'm not informed about what the arguments are, but i like karlin's suggestions about supplementing with vegetables like carrots.

Cathy Moon
18th August 2006, 02:08 AM
Whew! It took me a long time to find that thread - from Aug 03, fourth post on the thread, but you have to move UP to the top of the thread:


I looked at the bag of Evo kibble and 1 cup = 537 calories, so 1/3 cup is about 180.
The canned 95% beef Evo is 200 calories in a 5.5 oz can. So that's fairly close.

I don't know how much kibble you were feeding Huey before you swiched to canned, but this should give you a general idea of how much canned = how much kibble if you go by the calorie count.