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18th August 2006, 12:41 PM
This is a new US-based shopping site that focuses on small dogs and donates a portion of proceeds to rescues. They've kindly linked to the board here. :)

They have some nice small dog stuff including our favourite Puppia harnesses so people might want to check out their things. They also have a really nice range of supporting harnesses that would be great for cavaliers.

There's also a nice range of beds and of treats, amongst other things!


18th August 2006, 12:50 PM
Great Site Karlin....thank you :flwr: and not thank you :roll: ... icon_whistling feel a shopping spree a coming!!

18th August 2006, 02:33 PM
There's a harness on there called the Freedom Harness that looks alot like our beloved Puppias! I wonder if they copied them...

Mary, I love your avatar! What's your fubaby looking at in that drawer?

18th August 2006, 11:20 PM
Thanks for the site Karlin.. I love shopping online! :D It's always ncie when a portion benefits rescues too! :thnx: :thmbsup:

19th August 2006, 12:22 AM
Mary, I love your avatar! What's your fubaby looking at in that drawer?

I am not sure. He certainly has an intense look. He gets so excited when I am getting ready to go to work cuz he gets a treat when I leave....food is such a motivator isn't it! :)

19th August 2006, 02:40 AM
Great stuff. I've always wondered if a Cavalier would fit in one of those carriers? They always seem a bit too small for a Cav. Even if Liesl could fit in one, she would not be content in there for more than 30 seconds!

Cathy Moon
19th August 2006, 12:14 PM
Great site, Karlin! Some of those toys look really fun! :)

19th August 2006, 12:28 PM
I must say I really like this site and the range of small dog stuff they have -- it is a great selection of different harnesses and carriers -- I love the bike and the backpack carrier!

Lots of the small dog carriers are too small for cavaliers, that's true -- it really depends on the size of the dog. I have one Sherpa bag that was great when Jaspar was a puppy as it looks like a large shoulder bag -- I snuck him on to public transport in it a few times before I had the car. I was always looking for a good way to transport them by bike and would take the two boys on the back of my bike in a crate, but with three now, that's impossible -- I'd need a trailer! :lol: I am going to bring the Sherpa to my mom as I think her cavalier Lucy might fit in it.

3rd September 2006, 09:45 PM
I was reading through this posting as I recently purchased a Golly Gear Harness to meet my puppy Lucky at the airport. My sister has a red Puppia for her dog, Razz, and LOVEs it. And he's just so cute in it.

I really wanted to get a red Puppia for my ruby Cavalier, but as you know if you like Puppias, they are not easy to find in most chain pet stores. I was pressed for time with working during the day so had to get what I could. The groomer down the street from me sells supplies and had the Golly Gear harnesses, which I agree look a lot like Puppias.

That said, they really are not so much like the Puppia. They are a step-in harness, which if you don't keep the harness on your dog indoors might be preferable. Razz (my sister's dog) gets walked pretty frequently and Lucky will too, so the Puppias are a better option for us because you can keep them on when inside too. The Golly harness actually comes with a matching leash, but because of the way the step in harness is designed, there is an extra bit of harness webbing on top of the dog where the harness attaches to the leash. There's a little clip built in where you basically cinch the two sides of the harness together (it's designed like a figure eight) at a point that is is comfortable for your dog. It's great if you want to take the harness on and off a lot, but if you have a smallish dog, there is a LOT of extra webbing that hangs out on the back of his neck to attach to the leash. Lucky had almost a foot left over when I put the harness on him, and I would not keep the harness on him indoors based on that. I would think that might be a safety hazard and even if not, as a puppy he'd chew it.

He sure did look cute though in the Golly Harness, but given they are not inexpensive and you might have to order online, I wanted to share my experience with you all. If you plan to remove the harness frequently, then they might be a really good option for you. As for me, I'm still planning to order Lucky a red Puppia. :-)

3rd September 2006, 09:54 PM
I just looked at this link on the golly gear site ...

This really does look like a copy of the Puppia! This is not the Golly Gear Harness I got (Mine is on the site, and it is not this one, so if you order, be aware there are different harness designs they have). In terms of the harness I bought for Lucky, I was really wanting a Puppia, so I wish they'd sold this one at the shop I went to. :( Lucky's looked like a Puppia hanging on the wall at the groomers, so I was just so hopeful and I'll admit disappointed when I found out it wasn't like my sister's Puppia.

I still plan to get the Puppia. In the interim, he just has the normal red harness that he's wearing in his picture ... but he'll be getting his Puppia soon. :-)

11th September 2006, 05:59 PM
I'm excited over the Golly Gear harness as it comes in X-Lg. My Sophie has such a large chest/head that a Puppia won't fit her. And she walks so slow on our evening walk that I hate using a collar on her (or any of my dogs for that matter).

I think I just might order one - gotta be red for our football colors!