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21st August 2006, 01:18 AM
Yesterday, Corgan went to the vet to get his 2nd vaccine in the Lymes series. He's quite ouchy today and has a lump, and is quite tired. I think this is all normal, but if it doesn't go away in the next day or two, we're calling the vet back.

At the vet, he had a thorough check, including a patella check and a listen to his heart. The vet said Corgan has very sound patellas and he didn't hear a murmur at all! This is the second vet to say they haven't heard a murmur!! :)

I'm so glad that his patellas are sound! Also, the vet said that he really thinks Corgan has a nice conformation and lovely coloring :) The vet sees 3 other Cavs, but hasn't had to treat SM (yet). I feel very comfortable with this clinic, and especially with the vet we saw yesterday. Yay!!

21st August 2006, 05:21 AM
sorry corgan feels kind of bad from the vaccine. Hopefully he'll be back to normal right away. zack was tender and hurting and quieter the day after the only vaccination he had since i've had him, DHPP, and then he was fine. Unfortunately, i think it undercut his immune system and caused his parasites to overwhelm him though. from now on, i want to get any vaccines i get one at a time, not in a combination.

how many shots are in the lyme series?

That is great news that Corgan's patellas are in good shape. glad your vets have not heard murmurs. I feel glad about them not hearing murmurs with zack too.

i guess there has to be a check by a cardiologist to have the best opinion, but when they're so young, that doesn't seem necessary as long as there are no symptoms, even when they're older.

my vet is not a cardiologist but she did her internship in small animal cardiology under the cardiologist, Stephen Ettinger, so maybe she has good training in hearing murmrus, hopefully. that would be another plus along with other things i like about her.

So, are you thinking of showing corgan? cavtiny

22nd August 2006, 04:35 AM
Hi Judy,

There are only 2 vaccines in the Lymes series, so he's all done with vaccines til next July! :) I'm on travel for work right now, so hubby is home alone with the pups - so far, there's been one pee accident and lots of chewing on things he's not supposed to, but other than that, everything seems to be going ok. ;) I haven't asked about his lump yet.

Corgan has already been neutered, so no shows for him, unless we do agility, which isn't out of the question.

How old is Zack?

BTW - Corgan weighed 11.9 pounds on Saturday. 3 weeks ago he weighed 10.7. He's growing so much! Any guesses as to how much he'll weigh full grown??!!?? icon_whistling

22nd August 2006, 09:44 AM
i'm glad he's coming through it.

zack is 10 1/2 months. He'll be one year old on 10/7. how old is corgan?

zack stopped gaining weight a few months ago. he was neutered at 7 months and he weighs about the same now as he did then. 13.3 pounds.

22nd August 2006, 02:11 PM
Corgan's 21 weeks old, so about 5 months. :)