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Denise G.
25th August 2006, 03:31 PM
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Can anyone tell me about how long it will be before she's past the initial "ouchiness" of the surgery? I know she shouldn't romp around for 7-10 days (wish me luck), but I just wondered how long before she feels good again. Wrigley was going like gangbusters the following morning and probably would have been the night of the surgery had he not been groggy from anesthesia. But I know it's a little bigger deal for the girls.

She was so quiet when I left her at the vets this morning. Tore my heart out... :(

25th August 2006, 06:48 PM
She will probably be mostly back to normal if a bit groggy this evening and by tomorrow, pretty much back to normal. Lily was a little sore for a day or two so you do need to be careful about lifting them (generally it is better not too, as it can stretch the area where the surgery was and that hurts)! Lily hasn't even been interested in her stitches -- she's tried to scratch at them a few times but after the first day she wasn't interested in them at all. I had her in a little baby onesie for a day or two but then she was fine. Her stitches will come out tomorrow. I think they bother her more now, as they start to feel tight (as anyone will know that has had stitches; they are more annoying when they've healed than when they go in as they start to feel itchy!).

They will likely tell you only to give her small amounts of food and water as well for the first day or two.

Denise G.
25th August 2006, 08:06 PM
A onesie is a great idea! Did you use a regular baby onesie, or do they make those for dogs?

Thanks Karlin!

25th August 2006, 11:47 PM
There's a threard in here called Lily's spay which has a pic of her wearing it. I just bought a couple at a charity shop and cut a hole for her tail. It's an old technique for avoiding using a cone -- will work on small dogs (or cats). Lily wore a Winnie the Pook onesie (babygrow) for two days. :lol:

26th August 2006, 05:46 AM
....I just bought a couple at a charity shop and cut a hole for her tail. It's an old technique for avoiding using a cone -- will work on small dogs (or cats). Lily wore a Winnie the Pook onesie (babygrow) for two days. :lol:

Doh. thanks to your suggestion, when zack was neutered three months ago, i got a couple of onesies for him, but it never occurred to me to cut a hole for his tail. :sl*p: i really worried that i was doing something wrong because of the weird angle of the tail going through the crotch hole. :oops:

here's some photos of him post neuter, he wore the onesie for two days while i was home with him (it had winnie the pooh on it). When i had to go to work, i put the cone on him because the vet really insisted on it, she said if he disturbed the stitches (self-dissolving) he might have to come back in for treatment that would require anaesthetizing him again.

but my worries about the cone being uncomfortable were unfounded. zack loved his cone. When it was sitting on the table, he put his head in it without my help, and proceeded to wear it around the house for an hour without my tying it. He apparently wanted it on?? He seemed to wear it proudly.

in a couple of the photos you can see him watching TV. that's what he's looking at.

I hope Mia is doing good tonight. my godchild cavalier, belle, had no apparent post operative discomfort, according to my daughter lisa.


Cathy Moon
26th August 2006, 12:34 PM
Denise, how is Mia doing? :flwr:

Judy, Zack looks cute in his onesie. :wggle:

Denise G.
26th August 2006, 04:45 PM
Mia is doing great--thanks for asking! She was a bit groggy when I got her home last evening, but was pretty perky! It constantly amazes me how dogs are so quick to bounce back. This morning, you'd never know she had any kind of surgery. My vet said little dogs are even more quick to recover and, given she's so young, that helps too.

The vet also performed an ECG before the surgery as a normal course of procedure and said her heart sounds great! Yea!

I've already had to break some doggie antics with she and Wrigley. I'm about to take Wrigley on a long walk to try and wear him out--ha!

Thanks for all the well wishes! It was much scarier for me than Mia, I'm sure. :)